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JQ Racing News

JQRacing – THE Story Part 4 – Building the prototypes

See: JQRacing

JQRacing have released the fourth part of the original story of the Finnish brand. Joseph Quagraine writes about the the first prototypes went together 10 years ago. JQ stated:h3> Continue reading here

JQRacing – THE Story Part 3 – Three years of R&D

See: JQRacing

JQRacing have released the third part of the original story of the Finnish brand. Joseph Quagraine writes about the “developing and improving ideas”, usually the fun part of making your own car. JQ stated:

I started racing in 2000, and started studying Mechanical Engineering in 2003. In 2005-2006 I got interested in designing my own parts, just for fun. I helped HoBao develop their Hyper 8, and I started thinking that maybe this is something I could do in the future. Then one day my friend showed up at a race with his own batterybox. He had made it at work, turns out he worked at a prototyping company. I asked if he could make some parts for me, if I designed them, and he said yes. That’s how it started. I didn’t like the radiotray on my car, so I made a smaller box for the battery, and a separate receiverbox that fit on top of the laydown steering servo in my new Hyper 8. Throughout the year I made some other parts, including shocktowers, and some lightened parts. Then I hit the wall, because I had figured out ways to make the car better, but couldn’t really modify the car enough to get the best result. So I started designing a car, just for the hell of it. Then my interest faded because I didn’t think it would ever be made, and it was taking a lot of time and effort. Then spyshots of the Losi 8ight were released…

Continue reading here

Aaron Dexter TQs & wins at The 2nd Wave race

See: JQRacing

The Goldfeilds Radio Control Model Car Club hosted the Second Wave race in Kalgoorlie, Australia. Aaron Dexter (JQ Racing/Ultimate Engines/JConcepts) would sweep the Nitro Buggy class. After five rounds of 10 min qualifying, he set the overall TQ and brought home the win in the 40-minute main from Christian Wolhuter (SWORKz/Alpha Plus Engines) in second and Kyle Francis (Team Associated/Sweep Racing) in third.

JQRacing – THE Story Part 1: THE Beginning

See: JQRacing

10 years ago a village idiot from Finland started the hype train to what became one of the most impressive RC car releases ever! JQRacing will be reposting the original release stories in the build up the the 10th Birthday of JQRacing having a car on the market! Relive the hype and see how far we have come! Joseph Quagraine stated:

Continue reading here

Show 78 The No Name RC Podcast: Joseph Quagraine & Jeff Keeton

Source: The No Name RC Podcast

Keenan K White is back with a new episode of his popular ‘The No Name RC Podcast’. This week on EP# 78 finally Beeker agreed to come on and be interviewed. It was a good chat as JQ opened up about his RC life, Personal life starting his own business his philanthropy why he is so controversial and many more topics. In fact it took 3 hours to talk to him and we still missed topics. This week on the JQ Racing Rant Jeff Keeton returns and fills us in on what he has been up to and then we find out we actually agree on more things than we thought but of course with Jeff the pot must be stirred.

Click here to enjoy the #78 Podcast.

Aaron Dexter TQs & wins at Covid-19 breakout race

See: JQ Racing

The Goldfeilds Radio Control Model Car Club hosted the Covid-19 breakout race in Kalgoorlie, Australia. The event attracted 26 drivers in the Nitro Buggy class. Aaron Dexter (JQRacing/Ultimate Engines/JConcepts) was the man to beat. The ‘Thylacine’ was able to take the overall TQ and then the win from Kyle Francis (Team Associated/Sweep Racing) in second while Harry Simms (Mugen Seiki/Mx Engines/Maxima Fuels/JConcepts) came in third.

JQRacingTV Channel: Enjoy without moderation!

Source: JQRacingTV Channel (YouTube)

Joseph Quagraine is back on YouTube! If you are a JQ freak, please follow JQRacingTV channel… if not, avoid Youtube for the next month! 😉

If you are lucky enough to have missed all of JQ’s Facebook lives over the past three years, we would like to congratulate you. You missed out on a lot of banter, pointless rage, the occasional funny joke, the birth of Captain Clubrace, the discovery of Renaud Savoya’s love for balls, the explanation for Ongaro’s superior pace, tons of setup advice including “camber” probably on 3 separate occasions, analysis of races, track cutting incidents, and answers to viewer’s questions. We would like to inform you that you must now also avoid youtube at all costs. All of JQ’s FB lives are being uploaded to the JQRacing YT channel, and will eventually include time stamps in the descriptions that link you to the topics you want to see in each video. – Joseph Quagraine

It is still unknown where JQ will continue his live videos, as he is negotiating a 9 figure exclusive deal with a platform just like Joe Rogan.

JQRacing THECar Black Edition advice sheets: setups

See: JQ Racing

JQRacing have compiled a guide about the setups that the team uses on their THECar Black Edition Nitro Buggy. Please find the details below:

More photos here