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MIP News

T-Work’s MIP hex wrench collars

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced new collars for the popular MIP hex wrenches. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the collars are anodized in four various colors and engraved with 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 sizes in order to help to quickly identify the size of the wrenches. The hex collar set comes with screws to secure them on the tool tip and a suitable Allen wrench to make installation easy.

MIP ‘Tool’ grey T-shirt

See: Moore’s Ideal Products LLC

MIP have introduced a new ‘Tool’ grey T-shirt. The high-quality T-shirt sports an iconic MIP wrench and the logo in front with ‘here to screw, not to strip’ and it is available for pre–order in several sizes from Small to XXX-Large sizes.

MIP 5mm steel spacer kit

See: Moore’s Ideal Products LLC

MIP have introduced a new 5mm steel spacer kit. Ideal as replacement part to keep in your toolbox for anyone who misplaces spacers, the spacer kit features 0.25mm, 1.0mm, and 2.3mm spacers. All these spacers are compatible with any MIP drive kit that utilizes a 5mm hub.

RC Upgrade MIP screwdriver holder & parts tray

See: RC Upgrade

RC Upgrade have introduced a new screwdriver holder with a parts tray for MIP tools. The tools organizer is designed for the MIP tools such as the thorp metric hex driver wrenches, the thorp standard SAE hex driver wrenches, metric nut driver wrenches, standard nut driver wrenches, speed tip hex driver power tools and 1/10th turnbuckle wrench.

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MIP hex driver ball end tool & speed tip sets

See: Moore’s Ideal Products LLC

MIP have introduced two new sets of hex driver ball end tools and speed tip tools. Now available as set with in 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm, the strong and durable hex driver ball end tools feature precision ground tips for a perfect fit and 20 Degrees of usable angle allowing to reach blind holes with ease, such as wing mounts. Also available are the 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm speed tips for electric rotary tool as set of 3-piece with colored wraps indicating the size of the tool or tip.

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MIP S35/S35-T Bypass1 shock pistons

See: MIP

MIP have introduced new Bypass1 shock pistons for the SWORKz S35 and S35-T. Based on full-scale valve technology, the innovative MIP Bypass1 kit was designed and developed by the MIP engineering team. The kit will elevate your suspension efficiency to a level that can be felt on the track and more importantly result in lower lap times. Instead of having the oil in your shocks react the same way in both compression and rebound, you can now tune those characteristics with MIP’s piston in conjunction with MIP’s valves to produce favorable characteristics on the track. Specifically designed for each vehicle, tuning will reveal that there are infinite combinations and possibilities that the MIP Bypass1 kit provides. The Bypass1 shock pistons are available with 6 holes.

LMR MIP T-wrench

See: Nemo Racing

Nemo Racing have introduced the new LMR T-wrench specially designed for the popular MIP tools. The 3D-printed T-wrench helps to provide some leverage on tough to shift nuts and bolts. It suits to 22mm handles.

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MIP Bypass1 1/8 HB Racing & Kyosho pistons

See: MIP

MIP have a announced that the Bypass1 shock pistons are now available for HB Racing and Kyosho 1/8 rides. The MIP Bypass1 pistons are fully customizable and allow you to truly control your cars rebound speed and performance. The Bypass1 pistons are also Dyno-Tuned to ensure they match the compression characteristics of the stock pistons! Featuring MIP Color Coded Valves, the Bypass1 pistons combined together with these valves allow you to control and maximize your cars performance based on which valves you use. Thicker valves generate a slower rebound and thinner valves get you quicker rebounds.

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