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Hong Nor X3 13 & 14 vented clutch bells

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Hong Nor have introduced new 13T and 14T clutch bells for the Sabre X3. The clutch bells are made of high-quality steel and feature a special vented design ensuring lower temperatures for a longer life of both bell and clutch shoes. The vented clutch bells come with two 5x10x4mm.

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Hong Nor X3S EVO.e E-buggy kit

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Hong Nor have introduced the new X3S EVO.e E-buggy kit. Based on the X3S EVO Nitro Buggy, the X3S EVO.e use of most of the features the nitro-powered buggy but also some specific updates and improvements. The chassis is machined from 7075-T6 aluminium for strength and comes with millings ensuring a lightweight design and optimised flex characteristics. The black anodised surface ensures high durability and factory looks. The kit includes many other aluminium parts including 5mm front and rear shock towers, black anodised motor mount, 12-degree C-hubs and rear uprights, front lower, rear and upper arms. The electronics mount is removable for easy of cleaning and wires are protected under a plate to offer a clean and safe layout. The X3S EVO.e 2 x 2S ‘long’ batteries or one 4S batterie. The braces are cut from high-quality carbon fibre will reinforce the front and rear ends of the E-buggy when running in high-grip racing conditions, limiting the chassis’s flex.

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Hong Nor X3 4-shoe clutch set

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Hong Nor have introduced a new 4-shoe clutch set for the X3 and X3GT and also all Nitro Buggy, Truggy and GT cars. Designed to provide a wide range of tuning options, the clutch comes with two different types of springs for super-easy clutch setting from soft to hard setting, each suitable for different track conditions and racing styles. Included in the set are the 34mm flywheel, lightweight aluminium clutch shoes, black (0.9mm) and silver (1.0mm) clutch springs, assembly screws, flywheel collar, and flywheel nut.

Hong Nor X3S EVO.e E-buggy coming soon

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Hong Nor have released a teaser image of the forthcoming X3S EVO.e E-buggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about the vehicle should become available very soon.

Hong Nor X3 Sabre carbon fibre Ackerman plate sets

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Hong Nor have introduced three sets of carbon fibre Ackerman steering plates for the X3 Sabre. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre, the plates features new Ackerman geometries for improved steering feel and offer different handling characteristics. The A, B and C carbon fibre Ackerman plates come with two 4x7x2.5mm flanged bearings. The flanged bearings are also available separately.

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Hong Nor Mega Booster E1 Truggy RTR in video

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Among all 1/8 buggies and truggies Hong Nor offers Ready To Run versions of those vehicles as well whose the Mega Booster E1 Truggy. Based on the popular X1-CRT E-truggy platform, the Mega Booster E1 Truggy delivers lots of exciting action while delivering great performance. Do you want to get an idea of what he can do? Watch the video!

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Hong Nor 77mm exhaust hanger wire

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Hong Nor have introduced the new 77mm exhaust hanger wire for Nitro Buggy and Truggy. This high-tensile steel exhaust mounting wire allows easy mounting of muffler and offers the necessary flexibility to avoid breaking the exhaust during heavy impacts.

Hong Nor Returns!

Hong Nor returns to the market!!

Many of our loyal followers may recall the brand Hong Nor, a once hugely popular brand of racing buggys that we thought was consigned to the hobby shelves, but no more!

Over the past three years, Hong Nor’s new management have reorganized and renewed the product line and improved their range of products with better performance. Now Hong Nor wants to announce to all RC users who love Hong Nor brand that we have returned to model car market!

According to the Electric car demand ratio is higher than Nitro car in RC car market. Hong Nor not only updated the Nitro version. But also develop actively more popular Electric version. Add more design elements and use precise processing methods such as Metal Cutting… Hong Nor also used a large number lightweight and durable materials such Carbon Fiber which to make the products with better quality and provide a durable and fun platform for the players. Besides, all Hong Nor businesses are completely operate Taiwan and will provide a full range of holistic services, combine all teams of developing, production, marketing operation in Taiwan, so the service provided by Hong Nor will be faster and smoother in the future.

This new news not only be shared to old friends that haven’t heard of Hong Nor for a long time, but also hope that more new friends can well understand the brand of Hong Nor in Taiwan! Besides in order to cope with the very competitive RC model car market, Hong Nor will reorganize the distributor system and take an open position to all distributors who are interested in Hong Nor products!

For details, please refer to the website www.hongnor-racing.com