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Baldo brothers sign with HotRace tyres

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HotRace tyres have announced the signing of Bryan and Oscar Baldo to their official team for season 2018. The Baldo brothers will participate at all big races such as the Neo Race 2018, European Championship and World Championship. Bryan stated:

“We are happy to announce that Oscar and I will be racing for Hot Race next year. After testing the tires in several circuits, we were able to confirm that their potential is awesome. Have a lot of traction and the steering is super good. I want to thank Nicola and the entire Hot Race team for the opportunity that they have given us this year.”

Hot Race tyres sign Robert Batlle

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Italian company Hot Race tyres have announced the signing of current European Buggy champion and Vice World Champion Robert Batlle to thier team for 2018 and 2019 seasons. Robert will help HotRace to develop their products and will be brand ambassador in the world and as well as their new HotRace distributor in Spain. Robert stated:

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Who is the new HotRace tyres top driver?

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Italian company HotRace tyres have released a enigmatic video showing, well almost, their new top driver. Our friend Nicola, the owner of HotRace tyres said:

“This new driver will be very good for the present and future HotRace buggy project, when we talked together he immediately believed in my project, he is “crazy and dreamer” like me, i’m very happy.”

In a few days, we will unveil you the name of this mysterious driver. In the meantime, see the video and try to find who is he 😉

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HotRace Tyres introduce new revised sidewalls

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Our friends at HotRace tyres have introduced new outer sidewalls for their line of 1/8 buggy tyres. The new sidewalls are more reinforced than before, and the new structure allows to have a great performance and less tire wear also in super hot conditions. The tyres with new sidewalls will be available already from this week.

Hot Race Tyres sign Fabrizio Teghesi

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Italian company Hot Race Tyres have announced the signing of italian driver Fabrizio Teghesi to their team. The former italian champion is very well known in the industry as a great guy who works super hard and for this reason Fabrizio will be not only a new factory driver but also a new italian team manager. Fabrizio had the following to say:

“I know Nicola from many years, I knew him as a friend but not from a “business point of view”.

I received a proposal from him even before his start in the off road market, and my passionate advice was to tell him to desist from starting this journey in a difficult world of buggy off road … His answer so natural surprised me . “Nico” answered : “If it is difficult it means I will work even harder to get a good results, it doesn’t scare me to work!”

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Hot Race Buggy Cup 2018 announcement

Hot Race tyres is pleased to officially announce the first edition of HotRace 2018 Buggy Cup, as to be one of the funniest and competitive 1/8 buggy race in 2018 in Europe. Our On road edition, famous in all the world, as the 2017 edt the biggest on road race ever made in Italy in this class, HotRace Summer cup race is one of the few annual RC events that attract a global interest, because of the combination entertainment / competition.

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Marco Baruffolo inks 5 year deal with HotRace tyres

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HotRace have announced that former European B champion and National champion Marco Baruffolo re-signed with the italian company for the next 5 years, and will be part of team till 2021. Marco will participate in all major international and nationals races.Marco stated:

“I’ very proud to sign this long time contract with HotRace. I was the first to believe in HotRace,even before the release of the tires on the RC market, and I was not mistaken. I’m delighted and pleased to be able to continue this adventure with HotRace. I am very grateful to thank Nicola for the trust me.”

HotRace Tyres appointed new UK distributor

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RC-PitBox have announced that they are now the Official UK distributor for off-road tyres from the Italian tyre manufacturer HotRace Tyres.

“HotRace have a fantastic team of top drivers from across the world using the superb quality Off-road tyres and RC-Pitbox and HotRace are looking forward to establishing  the HotRace brand in the UK, offering these top quality, european made tyres to the UK market.”  

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