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Under the Hood: Ty Tessmann


Ty Tessmann (21) – Canada

Chassis: HB D413
Motor: Orion 5.5
ESC: Orion Vortex R10
Batteries: XS 4000 Shorty
Tyres: Pro-Line X2 Rear VTR Suburbs, Front Transistor VTR
Radio & Servos: Savox 2274
Notes: Fuelled by Panda Express

AT4_6757 AT4_6749 AT4_6747 AT4_6746 AT4_6744 AT4_6735 AT4_6733 AT4_6727


Chassis: HB prototype – (Kyosho RB6 front, modded Centro C4.2 rear end)
Motor: Orion 6.5
ESC: Orion Vortex R10
Batteries: 2x Orion 5500
Tyres: Pro-Line X2 Rear VTR Suburbs, Front Transistor VTR
Radio & Servos: Savox 1251
Notes: Fuelled by Panda Express

AT4_6800 AT4_6766 AT4_6772 AT4_6776 AT4_6777 AT4_6781 AT4_6785 AT4_6789

Hot Bodies ‘Tessmann Edition D8T’

Hot Bodies ‘Tessmann Edition D8T’

Two time defending champion Ty Tessmann is running his ‘Tessmann Edition D8T’ at this year’s Dirt Nitro Challenge which is underway in Phoenix, Arizona. Determined to claim a DNC truck hat trick we understand that Tessmann in fact designed the shock and camber hole locations through repeated research, development and testing with HPI’s designer Torrance Deguzman heading up the rest.

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Hot Bodies ‘Tessmann Edition D8T’3 Hot Bodies ‘Tessmann Edition D8T’2

Masayuki Miura & HPI Racing Split

Masayuki Miura & HPI Racing Split

HPI Racing see’s their second recent high profile departure following Atsushi Hara, after team manager and manager of Japanese operations; Masayuki Miura announced his resignation earlier today on Facebook. After working at the company for 11 years and seeing HPI’s two IFMAR World titles claimed by Andy Moore in 2006 and Atsushi Hara in 2008, Masayuki would like to thank Watanabe-san the chairman of HPI, staff, team drivers and all of the HPI/HB fans for the support! A statement from Masayuki Miura can be found below.

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Adrien Bertin confirmed at HB / HPI


Looking rather pleased with himself, Adrien Bertin post HPI warehouse break-in (disguise complete with t-shirt & edgy beanie) ? Looks like he walked out of the warehouse fairly unscathed with a D812 and an R10 – they really should beef up security at HPI Mat!

HB / HPI Racing is delighted to announce that Adrien Bertin has signed to Team HB / HPI and will bring his huge wealth of experience to our expanding race team. We are excited not only to be adding a winner of IFMAR World Championships in both nitro on road classes but also an ambassador for RC who has earned a high level of respect across the industry.  With Adrien joining our established team of top level drivers we eagerly await the start of the 2014 season and a bright future ahead for Team HB!

“I am really proud to join the HB / HPI Racing team and would like to thank  Tatsuro Watanabe and Hiroyuki Kasuya for the great welcome I received. Hot bodies is one of the few world champion brands to have a winning car in any class it attends and this is a great demonstration of their passion  and design experience.

I am happy to join this team to help in developing their recent  nitro on road racing car and make it successful on highest level .

Finally I would like to thanks Kenny and KM Racing for their support in 2013 .  See you at the track !”

Adrien Bertin in HB / HPI move ?


Informed sources tell us that Orion’s nitro guru looks set to sign a deal to drive for HB / HPI in both on and offroad, the deal brings to an end a partnership with former sponsors KM Racing for 2013 and before that a deal with Kyosho that lasted over a decade. Expect Bertin to be tearing up the tarmac soon, but first we hear he’s racing the Italian Job Race, so stay tuned to NeoBuggy for news…

The move if confirmed comes at a time of year where the whole driver market is seeing serious seismic activity, this one however we did not forsee, perhaps Bertin has an eye on young Ty Tessmann for Orion, or a long term view for his Kyosho protege David Ronnefalk ?

One of the more likely indicators it may well be confirmed soon is the close association between HPI and Swiss distributors Neidhart SA (Orion founder Philippe Neidhart’s company). Watch this space.

Tessmann continues one-year deal with HB / HPI


HB / HPI have announced that their star driver Ty Tessmann will continue racing for them this year, not a huge revelation but the short ’12 month term’ raises a few eyebrows. Its the same length of contract he had in 2013 - either HB / HPI are either unable to tie Ty down for longer (no pun intended), or thats simply how things work for the Canadian superstar, arguably more famous at home than countryman Justin Bieber.

Press Release:
HB/HPI Racing is proud to announce that Ty Tessmann has re signed with Team HB/HPI Racing for the 2014 RC racing season. After a successful 2013 season which included winning ROAR National Championships and a podium spot at the IFMAR World Championships, Ty and Team HB/HPI Racing is looking forward to an even better 2014.

“I am very excited to re sign for another year with HB/HPI Racing, we have had a very exciting and successful 2013 season and have made some innovative progress with Torrance Deguzman and the rest of the HB/HPI Racing team. I am looking forward to more developments and more exciting results in 2014.  I would like to thank Tatsuro Watanabe, Hiroyuki Kasuya, Torrance Deguzman and the rest of the HB/HPI Racing team for their support in 2013 and look forward to working with them again in 2014.” – Ty Tessmann

Visit Ty’s official website at

Richard Lowe joins HB/HPI

HB/HPI UK are delighted to welcome Richard Lowe on-board with the team for the rest of the 2013 season and through 2014. Richard is a well-known and well respected racer on the National circuit as well as supporting regional and club events. Richard had the following to say… “I’m very excited to be a part of the HB/HPI Racing team for the future, running the race proven Flux range of electrics and the brand new D413 4WD chassis at upcoming races is a fantastic opportunity. I look forward to the remainder of this year’s indoor and next season’s outdoor races knowing I have both top notch equipment underneath me and the support of HB/HPI Racing.”

Richard Lowe joins HBHPI

HPI interview Ty Tessmann


Main chassis sponsor HPI Racing, took a moment with their star driver Ty Tessmann & sat him down for an interview after handing the HB D413 a 3rd place in 4WD on it’s World Championship debut last month.

HPI: First things first: the designer of the D413, Torrance Deguzman, says that he designed the car to be super-durable so that drivers can feel confident about pushing 100% without fear of breaking. How long did it take for you to get used to driving full-bore around the track? Were there any big changes to your driving style required?

Ty: I was able to drive the car like I drive my 1/8 scale so it wasn’t hard for me, when I drove my previous 4WD cars I felt that I couldn’t push the car, if I had to make a pass like taking a jump long or jumping a curb I didn’t have the confidence that the car could take it. I had to drive accordingly, if I got behind I basically had to hope for the other driver to crash I just couldn’t go any faster. With the D413 I have the confidence that no matter what I throw at it, it isn’t going to break so that if I have to step it up a bit I don’t really give the car’s durability a second thought. This is very important in mains when it comes to side by side racing.

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HB D413 laps with Ty Tessmann


Only a few hours after it’s ‘Official’ release is the first laps of video with Ty Tessmann driving the new HB D413 buggy.

HB D413 Announced: Photo exclusive


So after the not so secret build up and a few leaks online yeterday, HPI have finally lifted the ol Cuban missile Crisis embargo on their 4WD World Championship challenger, the D413 – Ty Tessmann’s weapon of choice.

Thanks to some stellar co-operation with HPI, NeoBuggy was granted exclusive access to Tessmann’s buggy, the standard car photos are available here. We caught up with HB designer Torrance Deguzman who explained some of the interesting features of the new 4WD 1/10th buggy.

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AT4_0935 AT4_0931 AT4_0933 AT4_0934

Starting from the outside one of the main features that sets it apart from the competition is the three-piece undercut body – three piece for that reason; you can’t get an undercut body out of the mould, so three pieces is the solution. Next up the chassis layout which can accommodate both sadle and shorty packs with all required parts to fit them both included in the kit, a simple turning of the centre bulkhead is all that’s required to alternate from saddling up or shortying.

The key ethos during the design of the car has been strength and durability, its clear from the outside that the D413 is a beefy looking buggy – resembling an 1/8th scale that’s been shrunk in the wash.

EUR_1368 - Copy

Deguzman went onto say that the current crop of 4WD are quite fragile, so an effort to get around this, the shock tower design is triangulated, lower arm mounts are inspired by touring car – inserts holding hingepins, adjustable and threading into alu inserts in the gear case.

One of the most identifiable features is the signature monocoque lower suspension arms, which use a lower shell and cover, this has allowed the team to use tougher material in the arms and less glass inside, giving it more impact strength and rigidity, whilst using different carbon insert pates you can adjust the stiffness of the arms.

AT4_0937 AT4_0938 AT4_0939 AT4_0940

The car uses three gear diffs, machined steel ring gears and an one piece machined steel input gear where the dogbone simply slides in. Other features include vertical ball studs on the suspension, adjustable Ackermann, roll center, extra long shocks for maximum up and down travel, sway bars, three available also included. Expect the car sometime later this year or early 2014 we hear.

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