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Hudy News

HUDY Exclusive radio winter bag & heat pad


HUDY have introduced a new must have for every RC driver racing outdoors in cold conditions, the Exclusive radio winter bag and heat pad. The winter bag for right-handed drivers will keep hands warm no matter the outside temperature thanks to the reusable HUDY heat pad. The ultra-lightweight, super-soft bag features extra-large interior space for maximum comfort while handling the transmitter, and the smart design incorporates an externally-accessible pocket for exchangeable and reusable heat pad that generates extra heat for a minimum of 30 minutes. The sleeve is produced from even softer material for maximum tension-free feeling.

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HUDY 70~140mm droop gauge


HUDY have introduced the new 70~140mm droop gauge for 1/8th and 1/10th off-road vehicles. CNC-machined from premium-quality aluminum, the gauge comes black coated and laser engraved engraved on both sides for quick check on both left and right side. The tool is designed to check the drop of the suspension down travel in range 70~140mm. Great for quick and instant droop check directly on ready-to-race car with no other set-up equipment needed, the gauge is inserted on the nut that holds the shock on the shock tower and using the ruler on the gauge measure the distance to the center of the screw that mounts the shock absorber to the suspension arm. To adjust the droop adjust the down stop screws as needed or adjust the length of the shock absorbers.

HUDY Arena live stream: 2019 World track preparation

Source: HUDY Arena(Youtube)

HUDY Arena Youtube Channel are broadcasting a live stream. A camera continuously films to see the progress of the track and for those who would be a little suspicious, if no one drives before the opening of the forthcoming 2019 IFMAR 1/10th Off-road World Championships…

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HUDY chassis protector vinyl sticker


HUDY have introduced a new chassis protector vinyl sticker for 1/10 vehicles. This premium vinyl sticker is recommended for use on new and used chassis to resist against scratches and scrapes and prolong the life of the chassis. In addition to protecting the chassis, the protector also provides a slick and smooth chassis surface which reduces friction when contacting the race surface – especially clay. If you land hard and bottom out, your buggy should more easily slide through it and maintain the momentum. Measuring 360x125mm / 14.2’’x4.9’’, the chassis protector vinyl sticker sports cool HUDY graphics and it can be easily cut to fit your car.

HUDY compact 1/10 carrying bag


HUDY have introduced a new compact carrying bag for the 1/10 class. Smart, stylish and distinctive, the light and ultra-versatile HUDY Carrying Bag is large and spacious enough to carry all your RC car parts and equipment to any track with comfort and ease.The spacious 500x250x420mm interior is easily accessible through the zippered bag end on both sides. The bag comes with 3 large inner storage boxes #397241 in size 465x220x130mm. The strong, reinforced, waterproof storage boxes are made from a special high-quality rigid composite material for long life and extra durability. Optional inner boxes #397242 in size 465x220x87mm are available. The padded walls ensure that the bag will stand even if some of the inner storage boxes are removed while using them. The super-modern and stylish carrying bag has full-colour graphics over the entire bag and is emblazoned with official HUDY graphics. High-quality European materials and craftsmanship are abundant.

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HUDY 175x110x75mm hard case


HUDY have introduced a new 175x110x75mm hard case. This stylish, handy and compact hard case is ideal to carry and protect your equipment. Highest-quality materials combined with expert workmanship ensure the durability and long life of this hard case. The upper lid features inner net pocket with a zipper while the upper sports an attractive full-color HUDY graphics. The outer size is 175x110x75mm and the inner size is 150x85x55mm.

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HUDY car stand


HUDY have introduced new car stand for 1/10 buggy. The redesigned and improved car stands features new lower and more compact rubber feet that make the stand more stable. The surface is black powder coated for maximum long life and to withstand abusive working conditions while his very low profile makes it very handy to pack for travel. The car stand features also stylish HUDY graphics and logos. Four rubber feet ensure that the stand will stay firmly in place and not move while working on the car. Two super-soft foam strips bonded to the top surface ensure that the car will sit softly and will not move while you’re working on it. Four strategically placed holes on the top of the stand provide a secure placement for shocks during rebuilds. The holes are additionally labeled with FL, FR, RL, and RR symbols to allow easy recognition of the different shocks to ensure you can easily identify the shocks.

HUDY Air Vac 1/8th shock & diff vacuum pump


HUDY have introduced the new Air Vac vacuum pump for 1/8th shocks and differentials. The Air Vac is a handy, ultra-compact electric-powered vacuum pump developed to quickly and easily bleed unwanted air bubbles from oil-filled shock absorbers and differentials. The main platform is fully CNC-machined from aluminum, and includes exchangeable shock/diff stands and transparent plastic cover. Air Vac includes strong and effective vacuum pump that is powered by 12V power supply or 7.2V battery (not included). It includes holders for shock absorbers and differential, 600mm connecting cable with gold-plated banana plugs and comes in a premium hard case for safe storage & transport. This high-quality premium device is fully produced and assembled by HUDY in Europe and it is available in 3 different sizes for 1/10 off-road and 1/8 on-road.