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HB D816 E-Buggy: First look


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The class E-Buggy version of the HB D815 is ready! Our official sources tell us that the EV816 (that’s its internal code name) is a new 1/8 Off-Road concept, specifically designed for brushless power. It’s not just a brushless conversion kit for the nitro version, it’s a new platform.

To ensure optimal weight distribution and performance a new chassis design is required when using brushless power. The R&D team tested brushless conversion kits and was not fully satisfied with their performance. This delayed the release of the car, but HB only releases cars which represent the pinnacle of performance, no compromises are accepted. In 2015 David Ronnefalk achieved a top 3 result and the European Brushless Championships, using a simple brushless conversion kit, but a car specifically designed for brushless power represents an immense performance increase potential.

The drivetrain is similar to the D815, but what did HB improve on? What are the evolutions? What is hidden behind the futuristic looking body shell? Our next posts will give you more information, stay tuned!

HB Europe announce Orion based ‘HB CRF3’ nitro offroad engine

HB CFR3 neo

See: HB Europe

Neidhart SA, the owner & designer of the Team Orion brand and also the European distributor for HB (not HPI…yet!), it seemed only a matter of time before a collaboration hit the market.

And here it is… The HB nitro competition engine, HB CRF3. As the name clearly suggests, it is a 3-port racing engine with a crankshaft featuring the “CRF Technology”. It comes with the latest dual bearings of Swiss quality and with a large cooling head as the one used by David Ronnefalk at the last Euros. This first HB CRF3 Nitro engine benefits from years of development of Team Orion engine racing is priced at 239 €.

For more info, contact your local store or use the following address: hb@neidhart.com

HB D216 “Dirt Edition” coming soon


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After unveiling a preview of a production-ready version of the new 2wd 1/10 buggy, the D216, then all the details of this highly anticipated competition 2WD buggy, HB Europe has communicated that the first kits will arrive in Europe in a few days. This first shipment includes only the “Dirt Edition” version, this indicates that an “Carpet Edition” is on the horizon.

The all-new D216 HB “Dirt Edition” arrives in Europe February 15th

This version has been designed exclusively for use on dirt track. Weight balance, flexible frames, long suspension travel, everything has been optimized to provide maximum traction and driveability on tracks with low grip. We understand the first production run is already pretty much sold out but another one is on it’s way.

HPI Europe ‘in administration’ – the full story…


“The affairs, business and property of Hobby Products International Europe Limited are being managed by Eddie Williams and Nick Wood, appointed as Joint Administrators on 14 January 2016.”

“In administration is when a person, ‘the administrator’, is appointed to manage a company’s affairs, business and property for the benefit of the creditors.”

Just over 2 weeks ago, news arrived that “HPI INC. will give the exclusive European distribution rights for HPI and HB products to Neidhart SA in Switzerland” [See Story]

That process appears to have stalled completely…

Read the full story on RCNews.net


HB/HPI issue Savoya statement


HB/HPI have broken their silence as the ‘Savoya Saga‘ continues to intrigue readers, fuel message boards and conspiracy theorists, we were issued with the following short and blunt statement from official sources:

“HPI USA is ending the sponsoring contract of Mr Reno Savoya from the 11th of January 2016.  Mr Savoya no longer represents the brand image neither the interests of the HB brand from this date.”

The start of the second sentence, “Mr Savoya no longer represents the brand image….” and brevity of the statement comes across as quite direct & ruthless; naturally in contrast to Reno’s own statement which has elements of shock and surprise, “HB / HPI Racing has decided to terminate my contract prematurely without notice and for reasons unfounded in my opinion. >>>  I always spoke good about the company, my smile on the racetracks could attest it every day.” 

With respect to both parties involved, speculation as to further reasons may not be wholly appropriate, however cast your minds back to 12 months ago, and you may recall a certain Mr Drake was very hurriedly released from his duties at TLR/Horizon Hobby – Recognise anything ? Deja Vu ?

History has an uncanny penchant of repeating itself, might Savoya be tempted and Mugen Seiki persuaded to emulate his glory years again… ?

HB/HPI terminate Savoya’s contract

Savoya Leaves

HB/HPI Racing are seeing sweeping changes to their driver line up, the unexpected news of Drew Moller announcing an ‘RC Hiatus’ dwarfed by today’s shock headline of Reno Savoya’s contract termination barely more than a year into a four year deal.

With rumours already in full flow, Savoya chose to put out a personal statement on Facebook regarding the situation:

As rumors are going wild, I need to clear the situation…Indeed as of Monday, January 11th, HB / HPI Racing has decided to terminate my contract prematurely without notice and for reasons unfounded in my opinion. For the last 13 months now I had more fun than ever in my work, being part of a team that I appreciated greatly. The people, the products, the services, everything was perfect and I always spoke good about the company, my smile on the racetracks could attest it every day. I find myself today without employer with personnal projects and a family that will soon expand.

I decided to leave Team Orion because the performances and service no longer reached my expectations. My present breach of contract might be a collateral damage to my engine change… I want to thank everyone at HB / HPI Racing who welcomed me and helped me during these 13 months: Torrance Deguzman, Hiroyuki Kasuya, Ty and Gord Tessman, David and Pierre Ronnefalk…

I hope to see you soon on the tracks, because my passion is the same as you: R/C car racing.

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Drew Moller announces RC hiatus


Drew Moller announced on Facebook that he is now no longer sponsored by HB/HPI Racing after a year spent with the factory team, however ‘Drew Mo’ also went on to say that he would be putting his RC Racing career ‘on hold’, focusing on other life priorities:

“A lot has changed in my life in the last year. I graduated high school and started my first semester of college. Traveling and racing on top of being a full time college student is easier said than done. At this time I would like to announce that I am no longer sponsored by HB/HPI Racing.

School is my priority in life right now and I want to focus all of my energy on that. I would like to thank Tatsuro Watanabe, Hiroyuki Kasuya, Torrance Deguzman, the Tessman Family, and the rest of the HB team for their hard work and hospitality over the past year. I hope to see everyone soon!”

Neidhart SA appointed as European HPI distributor

Neidhart SA HPI

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From the 6th of January 2016, HPI INC. will give the exclusive European distribution rights for HPI and HB products to Neidhart SA in Switzerland.

HPI, is as determined as ever to remain one of the RC car industry frontrunners.
In order to achieve our goals and better serve our customers, we have decided to team up with a dynamic European partner, Neidhart SA.

Neidhart SA is a Swiss based distribution company which as created and manages brands such as the world renowned Team Orion brand. Thanks to their international business and distribution platforms they have extensive knowledge of the global RC market. The core team at Neidhart SA have been active in the RC industry for most of their professional life, they are true specialists that fully understand the requirements of the market.

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First HB Q32 option are revealed


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With the Q32, the replica of the Ty Tessmann’s truggy that fits in the hand, HPI/HB achieved a big hit this Christmas. But that’s no reason to stop there, the little fireball has potential to spare. HPI/HB begins to expand its list of optional parts with two new features: different colored dish wheel set, Asphalt tire set and hard foam tire set.

The dish wheel (4pcs) are identical except for the color available in black (#116017) and chrome (#116020). The Asphalt foam tire (4pcs) has a specific foam texture and as their name suggests they are more suitable for use on asphalt (#116122). Harder tires are also available for use indoor (#116015).

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Hot Bodies D216 Official release

d216_1HB have ‘officially’ launched their 2WD challenger, the D216. See their polished presentation below or over at HB Europe. Scrutinized during the 1/10 Worlds back in October, the grapevine suggests that an astroturf-specific version of the D216 buggy is in the works with an ETA around March 2016, according to our source who prefers to remain anonymous, the astro car will feature an aluminium chassis and shaft transmission.

Pre-order your HB D216 Now!

“The HB D216 is the next step of development and innovation in 1/10th off-road racing. After the success of the D413 and D815, the next step for HB was to continue its off-road domination with development of an all-new and innovative 2WD electric racing buggy.”


front and rear

The D216 relies on a mid-motor layout to give the driver maximum rear traction and performance on the modern off-road race track while offering as much steering as possible. This is a fully adjustable, race-tuned buggy that will take your driving to the next level!

d21604 d21603 d21602

A narrow woven graphite chassis plate braced with carbon fiber supports provides the ideal starting point for the D216’s innovative chassis layout. The carbon fiber battery strap and its orange anodized aluminum brace add additional stiffness to the rear of the chassis.