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MIP News

MIP Bypass1 1/8 Team Associated & TLR pistons

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Following the release of the Bypass1 pistons for Mugen, MIP have a announced that they are now available for Team Associated and TLR 1/8 rides. The MIP Bypass1 pistons are fully customizable and allow you to truly control your cars rebound speed and performance. The Bypass1 pistons are also Dyno-Tuned to ensure they match the compression characteristics of the stock pistons! Featuring MIP Color Coded Valves, the Bypass1 pistons combined together with these valves allow you to control and maximize your cars performance based on which valves you use. Thicker valves generate a slower rebound and thinner valves get you quicker rebounds.

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MIP 3.0mm ball end hex driver wrench & Speed tip

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MIP have introduced the new 3.0mm ball end hex driver wrench and a Speed tip. They are designed to work up to 10 Degrees of angle in order to reach difficult angled screw heads. The super beefy ball end cut is designed to increase overall tool head strength while the ball end dimensions optimized to increase tool head to screw head bite force.

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MIP 22 5.0 Pucks 17.5 Drive System

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MIP have introduced the Pucks 17.5 Drive System for the TLR 22 5.0 and 4.0. Made from 7075-T6 hard anodized aluminum, the Pucks Drive System saves 40% of rotating mass compared to the standard differential to provide less motor fatigue and increase acceleration. The Pucks 17.5 Drive System is fully rebuildable and comes with Puck components, 2 piece outdrives for easy maintenance and repair and 1.5 Pucks for increased life.

MIP Bandit X-Duty CVD driveshaft kit

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MIP have introduced the new X-Duty CVD driveshaft kit for the Traxxas Bandit. The X-Duty driveshafts feature heat treated steel components to help increase strength and part life while black oxide coated protects the components from premature rust. The X-Duty CVD driveshafts are fully rebuildable so any damaged or worn part can be replaced.

MIP MBX8 Bypass1 shock pistons

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MIP have introduced new Bypass1 shock pistons for the Mugen Seiki MBX8. 1/8 scale racing has been plagued by under performing shocks for decades. Most racers spend hours drilling, grinding and sanding 1/8 scale pistons trying to get the perfect feel only to go back to the drawing board to try it over and over again. They try to get the compression and pack feeling good only to find out the rebound is not right. Racers have tried piston after piston packages only to discover they are back where they started. The days of over dampened rebound, imbalanced suspension control, and piston of the day are over. MIP’s By-bass1 takes the luck out of trying to get the perfect piston performance and puts you in control.

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MIP Tenacity 41T 1Mod spur gear

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MIP have introduced 41 tooth 1Mod spur gear for the Losi Tenacity. he spur is precision machined and not molded to quiet down the drivetrain tremendously. It will change overall gearing and helps increase bottom end punch.

Exotek MIP hex wrenches collar set

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Exotek Racing have introduced a set of collars for the MIP hex wrenches in standard size. The identification collars complete your MIP hex wrenches with easy to see color coded polished and anodized alloy collars. The collars are also laser etched with matching size labels for the most popular SAE size hex wrenches. The set includes four alloy collars with screws included in 05, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32 sizes.

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MIP B6.1 Pucks 17.5 Drive System

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MIP have introduced the Pucks 17.5 Drive System for the Team Associated B6.1 and B6.1D. It features an aluminum based drivetrain system which includes a 2-piece aluminium outdrive cup and aluminium outdrive hub, two bi-metal bones, and the replaceable plastic orange wear Pucks that take the place of the inferior steel pins. This combination greatly increases the longevity of the drivetrain and most importantly decreases the drivetrains overall rotating mass by a whopping 50%. The decrease in weight directly results in quicker acceleration, deceleration, and lower motor temperatures.