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HB D216 1/10 2WD unveiled


Despite not being officially announced yet, we were very kindly granted access to a production-ready version of Hot Bodies’ new 2WD 1/10 buggy, the D216, here this week competing in Japan for the first time in the hands of Ty Tessmann and David Ronnefalk. We reported earlier in our spy shots story about HB’s rather unique vertical transmission setup, rather than go with the popular laydown transmission as used on multiple prototypes here the D216 features a unique design.

Having not been specifically designed for astroturf surfaces, the D216 is likely more at home on dirt surfaces with an emphasis on adaptability and offering a plethora of adjustment options. Speaking with David Ronnefalk it sounds as if a laydown transmission would be the way to go for future astroturf and carpet racing – the trend more in Europe.

With the layout and style of transmission, motor and speedo placement is such they balance the car from left to right, expect more details in the official announcement and release expected before the end of the year in time for indoor season!

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Ronnefalk, Tessmann with HB D216 practice video

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2015 Worlds: Day 1, Spy shots

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Day 1 Photo Gallery

Saturday, day 1 of the 2015 Worlds serves as a slight gentle introduction to a lengthy event, and top of that list is seeing what is new in the pits, thanks largely to eyes in the sky, here are a few spy shots of the various teams’ cars including HB’s D216 which we can see has a carbon fibre chassis, speedo on the right hand side to balance the motor position which is on the left and towards the rear, due to the position of the motor, we can assume it is a 3 gear with a vertical transmission with the idler gear positioned above the motor, which bucks the current trend of laydown gearboxes.

ECSA1241 ECSA1246 ECSA1249 ECSA12502015_ifmar_worlds_sponsors

Team Associated are sporting a heavily modified B5M with a 3 gear laydown gearbox which has been updated since the pre worlds, the rear shock tower has been moved forward over the top of the gearbox and thus the shocks are mounted to the front of the rear arms à la Yokomo. Rear hubs and front caster blocks appear to be different/new – leading us to believe a roll center change in the car. Kyosho have a similar story to Associated, with rear shock tower changes, transverse battery placement and 3 gear laydown gearbox.

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More Day 1 Photos here

Worlds preview: Yatabe Arena ready as Worlds Host

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We’ve arrived here at Yatabe Arena located on the outskirts of the mammoth city of Tokyo in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture – after a few days sightseeing its a true world metropolis and arriving at the world-renowned Yatabe Arena doesn’t disappoint either, hosting it’s 3rd World Championship (1995 EL Offroad & 2000 EL Onroad) and the 16th running of the IFMAR 1/10 EL Offroad Worlds.

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As we regard our readers with the utmost respect, we take it most will know that the event has already seen some controversy – namely ‘Astrogate‘ – the decision to dispense with 30-years of history of running on dirt in favour of astroturf and carpet as the track surface. The former indoor onroad track has seen a complete makeover, with the permanent dirt track next door also ‘turfed’ serving as a useful test track for drivers, with no one having lapped the 2WD Worlds layout.

ECSA1142 ECSA1131 ECSA1128 ECSA1129More photos in Pre Event gallery

Back in December 2014 a poll saw 62% of readers voting to stick with history & dirt, however the remaining 38% accepting the astro/carpet combo…

Control tyre for the Worlds are Schumacher’s Mini Spike 2 Yellow compound with Med. Rear CAT foam insert for both 2WD and 4WD with Wide Stagger Rib Yellow compound with Med. Front CAT insert for the 4WD front.



Expect lots and lots of new bits on cars and even completely new cars, some more than likely not to be released, we’ve seen few pros running on Friday afternoon, however Ty Tessmann was one of the standouts, running for the first time (publicly) on astroturf with the new D216 buggy (which is still officially unannounced, we hear delayed), we understand the HB team have been testing significantly on home turf (pun unintended) with hopes resting on the young but broad shoulders of Tessmann & Ronnefalk.

ECSA1130 ECSA1099 ECSA1118 ECSA1186

Elsewhere are a few sneaky shots of Naoto Matsukura’s heavily modded prototype RB6, featuring a 3 gear laydown transmission, new rear hubs and chassis. Expect a lot more news and details to surface in the coming days.

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More photos in Pre Event gallery

HB’s 1/32 scale D8T TE miniature Baja


The Q32 Baja has energized RC hobbyists with its easy control, fun driving and innovative features. Now RC Racers can get in on the fun too ! HB has designed a race-worthy version of the Q32, complete with an all-new body, far wing, wing mount and internal roll cage.

The body features Ty Tessmann’s distinctive racing scheme and HB-HPI racing branding. With the awesome new dish wheels and low-profile racing tires, it looks just like Ty’s ROAR championship winning D8T TE…only four times smaller at 1/32 scale.


The Q32 lets everyone enjoy real RC fun, indoors and out, so whether you’re blasting around your pit table or doing laps around your back yard, you can drive this tiny replica of Ty Tessmann’s D8T TE anywhere you like!

The uniquely designed Q32 chassis is the smallest member of the HB-HPI family, and it’s a fun way to get your RC fix on rainy days or when you’re stuck in the office! Fitted with grippy foam tires and a direct rear-wheel drivetrain, it’s light, nimble and FAST! At just 125mm (4.9″) in length and 76mm (2.9″) wide, it’s ideal for racing in the smallest of spaces!

Available to pre order now

(EUR 54.99 / delivered first week of November)

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Hot Bodies Europe updates site with new team setups

HB Europe New Site

Hot Bodies Europe has just re-freshed their website, providing direct access to setup sheets from your favorite team drivers for your favorite HB cars! Simply click the driver of your choice, and then choose their setup which best suits you and your driving conditions!

CLICK HERE to visit the updated HB Europe online!

Ty Tessmann gets set to auction off Worlds Replica HB D815


IFMAR 1/8 World Champion Ty Tessmann has just announced an exciting new project in which will be auctioned off, and all proceeds donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The new project is a replica car of his IFMAR Worlds winning Hot Bodies D815, fully equipped with his race winning OS/Pro-Line/Savox/Avid/Lunsford/Protek/110% products and accessories.

Ty says, “Over the years I’ve had a lot of help in my career to get me where I am today, and I’ve been very blessed to have such great support and opportunities, so I want to give back to the racers and to the community.

I reached out to my sponsors to ask for their help with this project and they were more than generous with donating product, a huge thank you goes out to these companies, so with their help I’m building an exact replica of the car that I won the worlds with a year ago. An HB/HPI Racing D815 complete with an OS B2101 engine, Proline painted body, Proline tires and wheels, Savox servos, Avid ceramic bearings, Lunsford titanium screws and turnbuckles, Protek receiver battery and 110% Racing wheel nuts. The car will be complete except for receiver and radio.

Once the car is built we’ll be auctioning it off to the highest bidder, with the full amount of the bid going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. You can find out more about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society here https://www.lls.org.”

Follow along with Ty’s project build via the ‘Ty Tessmann Facebook Page’ HERE!

MIP introduces new HB D413 ‘Roller’ re-buildable drivetrain

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MIP Pucks have revolutionized the R/C world with their re-buildable design, higher performance, and most importantly less money out of your pocket in the long run. Currently, MIP Pucks have only been offered for 2wd and due to the plastic puck design it has not been possible to move over to 4wd (more demanding drivetrain) without a couple design changes. Tested for months with awesome wear characteristics we would like to introduce what makes a rebuildable 4wd drivetrain possible, MIP Rollers! These new MIP Rollers are designed to do just that ‘roll’; they rotate on the main pin and being that the Roller metal is softer than hardened steel outdrives the roller will not gouge or cut into your outdrives causing you to have to change drivetrain bones and outdrives simultaneously. Get what your Hot Bodies D413 drivetrain needs get MIP Roller!

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HPI/Hot Bodies unveil their newest D8T ‘Tessmann Edition’ truggy

HPI D8T mini

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HPI Racing / Hot Bodies has released their all-new rendition of the D8T truggy…in a slightly smaller package, at a slightly smaller price. This is the Hot Bodies D8T “Tessmann Edition” Q32 1/32 Scale RTR 2WD Electric Micro Truggy, with an included 2.4GHz Radio System and full livery of Ty Tessmann’s ROAR Championship-winning D8T TE Truggy. You can now own your very own Tessmann Edition truggy for less than $60!

115124_fs_10_579_340 115124_fs_1_579_340 115124_fs_9_579_340 115124_q32_tte_box_579_340

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Exotek machines new Hot Bodies D413 alloy heavy duty caster hubs

Exotek Hubs

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Exotek Racing has just released their new heavy duty 7075 precision machined alloy caster hubs for the Hot Bodies D413. Machined down to 5.5 grams per hub for lightness, but are designed to be much stronger and stiffer than the stock plastic hubs for optimum suspension action and reduced play. Polished and anodized in factory orange, and laser etched for easy left/right identification. The new hubs match stock geometry and accommodates a set screw (not included) for the hinge pin.

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