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VP-Pro MBX8 Raptor body shell

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VP-Pro have introduced the new Raptor body shell for the Mugen MBX8. Moulded from 1.0mm polycarbonate to be more durable than the stock body, it features a special design rear skirt increase down force allowing more traction and stability. The Raptor body comes clear with window masks.

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T-Work’s MBX8 front track width adj. spacers

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T-Work’s have introduced new front track width adjusment spacers for the Mugen MBX7/R and MBX8. Machined from high-quality aluminium, they come black anodised and laser-etched for easy identification. They are available in sets of 0.5mm and 0.75mm thick.

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VP-Pro MBX8 pre-drilled wing


VP-Pro have introduced the new rear wing for the Mugen MBX8. The wing features with a removable wickerbill allowing to significantly change the downforce and rear grip. The wing comes pre drilled and available in white, black, yellow colour.

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Mugen MBX8 one-piece engine mount

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Mugen have introduced a new one-piece aluminium motor mount for the MBX8. It is machined from high-quality aluminium and it comes with a grey surface finish for wear and looks. Using the one-piece mount over the original multi-piece part will improve crankcase support for improved engine and ball bearings durability while also increasing chassis strength and reducing torsional flex. The mount is a direct fit and it will hit stores from end of May.

Carsten Keller wins at German Nats Rd2

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The second qualification for the German Nationals was held at the Stoppelhopser Oberhausen track. Maik Wiesweg (Mugen) took the overall TQ in Nitro Buggy but in the Main final Carsten Keller (Mugen) managed to take the win in front of Mugen duo of Wiesweg in second and Marcel Guske in third. Jan Sievert (Mugen) rounded out the top 4.

Imbue release new MBX7/8 option parts

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Imbue have introduced new products for the Mugen MBX8 & MBX7 platforms. First up is an aluminum centre dogbone conversion kit. Aimed at freeing up the driveline, increasing ease of maintenance and reducing overall driveline weight by 16g, this conversion fits both MBX7R, MBX8 Nitro and Eco variants and is sold as a complete set. Next up is the much anticipated brass C-block for MBX8. Made from high-quality brass, coated in black oxide and then pocketed and chamfered for a stunning look, this C-block offers 19g of additional weight to a critical area at the rear of the vehicle. Also new is a set of ultra-low friction pivot ball bushings. Made from a structural Teflon (Rulon), these CNC’d bushings reduce friction by 50% over similar Delrin bushing and nearly 65% over stock Nylon bushings, allowing for a much freer, and more consistent steering feel.

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Mugen MBX8 Eco 1/8 E-buggy kit

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Mugen Seiki have introduced the new MBX8 Eco 1/8 E-buggy kit. The MBX8 Eco buggy has been tested and develop by the best drivers in the world and you’ll be able to get your hands on one soon!

More durable, more acceleration, more runtime, easier to work on, and lightweight.

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T-Work’s MBX8 carbon fibre shock towers & arm stiffeners

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T-Work’s have introduced new carbon fibre shock towers and A-arm stiffeners for the Mugen MBX8. First up are the rear and front shock towers. Machined from high-quality 4mm thick carbon fibre, they use the same kit geometry. Next up are the A-arm stiffeners, are also machined from high-quality carbon fibre, they come in 1mm and 1.2mm thick to modify the arms rigidity following the track conditions. The carbon fibre shock towers are available separately or as set while the A-arm stiffeners are availabe in set of two 1mm or 1.2mm front and rear.

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