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Hobbytech News

Hobbytech Spirit NXT 2.0 RTR E-buggy

See: Hobbytech

Hobbytech have introduced the new Spirit NXT 2.0 Ready-to-Run E-buggy. Designed and developed in France, it uses the DNA of the Hobbytech’s competition buggies. It is powered by a Konect waterproof combo that can handle the power of a 6S LiPo battery. Its weight distribution with the possibility to move the battery, the front and rear aluminium shock towers, the 16mm Big Bore aluminium shocks, the Rocket tyres and the steel transmission offer performance and reliability. For simplified maintenance, the motor mount allows easy pinion replacement and the radio plate has easy disassembly. The look has been entrusted to BittyDesign who painted the Pitbull body.

More photos here

Hobbytech sign Tony Robin

Hobbytech RCHobbytech have been in contact with us announcing the arrival of some new blood to their team, joining the outfit is French driver Tony Robin, who will act as the team’s main race challenger for the 2013 offroad season having said goodbye to the Kyosho team. Hobbytech, the French firm look set to provide their new signing with the competitive 2.0 version of their Spirit buggy when he kicks off his 2013 campaign, naturally with high hopes and aspirations that Tony will be able to showcase the car’s full capabilities.

The move is an interesting one, Hobbytech whilst not the weightiest heavyweight in the crowded boxing ring of 1/8 Offroad have tended to opt for driver choices which they hope will compliment their product, as opposed to signing talent solely with hopes on race victories. The strategy tends to work well for them, a driver perhaps punching slightly above their weight class or even on par where they should be usually sends out strong signals of how good a car actually is. Watch this space in 2013…

New HobbyTech Spirit EP

Pictured below is HobbyTech’s latest kit release, the 1/8th electric Spirit EP. Manufactured from super light materials and boasting less wires when compared to other 1/8th solutions the Spirit EP features a single battery case resulting in the perfect weight balance.


• New “pitbull” clear lexan body.
• Single pack layout for perfect weight balance.
• Easy maintenance and safety cable position for electronic components.
• CNC aluminium motor mount in 2 pieces for easy motor maintenance.
• Super safety battery box.
• Narrow 3mm lightwheight chassis plate design with optimal weight distribution and ultra low center of gravity.
• CNC machined 7075 T6 lightwheight front and rear adjustable toe-in plate with insert. The STR8 Spirit is fully adjustable in a number of ways.
• New center differential mounting system for easy maintenance.
• Teflon sealed bearing to use lighter ball bearing (14x8x4mm).
SEE: Hobbytech-rc.com

Hobbytech’s STR8 EP X2

Imodel / Hobbytech has announced the release of their new 1/8 Electric Off Road RTR car kit the STR8 EP X2!

Features include:

• 4pole 2350kv brushless motor
• 80mAh esc (with different programs)
• 3S battery LIPO 3400mAh hardcase
• 2AMP fast Charger
• 12kg metal gear steering servo
• 2,4ghz radio
SEE: www.hobbytech-rc.com

Hobbytech STR8 EP X2

Hobbytech RCTrue to their word, French firm Hobbytech have announced the release of their Pro 1/8 electric buggy the ‘STR8 EP X2’, sharing the same features that have made it’s nitro counterpart a success. The battery tray design of the X2 is pretty interesting; able to accommodate 3S or 4S or 6S LiPo batteries, soft or hard with the straps or clip on cover. Underlining it’s ‘Pro’ credentials are 16mm Big bore shocks, alu shock towers and CNC hard coated spiral cut gears front & rear.
Click Read More for a features list | For more photos see the STR8 EP X2 gallery | www.hobbytech-rc.com

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Hobbytech’s Stephane Mateo

This year’s Neo race saw a lower than normal entry of French racers, but one driver/designer who did make the trip across the channel was Stephane Mateo, designer of Hobbytech’s latest buggy, the ‘Spirit’. In and amongst the controlled chaos that is Neo11 we caught up with Stephane for a quick chat.
See www.Hobbytech-RC.com

Neo Buggy: Stephane, how about we start off with a little introduction ?
Stephane Mateo:
Hi, Stéphane Mateo, I’m 31, I’m working for Hobbytech brand. I’m designer,developer and technical support

NB: You were one of the few Hobbytech cars present at Neo11, how come ?
This year the majority of the team attended the French nationals so, they were in Reims for the 2nd round. But the Neo Race is the inevitable race of the year and as a partner of NeoBuggy, this is the race that carries the most media importance and as a young brand its important to be here competing, get to know the atmosphere of a big race and represent the Hobbytech brand. We hope to make an international Hobbytech Team with many drivers all around the Europe, and the world.

NB: So how was the Neo Race experience for you this time?
The track was amazing and very difficult but it’s great experience to work on the development of the Spirit in these conditions. So, I was alone at this race and the set up was difficult to find and I took my time to find a good compromise, the evolution was slower. I was in 1/256 and I drove until 1/32, that proved Spirit is reliable in all kinds of conditions. I gained 45 places between sunday and monday.

NB: We appreciate your comments about the track, how about the race as a whole and organisation ?
The race was wonderful, amazing, a lot of words can describe it ! The track was hard but interesting and fun, driving with 15 cars on track is a challenge but we learn to fight. Nothing to say about the organization, all was perfect ! I hope to see races like this in France…just a dream… 🙂

NB: From one big race to another, will you be at the two European Champs this summer ?
I’ll be at all Euros (‘B’ in Lyon and the ‘A’ Sand am Main), French championships, GP Pierrefeu and all regional races. See you on the track !

Hobbytech release truggy

Just as the outdoor season gets into gear in Europe, France-based Hobbytech have launched their truggy, the STR8-T2.
This new TRUGGY comes with huge components and racing spec’s, we fully redesign the car to make it similar as a PRO kit right out of the box as an RTR version with a super affordable price. Packed with high competition level component to satisfied the most avid racers,
this is the right kit to enter into 1/8 buggy class competion level.

Photo gallery of the truggyHobbytech RC
Click Read More for features

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Hobbytech’s Silver Pennes Report

As the title suggests Hobbytech have published their report from the Silver Pennes race which can be found here.

“In Buggy class, after qualifications, Nicolas Rodriguez made a direct semi final (9th position) with his Spirit – RB – ProCircuit, Bastien Ferrato with Spirit – nVision – ProCircuit in ¼ final and Stephane Mateo, Spirit – Go Engines – ART in 1/8. In Truggy class, Stephane approuved the new Truggy STR8-T2 in RTR version with stock engine (GO 25 3 ports), and finished 9th in the final. Unfortunately, many rain on Sunday so the race finished after ¼ finals. We kept the ranking of qualifications.”