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Kilic brothers Ninja-powered for 2020

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Mugen Seiki Europe have announced the signing of Burak and Berkan Kilic to their Ninja engines team. The German frontrunners will power their MBX8 rides with the Ninja JX21-B05 nitro engine at National and International events for the remainder of the 2020 season.

T-Work’s MBX8 93.5mm steel CVD driveshaft set

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T-Work’s have introduced a new set of 93.5mm steel CVD driveshafts for the Mugen Seiki MBX8 and MBX7/R. Made of high-quality and durable steel, the parts come hard coated to reduce wear, resulting in improved consistency, lifespan and reliability.

Ronda Drake wins at Revelation Raceway June club race

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45 drivers attended the June club race hosted at Revelation Raceway in Montclair, California. The Open Nitro Buggy saw Adam Drake (Mugen Seiki/O.S.Engines/Pro-Line Racing) taking TQ but in the 20-minute final it was Ronda Drake with the win followed by Daniel W. Blalock (XRAY/Pro-Line Racing) in second and David Carrasco Jr. (HB Racing/REDS Racing/Flash Point Fuel/Pro-Line Racing) in third. Adam Drake (Mugen Seiki/O.S.Engines/Pro-Line Racing), after some issues came in 4th.

Baldo brothers team up with Mugen

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Mugen Seiki have announced the signing of Bryan and Oscar Baldo to their team. The former Kyosho duo will use the MBX8 at the Spanish Nitro Buggy Championship and at major international events in 2020.

Miguel Matias wins at Co-Vidado Trophy

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The Co-Vidado Trophy was held at the RC Oeste track in Torres Vedras, Lisbon District, Portugal over the weekend. Bruno Coelho (XRAY/FX Engines/Hot Race Tires) took the overall TQ but in the 45-minute Nitro Buggy final the former European Champion had an issue with his rear differential and had to let Miguel Matias (Mugen Seiki/O.S.Engines) grabbed the win. B.Coelho will succeed in finishing in 2nd while Pedro Gomez came in 3rd.

Mugen MBX8T Factory built nitro Truggy Limited Edition kit

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Mugen Seiki Racing have introduced the new MBX8T Factory built nitro Truggy Limited Edition kit. Ever dreamed about owning a factory driver’s vehicle? Ryan Maifield and Adam Drake personally built a limited number of MBX8T Factory Built nitro kits. The MBX8T kits were built to Ryan and Adam’s specifications and include the recommended option parts from Mugen Seiki and Flash Point Racing Products. Built using Flash Point’s performance shock and diff fluids, these kits are geared towards a seasoned racer who’s looking for true performance. Included option parts are:

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RUDDOG MBX8 carbon fibre front wing set

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Made for the Mugen Seiki MBX8 is RUDDOG’s new carbon fibre front wing set that attaches right to the front upper arms. The set includes moulded carbon fiber wings as well as lightweight mounting brackets that fit right on top of the upper arms, making for a sturdy yet lightweight base for the wings. Using these aerodynamic aids will improve front end grip and traction at higher speeds while optimising the buggy’s balance when being airborne. In addition they are looking pretty slick and offer additional space for sponsor stickers.

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RC-Project 1/8th shock standoffs


RC-Project have introduced new shock standoffs for 1/8th HB Racing, Mugen Seiki, SWORKz and Team Associated vehicles. Machined from high-quality 7075-T6 Ergal and coming hard-coated for wear, the upper shock mounts are also Teflon-coated to provide a smooth suspension movement. Both the front and rear shock mount come with M3 titanium screws and colored washers in set of 2-piece.

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