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LRP X22 Works Team Modified rotors

LRP have introduced a line of Works Team Modified rotors for the X22 motors. Theses rotors can be further tuned and optimized and feature targeted improvements for a wide variety of tracks and requirements. The selection has been extended to five versions with a diameter of 12.1mm – 13.0mm to offer the optimum tuning option for every application. A new finely balanced magnet on black original LRP shaft ensures the highest efficiency and performance of the X22 Modified motor.

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LRP support at 2017 IFMAR Worlds Championship

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LRP have announced that Jürgen Lautenbach and Ales Dobnikar will provide full support for all LRP powered drivers who will attend the 2017 IFMAR Worlds Championship 2WD & 4WD Electric Off-Road in Jimei-Xiamen, China.

“We have prepared a special Offroad Firmware for FlowX which will be released right after the worlds!”

LRP & HPI Racing stop their partnership

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LRP electronic GmbH and HPI Racing Ltd. (UK) would like to jointly announce a change of distribution for the HPI brand. The distribution of HPI products by LRP electronic GmbH has been one of the most successful partnerships in the history of the R/C industry. Nineteen years of excellent products combined with first class sales and marketing efforts will come to an end.

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LRP welcome Andrea Leo

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LRP have announced the signing of italian driver Andrea Leo to their team. Andrea will reinforce LRP’s track site support with Andrea who will use an LRP iX8 V2 and Dynamic 8 powered Team Associated RC8B3.1e in the south of Italy.

“Andrea will help all LRP and AE customers with setups, updates and maintenance. He can be found at various southern Italian tracks almost every weekend. If you need support or a quick fix for any problem, please feel free to talk to him… and don’t forget to challenge him to a race as well!” – LRP

Davide Ongaro confirmed at REDS GP

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LRP have announced that their factory team driver Davide Ongaro will attend the first edition of the REDS GP. Come by and chat with Davide if you have any questions on LRP, AKA and Team Associated products.

New italian driver to join Team Associated & LRP?

An email has reached us indicating that an Italian driver has signed to join Team Associated and LRP. We have little information on the new Davide Ongaro’s teammate  but according the picture sent to us he races in the E-buggy class. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

LRP lost Sanwa distribution

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Sanwa have announced that their distribution contract with LRP expired on June 30, 2017. Based on Sanwa’s list of distributors, LRP would have been replaced by HOECO for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland distribution. Nevertheless, LRP have announced that they were able to stabilize their sales during the preliminary insolvency proceedings and in addition, they have implemented further restructuring measures, in particular personnel adjustments. This information was confirmed by LRP General Manager Jürgen E. Lautenbach who also added:

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LRP ZR.32X Spec.4 engine

LRP have added to their high-end Nitro competition engine line the new ZR.32X Spec.4 engine. With its 5.24cc, it will offer torque that you’ll hardly be able to handle. The XTEC PowerCarb 3 15S-2 carburettor was designed to for maximum power and easy adjustability at the same time.The cooling head’s new cooling fan arrangement will create improved cooling and consequently higher efficiency. The engine fits all major 21. engine mounts and the standard burn room guarantees easy adjustment of the engine in all conditions. All LRP ZR.32X Spec.4 engines come equipped with a free LRP Platinum / Iridium R5 glow plug.

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