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M2C releases damage preventing ‘Clutch Bell Retaining Washer’

M2C Clutch Retainer

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M2C Racing has just released their newest idea; the ‘Clutch Bell Retaining Washer’. This little washer captures the bearing and clutch bell to keep everything in place, even in the event of bearing failure. There is a small step on the bearing side that keeps the bearing shield from hitting the washer, and allows the clutch bell to spin freely while trapping the bearings and shield in place. With this $5 purchase, it could potentially save you a $100 fix as often times when a clutch bearing fails it ends in catastrophic damage to the clutch bell, spur gear, possibly the fuel tank, and more.

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Designed to retain a 5×10 bearing, and will work on all vehicles where the clutch bell and bearings sit flush with the end of the crank.

M2C machines Tekno EB48/SCT410 ‘Modded’ chassis

M2C Tekno EB48 Mod Chassis

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M2C Racing has released their newest chassis for the Tekno EB48 and SCT410 platform. The new chassis is made up of 4mm thick 7075 aircraft grade materials and clear anodized. This high grade material greatly increases the overall life of the chassis. M2C has tested and tweeked this chassis to provide racers with a high quality chassis that will perform well on all surfaces. The replaceable skid plates help to increase chassis life on abrasive tracks with high wear characteristics. The skid plates fit flush to the bottom of the chassis and will not alter droop settings, or cause the chassis to scrub speed on landings.

In addition, this new chassis features a ‘bumper mod’ design so you can cut the stock front bumper for increased ground clearance. Includes optional battery mount holes which have been moved back 10mm. (Requires radio tray modification for proper fit), hardened front and rear replaceable skid plate, and hardened droop stops to prevent chassis wear and unwanted droop changes.


M2C machines new JQRacing White Edition alu chassis

M2C Chassis
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M2C Racing has released their new aluminum chassis for the JQRacing THECar White Edition nitro buggy. The chassis includes skid plates as well as “A” and “D” suspension blocks, for use only with the M2C chassis. These updated blocks are necessary to adapt to the skid plate design. These blocks use the stock JQ inserts.
This chassis is made using 4mm thick 7075 aircraft grade aluminum materials and clear anodized. Use of this material greatly increases the overall life of the chassis.

The new chassis features unique skid plates that mount flush on the underside of the chassis. As normal wear happens, the replaceable skid plates will wear and can be replaced as needed, leaving the chassis fresher longer, making this chassis suitable for tracks with high wear characteristics. Additionally, since the skid plates mount flush with the underside of the chassis, they will not effect droop settings or scrub speed on landings.


  • Made from 7075 Aluminum
  • 4mm thick
  • Includes front and rear skid plates
  • Hardened steel droop screw stops


M2C skid plate Chassis for MP9, MBX7


Whilst attending the Psycho Nitro Blast in Georgia, we ran into Mitchell Looper of aftermarket firm ‘M2C Racing’ who showed off his trick new line of aftermarket chassis for the Kyosho MP9 TKI 3 buggy, Mugen MBX7 buggy as well as Kyosho’s STRR EVO truggy. Each chassis is made with the finest 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminium, 3.25 mm thick and feature milled out sections in key areas to reduce overall weight.

EUR_0947 EUR_0952 EUR_0951 EUR_0950

The selling point of the new chassis is the introduction of front and rear steel skid plates which fit flush with the chassis – unlike many other ones we’ve seen that are home made and ‘bolt on’ to the front and rear, this design won’t change your droop settings nor cause extreme drag during landings but protect the rest of the chassis from wear. Naturally the steel skids are replaceable – cheaper than buying a new chassis.

EUR_0944 EUR_0941 EUR_0940 EUR_0954

The innovation doesn’t stop there as the chassis also feature hardened droop screw stops, extending life further and preventing droop change over time. Lastly extra attention has also been shown to the clutch bell area, with additional tapered milling to minimise contact during chassis flex.

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M2C MBX7 Servo saver plate

American aftermarket company M2C Racing are one of the first companies to come to the aid of Mugen MBX7 owners worldwide with the release of their new servo saver top plate – a part they’re calling the ‘upper steering support plate’. The part is black anodized made from 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminium and has reinforced ribbing around the upper arm mounts for added strength and prevent any breakage. M2C’s own Mitchell Looper explained the option also features a c-bore in the steering post mount which allows the use of 3mm socket head cap screws instead of the flat head screws. The part replaces Mugen’s stock plastic servo saver plate and weighs in at 14.5 g.

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