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HB/Hotbodies News

HB Racing D216 aluminum idler gear


HB Racing have introduced an aluminum idler gear for the D216. This aluminum idler gear is precision machined from aluminum, then hard anodized for durability. The machined aluminum idler gear is a direct replacement for the stock plastic gear in the D216 transmission. Stronger and more precise, this option gear is used by the HB Racing Team drivers to handle the extreme conditions needed in competition.

Website: HB Racing

HB Racing D815V2 front & rear hard suspension arm sets


HB Racing have introduced new front and rear hard suspension arm sets for the D812, D815, D815V2, RGT8 and the forthcoming E817. These suspension arms are made from harder material for increased arm stiffness. These are standard equipment on the RGT8 (GT), and after testing with the factory off-road drivers, they concluded that when they are installed on the D815 the harder material improves handling on high traction surfaces and reduces the sensitivity of the car to variations in traction.

Website: HB Racing

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HB Racing unveil ‘Race’ & ‘Relax’ Shirts


See: HB Racing
HB Racing announced their ‘Next Level T-Shirts’ which feature the new HB Racing logo, printed on higher quality T-shirts for a comfortable fit and better moisture wicking… If you decide to take a shower in one ?! The World Team style lets you show your HB Racing colors at races.

“The Relax style is more subtle, perfect for non racing activities like at a restaurant or at the movies.”

Thats IF you have someone to go with… Available from Small to you should probably go for the salad XXXL.

Under the Spotlight: HB Racing E817


Chassis: HB Racing E817 (Pre production model)
Motor: Team Orion Vortex VST2 1900KV
ESC: Team Orion R8.1 Pro
Battery: Team Orion Carbon Pro Stick packs 100C Lipo 6000
Radio & Servos: Amain & Highest DT1100
AKA Impact Medium Longwear
Weight: 3778g
Event: 2016 E-Buggy Euros, Malaga, Spain

Notes: Due to the pre-production nature of the newly crowned European Championship winning car we were asked not to shoot ‘Under the Hood’. Inside it appears as if there is a very long front center driveshaft and a significantly shorter rear center one. The E817 shares the same suspension geometry as it’s nitro cousin the D815 V2. Ronnefalk used a Pro-Line Predator body and Kyosho wing, XTR oils in his shocks, 2.2 front & 2.6 rear swaybar.

16ebuggy-33-of-48 16ebuggy-34-of-48 16ebuggy-35-of-48 16ebuggy-36-of-48 16ebuggy-37-of-48 16ebuggy-38-of-48 16ebuggy-39-of-48 16ebuggy-40-of-48 16ebuggy-41-of-48 16ebuggy-42-of-48 16ebuggy-43-of-48 16ebuggy-44-of-48 16ebuggy-45-of-48 16ebuggy-46-of-48 16ebuggy-47-of-48 16ebuggy-169756

Pro-Line unveil D815 Predator Body


Website: Pro-Line

Employing the same strategy as the Worlds last time round by releasing a new body a few months prior to the main event & previously seen at the Worlds warm up back in May in the capable hands of Ty Tessmann, and likely being used this weekend once again at the Sidewinder race held in Las Vegas – Pro-Line finally formally unveil their new Predator Clear Body for HB D815.

The Pro-Line Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition.

Perhaps most excitingly, ‘The body also includes a high downforce nose piece for increased front traction along with a standard nose piece.’ See the last thumbnail – it kind of looks like a shovel ?!

3474-00-2 3474-00-1 3474-00 3474-00-4

X Factory Infinity HB D413 carbon fiber shock towers

X Factory Infinity HB D413 shock towers

See: X Factory

X Factory have added new front and rear carbon fiber shock towers for the Hot Bodies D413 to the X Factory Infinity line of parts. The front tower replaces the standard HB part while the rear one replaces HB #112802, the kit-standard (B) tower. Both Infinity towers have a small but significant X Factory improvement: There is more material on top of the shock mount holes and more material outside the last hole to reduce the possibility that the shock mount bolt will rip out landing a jump. This also helps with abrasion when the car is up-side-down.

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HB Racing unveils the new D815 V2

HB D815 V2

See: HB Europe | Buy HB Racing products

HB Racing is proud to announce the release of the successor to the World Champion D815 1/8 Nitro Buggy. The new D815 V2 adds key features based on extensive testing and racing by our HB Team Drivers and designers. The D815 V2 is faster, more adjustable, and easier to drive.

Now included are 2 chassis plates, standard and a new extended chassis. The extended chassis adds 4mm of length to the rear of the car which allows a longer wheelbase (up to the maximum regulation) and shifts the overall center of gravity for more stability, especially on high-speed corners.Ty Tessmann and most of the HB drivers have switched to this longer chassis. An extended rear drive shaft (neces- sary when using the extended chassis), and the popular high wing mount are also included.

“The D815V2 kit comes with more of the tuning options that I use on today’s high speed tracks, to make the car even faster.” – Ty Tessmann, HB Racing Team Driver, IFMAR World Champion

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Pelle Culmsee doubles at Danish Nats Rd3

Danish Nats Rd3 podium nitro truggy

See: HB Europe

The third round of the Danish Nationals was held at the great track in Greve. In Truggy Nitro class, HB driver Pelle Culmsee will TQ all qualification rounds. He is followed by HB teammates Oliver Fischer and Peter Harder. Culmsee keeps going and wins the semi final and places his Team Orion-powered truggy on the pole position. After an hard fight throughout the final, Culmsee wins the race in front of Oliver Fischer second and Peter Harder third. In the Nitro Buggy class Culmsee will win once again the TQ ahead Oliver Fischer and Peter Harder. The young HB driver wins the semi and also start on pole for the main final. In the final Culmsee has a bad start because the engine flamed out just before the start tone. He come back to the track with half a lap down and manage to take the first place after 35 minutes.  Culmsee wins again with a 20 seconds gap on Fischer and Harder, second and third respectively.

More photos here