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Drake sweeps JBRL at Revelation

Drake JBRL

Round 6 of the JBRL Nitro Series was held at Revelation Raceway in Ontario, California. Once again the series attracted a large amount of talented drivers with a total of more than 120 entries. The event saw and great battle in qualifying between TLR’s Adam Drake and Kyosho’s Cody King for the top spot in Expert Nitro Buggy. King took the TQ honors by .005 over Drake. Adam Drake went on to win in the Expert Nitro Buggy class followed by Cody King, and Cody Smith (TLR).

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Orion announce Maifield nitro deal


8 months since the news of Maifield opting for Novarossi power in 2014, comes the sudden announcement from Team Orion that the TLR star will also be running their nitro line as of 2015, having signed for the electric side back in June.

Orion’s timing of the news is no coincidence, the news coming just a couple of days after Maifield lined up on pole for the IFMAR Worlds final, many tipping him for victory in a tense showdown with nationals rival Tessmann, it wasn’t to be however. The news comes as a slight surprise given Adam Drake’s influence in the TLR team and masterful knowledge when it comes to engine tuning and mileage, Maifield joins the likes of Phend, former team mate Cavalieri & Tebo running the CRF nitro powerplants.

 Adrien Bertin said, “Drivers of the caliber of Ryan Maifield have their choice of engines to run. It is with great satisfaction that we welcome Ryan in our team and admire his decision to run with Team Orion CRF engines. It is another confirmation of our successful product and team strategy.”

Is a reshuffle on the way for Team Orion with Maifield going 100% with the Swiss company ? Watch this space.

Novarossi 1/8 ‘Buggy Clutch’


Novarossi have introduced a brand new four-shoe 1/8 buggy clutch, the Italian reigning World Champion engine manufacturer designed the clutch to ensure the most efficient transmission of power, improved traction as well as lower wear leading to increases in parts lifetimes and reducing fuel consumption.

The clutch is completely tunable thanks to different springs and shoes combinations, aluminium and CFM (Controlled Friction Material). The springs are available in three different hardness

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Reno takes a bite out of the Big Apple

Bez názvu-1

Last weekend hosted the Big Apple Novarossi Nitro Challenge in New York. Among many of the nation’s greats, XRAY’s Reno Savoya traveled to America to partake in the festivities. Despite missing the win in the Nitro Buggy class, the trip was still a success for the Frenchman as he came away the winner of the competitive E-Buggy class ahead of Gunnar Rieck and Anthony Mazzara.

IMG_3383 cars podium (6)

Source: XRAY


Drake takes NYC Novarossi Challenge

photo 2 (4)

The 2014 Novarossi Nitro Challenge took place at MRRC Raceway this past weekend in New York.  TLR, Novarossi, Pro-Line driver Adam Drake was on hand to help with set-ups and engine tuning.  Saturday kicked off with four rounds of qualifying.  Qual points were used to set the starting grid for the 30 minute truck final and the 45 minute buggy final.  Drake was on fire during qualifying and took the TQ honors in truck and buggy by setting the fastest time in 3 out of the 4 rounds.

In the 30 minute truck final Drake was followed closely by his teammate Anthony Mazzara.  Drake and Mazzarra pulled away from the rest of the field and finished first and second.  TLR 8ight T 3.0, Nova Rossi engines and Pro-Line M3 Holeshots finish 1st and 2nd!

By the time the 45 minute buggy final was up the track was getting extremely bumpy.  Drake again got off to a great start and pulled away from Reno Savoya and Anthony Mazzara.  Drake ended up winning by a little over 29 seconds.  Second went to Savoya, and third was Mazzara.  TLR 8ight 3.0, Nova Rossi Keep Off 4 engine, and Pro-Line Holeshot 2.0 finish 1st and 3rd!

Drake doubles up at CNM Series

drake wins

Round three of the CNM Summer Series was held at Revelation Raceway in Montclair, California this past weekend. Adam Drake took the victory in expert buggy and expert truck with his Novarossi powered TLR vehicles and Pro-Line M3 Holeshot tires. In the buggy class Shaun Kirkman finished second and Mike Acero finished third making it a 1,2,3 sweep of the podium for TLR, Novarossi, and Pro-Line. In truck Mike Acero finished second and Victor Pintado finished third.

photo 3 (13) photo 1 (17)

Source: TLR

New Novarossi conical manifolds


Novarossi has just released two new conical header pipes intended for offroad 1/8 scale buggy and truck racing. The new headers are designed to generate more power at low and high RPM’s. The new 41031 is designed for use with the Novarossi 41021 manifold, while the 41032 is designed for use with the Novarossi 41019 manifold. The 41032/41019 combo is also claimed to be a good choice for GT class racers in addition to offroad buggy and truck.

Source: Novarossi

Novarossi launch ‘REX’ engine line


Novarossi have reintroduced the blue-headed ‘REX’ line, complimenting the existing main Novarossi line as well as the ‘TOP’ line, famously used by Serpent racer Mike Truhe. The engine line up includes both on and offroad engines suitable for a variety of applications.

“Good quality block utilizing the best parts available to ensure reliable high-horsepower performance. REX immediately conveys solidity and robustness owing to its typical style”

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Novarossi commemorate Gene Husting

Gene Husting 1927-2014

Whether you enjoy RC as a competition, weekend hobby or backyard bash the passing of fellow kindred spirits is a sad unwelcome event but a real one that seems to halt the ever turning gears of RC for a moment as friends cast a retrospective thought, remember and pay their respects.

In recent years we’ve seen some true pioneers pass away, dedicating their lives to building the foundations of where we are today; Gene Husting, co-founder of Team Associated will be remembered as an icon and joins the likes of Mike Reedy, Gualtiero Picco, Ted Longshaw, Hisashi Suzuki & more in heaven’s RC hall of fame.

Novarossi phoned us this morning and wanted to post a eulogy to Gene which we were only too happy to re-post:

The Managers of Novarossi World srl – Cesare Rossi, Graziosa Barchi and Elisa Rossi – are saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Gene Husting diligent and passionate protagonist of RC .

Novarossi therefore wish to use this medium to extend its sincere sympathy to the bereaved family and the entire RC World community.

We should bow our heads in memory of this time of Pomona 1987 WC. Novarossi and Associated won the world championship 20 laps ahead of the second place finisher and get started their business collaboration since then.


LRP lose Ryan Maifield to Novarossi


Whilst we all knew his days with LRP electronics were numbered, there seemed some hope that the German company might hold onto one of their most prized drivers – Ryan Maifield.

Big news, LiveRC got the scoop in a quick Q&A with a driver whose style few if any can quite dream of emulating, leaving nothing on the table but instead connoisseur of whips & in-flight control.

LiveRC: You have had some great success in the past with LRP, O.S., and Reedy…why Novarossi?

Ryan: Yes I have, and I want to thank both companies for the past successes we’ve had together. I wish both companies luck in the future with there nitro racing programs. I chose Novarossi because the engine line offers everything I need to be successful. A broad range of engines with different power bands and speed, great gas mileage, reliability, and a great team backing.

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