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Hobby Pro USA News

Hobby Pro USA PR Racing brass parts

Hobby Pro USA PR Racing brass parts

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Hobby Pro USA have introduced new brass parts for PR Racing vehicles. Both are machined brass and made in America and offers the added weight where its needed. The 16g front rear arm mount will fit onto any PR Racing vehicles and adds the necessary weight to provide rear end stability on any racing surface. The two brass L brackets weigh in at 5g each and offer the necessary weight to the front of your racing vehicle while offering the ability to fine tune your front roll center with washers.  Adjusting your front roll center is quick and easy with these new L brackets and your lap times will drop significantly when finding the correct roll for your PR racing vehicle.

More photos here

Hobby Pro USA & PR Racing America announce partnership with Bellgate

Hobby Pro USA-PR Racing America-bellgate

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In an effort to meet the growing demand for PR Racing products here in the USA, PR Racing America is pleased to announce we are partnering with Bellgate Distributors in order to make the popular PR Racing Vehicles and parts more readily available than ever! Bellgate Distributors, run by Richard O’Hara, has been in business for many years and has a very strong and reliable business structure which will serve the growing interest of Hobby Dealers and PR Racing Consumers nationwide.

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PR Racing America releases the PRS1 V3 2wd buggy


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PR Racing America has officially released the new Hobby Pro PRS1 V3 2wd buggy (seen in action at the IFMAR World Championships). The new platform design is based off of the popular V2 design, however, allows for more adaptability and tuning options for various racing conditions. The new buggy features a 3-gear mid-motor transmission, lay-down transmission case, adjustable motor, various battery placement options, and more.

Shop now at AMain.com

V3-Release-800 11870727_1200770429948420_3367964538192440627_n 11890926_1200770426615087_1377539264072353634_n V3-Differences


PR Racing debuts new V3 PRS1 lightweight chassis

Ligh chassis carbon fiber inlay

See: PR Racing USA
PR Racing has just released their innovative new lightweight/rigid chassis for the V3 PRS1 2wd buggy. The new chassis features a carbon fiber inlay which its durability and stiffness, all while reducing the overall weight by 30 grams. Ideal for spec racing and/or any condition when the reduction of weight is required. Available soon through all PR Racing Distributors world-wide.

Shop now at AMain.com

Lightweight Chassis

PR Racing America releases first look at PRS1 V3 2wd buggy


PR Racing America has just announced the official release of the new PRS1 V3 1/10 2wd buggy. The new buggy is now available for pre-order and features a long list of new improvements including lower center of gravity, 3-gear lay down mid-motor transmission, lighter weight design, new chassis and side guards, 12.75mm big bore shocks, lower roll center, and increased stability.

Hobby Pro PRS1 V3 Main Hobby_Pro_PRS1_v3_site__45121.1439584395.1280.1280 HP_PRS_V3_pii__72873.1439584405.1280.1280 HP_PRS1_v3_pic__36283.1439584731.1280.1280

The new car is available for pre-order now by visiting www.HobbyProUSA.com.

PR Racing America teases with new details of V3 PRS1 buggy


See: PR Racing USA
As one of PR Racing’s distributors, Hobby Pro USA has shed some light on the new PR Racing Vehicle that will be coming soon; the PRS1 V3 1/10 2wd Buggy.

Hobby Pro USA says, “We are happy to announce that we’ve been working on a new 2wd buggy platform based on our current V2 design that will allow for more adaptability and tuning options for the racer. The new PRS1 V3 2wd buggy will be available this holiday season or potentially sooner. We plan to use this new platform during the IFMAR World Championships later this October in Japan.”


Hobby Pro USA officially launches PR Racing America

PR Racing America

See: PR Racing America
Without further adieu, Hobby Pro USA is happy to announce that PR Racing America has officially been launched, and is ready to utilize by consumers and racers alike worldwide. www.PRracingUSA.net is Hobby Pro USA’s informational based website that they will continuously update to showcase all new videos, product info, dealer information, setup sheets and much more! The PR Racing America race team will showcase the new PR Racing USA Gear along with their PR Racing vehicles on and off the track!

Hobby Pro USA welcomes Casey Becica to PR Racing team

Hobby Pro Driver

See: Hobby Pro USA
Hobby Pro USA would like to welcome their latest addition to the PR Racing America / Hobby Pro Distribution Team, Casey Becica. Casey has been racing on a competitive level for while now in the So Cal area, and is always willing to lend a helping hand at the track. Casey will bring strategic knowledge with setups and excellent sportsmanship to the team backed with excellent driving.

“We’re excited to see him hit the track with our PR Racing vehicles, stay tuned for more exciting news from our growing race team!”