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Under the Hood: Elliott Boots

Elliott Boots, 23 – UK

  • Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI4
  • Engine: REDS WR7
  • Fuel: MLC Fuel
  • Tyres: Pro-Line
  • Radio & Servos: Sanwa
  • Body & Wing: Stock body painted by Bittydesign & stock wing
  • Weight: N/A
  • Event: Euro 2017, Sweden
  • Notes: Elliott is running quite a few small special custom made items by pitman Mike Cradock, including a tuned pipe mount as well as small weight tacks by the front and rear gearboxes. He have also a new Bittydesign painting.


VP-PRO MP9E body shell


VP-PRO have introduced a new body shell for the Kyosho Inferno MP9E. Made from 1.0mm thick Lexan, it is more durable than the stock body. Body is clear and untrimmed and the package includes a clear high downforce hard body and window masks.

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Yuichi Kanai talks about aeration caps

During the Kyosho Masters Japan, Kyosho’s guru Yuichi Kanai showed how to properly assemble MP9’s shock absorbers equipped with the new aeration caps. Aeration caps make the car run more smoothly over the bumps, and feel like it has more grip on loose surfaces. The car also settles more quickly when landing from big jumps.

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Kyosho MP9 TKI series brake pads

Kyosho’s designer Yuichi Kanai has unveiled on Facebook new brake pads for the Inferno MP9 TKI series. These brake pads feature a new material that allow stable and consistent braking. The brake lining is glued on the pad with a special construction to ensure a perfect holding.

Source: Yuichi Kanai (Facebook)

Kyosho MP9 17mm serrated alu wheel nuts

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Kyosho’s head designer Yuichi Kanai has posted to Facebook photos of the forthcoming 17mm aluminium wheel nuts for the Inferno MP9 TKI series or other 1/8 nitro buggy and E-buggy. These 17mmm wheel nuts come with a serrated back section for secure mounting and with laser-etched Kyosho logos. The Kyosho 17mm aluminium wheel nuts will be available in the three colours of blue, red and gun metal in sets of four.

Kyosho Ultima RB6.6 Readyset

Kyosho have introduced the Ultima RB6.6 Readyset 2WD buggy. Based on the world-class RB 6.6, this Readyset can be up and running almost straight out of the box. The Ultima series competes at the highest level in major 2WD racing buggy races around the world. Continually evolving to be at the forefront of racing trends, the Ultima RB 6.6 is the most advanced competition model in the series to date and forms the base for this Readyset version.

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175RC RB6.6 red aluminum nut set

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Coming from 175RC and made for the Kyosho RB6.6 is the red aluminum lightweight nut set. Made from high quality aluminium, they comes red anodised. The set includes a total of nine lightweight nuts with shock top nuts, rear arm nuts and a Slipper nut. The 175RC red aluminum nut set reduces weight in critical areas that results in better on track performance.

Kyosho’s Kanai unveils new MP9 options

Source: Yuichi Kanai (Facebook)

It seems theres life in the old dog yet… we mean the car not the… designer new head of Facebook marketing of the benchmark-setting yet ageing Kyosho MP9 series; Yuichi Kanai unveiled three new optional parts today in the form of 17.5 ° front C-hub, Big Bore shock threaded caps with bleed screws and a 47T spur gear. According to the maestro himself, they are ‘coming soon’.

Kyosho clearly not spending megabucks on PR tips anytime soon… 😉