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JQ Racing Clinic at Fall Brawl race

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This week end Badlands RC Supercross Track in Myrtle Beach is hosting the annual Fall Brawl race. This year JQRacing has a good presence at the race with quite a few drivers attending.

These include Fat Jesus, and the 1st ever annual Fall Brawl winner Greg Degani. Can he repeat after 16 years or however long it’s been? Maybe in the 40+ class!

JQ Racing have announced that JQ is holding a setup clinic, and a Q&A at the race, Friday night. So if you have ever wanted to ask JQ anything at all, or simply choke him to death, this is your chance. The clinic is free, and open to everybody, regardless of brand. The setup and racing talk is quite universal, and will be useful for any brand racers. And of course, since the team is there, JQ Racing driver support will be present, and anyone racing a JQ Racing buggy is welcome to pit with them.

Jorge Chacon wins Bolivian Nats finale

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The last round of the Bolivian 1/8 Off-road Nationals was held in Cochabama this past weekend. Joseph Quagraine, Keenan White and current Brazilian Champion Marco Amaral attended the race and of course drivers from all over Bolivia. The track is located on the property of track owner Frank Perez. With the Andes mountains in the background and the beautiful houses surrounding it made for a very scenic and relaxing atmosphere. The track was very tight and technical with many jumps and a very big double that sent you 25 feet in the air, perfect for fat whips. The biggest challenge was not the track but the 8000 ft above sea level, the lack of oxygen left the engines struggling for power and making turnmarshals even slower.

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JQ Racing BLACK Edition Friday Sale

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In honour of the BLACK Edition JQ Racing have introduced THE best Black Edition Friday Sale. For anyone buying a BLACK Edition Spec-Q Buggy, JQ will include the following items for free:

  • REDS R5R v4.0 Motor
  • 2 x Savöx 1272 Servos

Do not miss this short term offer! Only available the 24th november at the USA StoreEU Store and International Store.


BLACK Edition News Wk.3: new setup & 2 tricks

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JQ have released his third “BLACK Edition weekly news”. JQ talk about the JQRacing Latin America Tour which brought him and Keenan White to Argentina for the final National in Mendoza. Also JQ unveils a new setup and two new tips.

“The JQRacing Latin America Tour took JQ and Keenan White to Argentina for the final National in Mendoza. The track was great, with big jumps, technical corners, and a medium to loose dusty surface that became increasingly bumpy over the week end. The track was watered so it went through all different stages of dampness to bone dry…

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JQ Black Edition rear toe-in plates

JQRacing have introduced three aluminium rear toe-in plates for their Black Edition. CNC machined from high quality aluminum, they sport the Black Edition’s stripes graphic. Available in 2,50°, 2.75° and 3.25° of toe-in, they will allow you to precisely adjust your Black Edition according to the track conditions.

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JQRacing Black Edition Spec-Q

JQ Racing have introduced the Factory Built Black Edition Spec-Q nitro buggy. It is the same Black Edition kit, but instead of packaging the parts in the familiar bags for assembly by the customer, JQ build the car at the factory, to the August 2017 Stock Setup. The only thing left for the racer to do, is to install a motor and pipe, and the electronics, and of course pain the pre cut body. Even the throttle and brake linkages are built and ready to go. This “Spec-Q” car is intended to be ready to race, so thread lock has been applied, and camber, toe, and droop has been set correctly. The diffs and shocks are pre built with the correct oils, and you can get on the track quickly.

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JQ launch the BLACK Edition weekly news

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JQ Racing will start posting BLACK Edition News every Monday from now on. Joseph Quagraine will post anything relevant to racing your BLACK Edition JQRacing buggies. Mostly the posts will cover the most up to date setups and modifications he do, advice for maintenance, and a description of the most important option parts, new parts, etc. This will be a resource for you to be able to get the most out of THECar itself, as well as your own driving and racing. Be sure to check back each and every week.

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Under the Hood: Liam Galvin

Liam Galvin – UK

  • Chassis: JQ Racing THE Car Black Edition
  • Engine: REDS WR7 Diamond Edition
  • Fuel: Sidewinder 25% Blend
  • Tyres: AKA
  • Radio & Servos: Sanwa Exzes Z & Savox SV-1272SG servos
  • Body & Wing: Bittydesign Force body & Answer RC lexan wing
  • Event: World Indoor Buggy Cup 2k17, Padova, Italy
  • Note: Liam uses the 23g centre diff weight.