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LMR News

LMR A319/E rear wheel hub set

See: NEMO Racing

Nemo Racing have introduced the new LMR rear hub set for the Agama A319 and A319E. These durable rear wheel hubs are machined from high-quality aluminium and come black coated for wear. The rear hubs allow to change height arm position thanks to a new longer link option on the carbon fiber plate while the height adjustment inserts allow to use three different heights: the lowest position is the standard position and then they can be raised in 2mm increments to a +4mm increase.

Lee and Kevin have been using these to great effect over the last few weeks and have really found some tuning benefits on the A319 cars! – Nemo Racing

LMR YZ-2 Apollo & YZ-4SF Delta bodies

See: NEMO Racing

Nemo Racing have introduced two new LMR bodies in the form of the Apollo body for the Yokomo YZ-2 as well as the Delta body for the Yokomo YZ-4SF. Both Bodies are moulded from high-quality polycarbonate; Regarded as a must have body for Yokomo lovers, the Apollo body provides a lower centre of gravity, increased steering and more cooking for the motor. The Delta body for the Yokomo YZ-4SF produces more steering and a lower COG than what has been seen before.

LMR A319 Stiffy engine mount

See: NEMO Racing

Nemo Racing have added to the LMR range of products the new Stiffy engine mount for the Agama A319. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the part comes black anodised for wear. The Stiffy engine mount increases the chassis rigidity in the clutch bell area, reducing the chance of a clutch bell strike on the chassis, while still maintaining the correct amount of chassis flex.

LMR MIP T-wrench

See: Nemo Racing

Nemo Racing have introduced the new LMR T-wrench specially designed for the popular MIP tools. The 3D-printed T-wrench helps to provide some leverage on tough to shift nuts and bolts. It suits to 22mm handles.

Another photo here

LMR 2mm aluminium shock stand offs

See: LMR Racing

LMR have introduced new aluminium shock stand offs. Machined from high quality aluminium, they comes black anodised for wear and looks. The shock stand offs push the shock angle forward 2mm and act to increase shock stiffness when put under load which makes them ideal for racing on high traction surfaces.

LMR “Slider” carbon fibre ride height gauge tool

See: LMR Racing

LMR have introduced the new “Slider” carbon fibre ride height gauge tool. Running at lower ride heights and trying to slide your ride height gauge underneath and backwards and forwards can often cause issues when your fingers get in the way and bump into your car while you are trying to set your ride height.  The “Slider” tool increases precision and makes checking your ride height far easier. It’s a companion to the twister ride height gauge and fits easily inside your tool box. Check out the video to see just how well this little Slider works.

Watch the video

LMR YZ-2 battery spacer weight

LMR YZ-2 Battery spacer weight

See: LMR

LMR unveils a battery spacer weight for Yokomo YZ-2. This spacer weight comes in at 75g and has been working really well in testing to improve grip and stability. Positioned at the back, it gives you more traction and feels like a big LiPo.

LMR YZ-2 Battery spacer weight 1

Lee Martin’s new LMR Buggy Bag

LMR Buggy Bag

Lee Martin has released his latest LMR creation, the LMR Buggy Bag. This bag is designed to protect your 1/10 scale offroad buggy from dirt and grime at the offroad track. Simply place the buggy in the bag, pull the string to close, and voila! Carry, cover, and protect in style!

“Our cars are our babies, so lets wrap them up warm!”

Source: LMR