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Baldo brothers join Ninja Engines

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Mugen Seiki Europe have announced the signing of Bryan and Oscar Baldo to the Ninja Engines team. The Kyosho drivers will use Ninja engines for the upcoming season and the brothers will represent the brand in all races they will attend such as the 2018 Montpellier GP, The Neo Race 2018, the Euros and Spanish National.

Robert Batlle teams up with Ninja

See: Mugen Seiki Europe

Mugen Seiki Europe have announced that Robert Batlle will represent Ninja engines for the 2018 season and upcoming years. Euro champ will use Ninja power plants during his campaign that will include the Spanish national championship, major international races and also the IFMAR World Championships in Australia. Robert stated:

“ Hello guys! I am Ninja engines driver for the upcoming years!! I would like to thank Sanada San, all #mugenfamily and, of course, Stefan from MSE for believing in me for this awesome project. Since now I will represent our complete package of car/engine around the world, it motivates me a lot!”

Ninja JX21-B04 Limited Edition nitro engine

Mugen Seiki have introduced a Limited Edition of their Ninja JX21-B04 nitro buggy engine. Compared to the JX21-B04 engine, the JX21-B04 Limited Edition comes pre–run-in meaning minimal preparation time to get them track-ready. The Ninja JX21-B04 engine is available in very limited quantity with two combo sets including the EFRA 2042 or the EFRA 2089 mufflers and manifolds.

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Mugen revive Ninja engine brand with new JX21 B03 engine

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After many years consigned to the factory parts bin floor, Mugen Seiki have dusted off their once highly rated engine brand ‘Ninja’ brought it back to life with the news of the Ninja JX21 B03 offroad engine. The engine is made by OS in Japan (OEM, much like Protek, Bullitt, THE Engine etc.) to Mugen’s required specs.

The Ninja JX21B03 was designed and developed for maximum performance and reliability for 1/8th off-road buggy, truck, and GT racing. This engine produces tons of usable power and is very fuel-efficient.

Some of the key features include square bore and stroke configuration, DLC coated and balanced tuned crankshaft, ceramic rear ball bearing for increased throttle response and a higher top speed, light weight low-profile cooling head with laser-etched Ninja graphics, easy to tune three needle carburetor with aluminum 6.5mm aluminum venturi, and also included is the ultra reliable P3 turbo glow plug. Available mid June

jx21-b03_08 jx21-b03_07 jx21-b03_06 jx21-b03_05jx21-b03_04jx21-b03_03jx21-b03_02jx21-b03_09

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New Ninja 3 port

Mugen Seiki’s engine line, Ninja have announced the release of the JX21B02 racing engine for buggy & truggy. Once again the engine is manufactured to the highest standards by the well-respected OS in Japan. The engine is a 3 port long stroke design with new piston/sleeve design, Ninja say that the long stroke creates a stronger more linear power band from low end right up to top end speed. The crankcase and crankshaft are redesigned for better performance and higher fuel economy. The light weight cooling head is 10 fins high but it sits 8mm lower than the previous Ninja engine. This truly gives the JX21B02 engine a low center of gravity.
Available July 2011

Vray: Nova to Ninja

Not since the glory days of Savoya a few years back have we seen the Mugen/Ninja combo in a front running French car, that all changes with former World Champion Guillaume Vray making the switch from Novarossi to Ninja engines for the 2011 season.

He had this to say, “After two years of racing with Novarossi, I decided to switch to the Ninja Engine. I’m really happy to use and promote the combination Ninja and Mugen. The GP of Angoulême two weeks ago was my first race with the Ninja. I’m really happy of the easy way to adjust the engines and of their performance. It was stable during all the race and allows me to have great results as I started the main final with TQ, I finished second with an exciting race.

After 20 years of racing all around the world, this year is also for me a year of transition, because I decided to reduce my racing activities in order to take time with my family and my business job. See you soon on tracks !