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Hobby Depot appointed as JQ Racing distributor

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JQ Racing have announced that Hobby Depot will be distributing their products in Costa Rica. Hobby Depot’s owner Mirko Dominguez is not the only one to join the JQ Familia since two drivers were welcomed in the JQ Racing Team Costa Rica, Douglas Rivera Rodriguez and his nephew Andres Soto Rivera. Douglas and Andres will be racing thier Black and Grey Editions at all major races in Costa Rica and Central America and having fun doing it.

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JQRacing want your old 1/8 buggies!

JQRacing have announced another promotion: This time JQ want your old 1:8th buggies. When you purchase a new BLACK Edition Nitro, or GREY Edition eCar from them, or one of their participating dealers, JQ will credit you for your old 1:8th buggy. You don’t need to go to all the hassle of selling your old car, they will do it for you. You will effectively receive a discount equal to the value JQ Racing agree on for your old car. ANY 1:8th scale buggy. Below are the details.

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JQRacing appoint sales rep for latin America

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JQRacing has been relatively absent from South and Central America, but having great success in the Caribbean over the past couple of years. Now it is time for JQRacing to expand to all of Latin America with the hiring of a new sales representative who is fluent in Spanish, English, and Gibberish. Keenan K White is a long time RC enthusiast, passionate about the hobby, nerding out on all the forums daily, living, breathing, the RC life. Originally from Bermuda, now living in the Dominican Republic, his location is optimal for managing the Central and South American markets.

Interested dealers distributors and drivers can reach Keenan at whiteedition@jq-products.com

“We are looking to build JQRacing teams in every country that races RC Cars. Please get in touch with Keenan today!”

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JQ is on Amain again!

JQ have announced that they are black back on AMain.com. Parts have already shipped and arrived, kits will be shipping next week.

“As suspected, no one can resist The BLACK Edition. This is great news for JQ Racers worldwide. Now if only they got with the program, and updated JQ Products to Racing.” 

Pre-Order the BLACK Edition now.

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JQ Blog: The RC Racing market is broken – And it’s my fault…


Never one to provide ‘Vanilla’ bland style answers and as outspoken as always, Joseph Quagraine posted up the following interesting, thought-provoking blog on how he views the landscape of 1/8 Offroad Racing having been in the business a fair few years, well worth a read, and sure to ruffle quite a few feathers!

Over the past few years, I have realised more and more that something is wrong with this market. The market for racing cars, and more precisely 1:8th scale offroad buggies is really quite small. It is a worldwide market, but it is a niche within a niche.

“The root of all these issues is the fact that the Asian manufacturers made it too easy for any idiot (including me) to make their own brand.”

As much as I want to see RC Racing grow and the products improve, it’s not going to happen as long as two things keep happening. Due to too many brands, leading to a fragmentation of the already small market, no one gets enough of a share. Brands tend to sponsor everyone and anyone. Hey I want to start racing RC cars, sponsor me. Ok you’re on the team. It’s the only way to get a market share it seems.

It’s killing hobby shops, and along with that tracks. Basically we are killing our own hobby. The other thing, the race to the bottom, lower and lower prices in an attempt to sell. The cars are too cheap! And get this, I am doing BOTH of these things. And I f**king hate it. But I have a choice, quit, or play the game.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. The root of all these issues is the fact that the Asian manufacturers made it too easy for any idiot (including me) to make their own brand.

So a lot of people did, instead of supporting the already existing ones. Here I take a look at the brands in the market at the moment as far as 1:8th scale buggies are concerned, and give my opinion on if they are good for RC or bad. Remember that this is my opinion right now. As with everything in life, including opinions (although some people haven’t learned this), these are flexible, and as time goes on, brands can change their strategy, or create one, and as such their status may change. So just because I think your favourite brand has a negative impact, it doesn’t mean it will be that way forever.

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Hobbico challenge JQ Racing over Arma Energy tie-up


Paddock rumours at the Dirt Nitro Challenge last weekend swirled with suggestions that the (once?) friendly rivalry between RC minnows JQ Racing and behemoths Hobbico (“the largest model hobby company in the world”) might be about to spill off the track and turn rather sour.

A ‘David and Goliath’ story in the making, as we hear that JQ Racing owner/founder Joseph Quagraine received a trademark infringement letter  recently on behalf of Hobbico relating to JQ Racing’s recent corporate sponsorship by ARMA Energy, a tie-up which includes a ‘Arma Energy JQRacing Ready-to-run nitro buggy’ which is currently available for sale.

ECSA6259 ECSA4332 ECSA6254 ECSA6235

We understand that the Hobbico expressed their displeasure given that they have a successful RTR brand called ‘ARRMA’ – acquired along with Team Durango, dBoots back in 2012 – a brand name that whilst subtly different, close enough to prompt threats of legal action from Hobbico.

According to sources, Hobbico demanding JQ Racing cease public association with their high-profile & coincidentally-named energy drinks sponsor ‘Arma Energy’.

Whilst we won’t pass judgement on the legal aspects, it seems an unfortunate naming coincidence, ARRMA (the RC brand) not particularly prevalent in the racing side of the RC Car hobby – should feel aggrieved about Arma Energy’s brand tie-up.

However it is more likely the release of the Arma Energy branded RTR car which may have proven a little close to home for Hobbico, who obviously want to protect their brand name, image in the marketplace.

Since the arrival of Arma (Energy), JQ Racing’s image (at least trackside) has improved dramatically, the (roomy!) pit setup, team clothes etc. Easily the most professional-looking, blowing any competitors out of the water. Whilst not the first ‘non-RC’ tie-up, (think Team Associated with Kicker and Makita), Arma Energy’s investment, presence is dramatically more visible and thus promising, it would be a shame to see it fizzle out due to legal dramas.

JQRacing releases new 2016 model…

JQ and THEVan

JQ Racing ARMA Energy Cars now available at AMain!

It seems as though JQRacing has been working on several new cars preparing for 2016. While this may not exactly set fast lap at the upcoming Dirt Nitro Challenge, it will turn a few heads in the pits! JQRacing is proud to announce their all-new ARMA Energy/JQRacing Factory Team transporter!

Side ViewGreat Forward Visibility Stylish Graphics Easy To Find Loads of Room Against THE Odds RC Car Edition


  • Fuel tank capacity: 31 gal
  • MPG: Up to 15 city, 20 highway
  • Horsepower: 195 to 300 HP
  • Towing capacity: 3,900 to 8,200 lbs
  • Engine: 6.0L V8


Teaser: ARMA Energy/JQRacing White Edition LV coming soon


The ARMA Energy JQRacing’s 2016 race car, the White Edition LV will be released next week. This years edition is much improved, and features refined geometry, build, durability and graphics. More details coming soon…stay tuned!