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Kyosho News

T-Work’s MP10 steel center CVD driveshafts & aluminium joint cups

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced the new steel center CVD driveshafts and aluminium center joint cups for the Kyosho Inferno MP10. The driveshafts are made of high-quality steel and come hard coated for wear resistance. The 82mm long driveshafts can be used in the front while the 116mm long driveshafts are designed for the rear. Also new are the aluminium center joint cups. Made of high-quality aluminium, these high-durability lightweight joint cups come hard coated for wear. They are designed to be used with the T-Work’s MP10 steel center CVD driveshafts.

More photos here

T-Work’s 1/8 Off-road carbon fiber 1-piece wing buttons

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced a new carbon fiber one-piece wing button for HB Racing, SWORKz, Team Associated, Tekno RC, Mugen Seiki, Kyosho and Agama 1/8th buggies. Machined from high-quality carbon fiber, the lightweight and strong part will add strength and secure the rear wing in style.

T-Work’s 1/8th Buggy titanium screw type shock pin sets

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced four new sets of titanium screw type shock pins for the HB Racing D819RS/E819, the Kyosho MP10/MP10e, the Mugen Seiki MBX8/MBX8 Eco and the Team Associated RC8B3.2/RC8B3.2e. Machined from high-quality 64 grade titanium, the 5.5mm screws feature a 2mm hex socket head as well as a milling to identify the left tread and are available as pair.

T-Work’s MP10T 132.5mm CVD driveshafts

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced the new 132.5mm CVD driveshafts for the Kyosho MP10T. Machined from high-quality steel, the durable CVD’s come hard coated to reduce wear, resulting in improved consistency, lifespan and reliability. The CVD driveshafts help to improve the smoothness of the drive train and increase efficiency when compared to the stock driveshafts and they are effective on smooth, high bite surfaces. Available for the front and rear, the shafts come as pair.

Kyosho ZX7 aluminium independent servo mount set

See: Kyosho Europe

Kyosho have introduced the new aluminium independent servo mount set for the ZX7. The independent servo mount allows the steering servo to be mounted to the chassis without touching it, eliminating unwanted chassis tweak. The servo mount is machined from high-quality aluminium and comes dark grey anodised. The part can be positioned on either the left or right side, depending on electronics placement that is used. Package includes all components required for installation.

Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1/8th E-buggy

See: Kyosho Europe

Kyosho have introduced the new Inferno MP10e 1/8th E-buggy. Based on the Inferno MP10 Nitro Buggy, Kyosho optimized the weight distribution to enhance the MP10e far beyond the performance of the MP9e Evo. Boasting the performance and reliability of the MP10’s proven suspension and drive system, the MP10e features a specially designed main chassis that provides optimal chassis flex and sure-footed grip with an aerodynamic body designed for this electric model to deliver easy handling at high-speed. The motor mount is compatible with various size motors and supports the left-right distribution of the battery weight. Specially designed receiver box and ESC mount deliver improved maintenance efficiency. For the sharpest racing edge, the enhanced performance of the MP10e will be your first choice in a racing weapon.

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Kyosho MP10 yellow fuel tank lid pull coming soon

See: Kyosho Europe

Coming soon from Kyosho is the yellow fuel tank lid pull for the Inferno MP10. The fuel tank lid pull is made of bright fluorescent yellow plastic for high visibility while the design allows quicker pit stops and much safer. The set consists of two fuel tank lid pulls, a screw and an O-ring.

Another photo here

Kyosho: Something new is about to be launched

See: Kyosho Europe

Kyosho have released a mysterious teaser video of their forthcoming Buggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about the vehicle should become available very soon.

Watch the video