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Kim Einert joins HIRO SEIKO



HIRO SEIKO announced that the 18-years old girl Kim Einert joined their team. Kim will be using the HIRO SEIKO lineup of screws, nuts, options and accessories among his rides for the 2016 season.

“After I tested the Hiro Seiko Products in some races I am really happy to sign on their factory team. In 2016 I will be using the product line of high quality diff and shock oil, high quality screws and other Hiro Seiko Products.” – Kim Einert

Malin Karlsen continues with HIRO SEIKO



HIRO SEIKO has announced the continued sponsorship of Norwegian driver Malin Karlsen to their factory team driver line up. The Taiwanese brand will continues to support Malin with their full line.

“After using the Hiro Seiko products for the past year I’m really excited to be signed on to their factory team. I will be using the range of high quality titanium and aluminum hardware for all my vehicles, transmitter and other equipment.” – Malin Karlsen

HIRO SEIKO protects KO-Propo EX-2 & Kyosho EX-6 transmitter screens

Hiro Screen Protector

HIRO SEIKO is known for their popular transmitter screen protectors, and today they have released their newest version. The new screen protector is designed to fit the KO-Propo EX-2 and Kyosho EX-6 transmitters. The 4-layer film is scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint, and ultra clear. Available now.

69982 69982 ASM


David Ronnefalk joins HIRO SEIKO

Ronnefalk HIRO SEIKO

HIRO SEIKO is excited to announce their latest addition to the team; David Ronnefalk! David will be using the HIRO SEIKO lineup of screws, nuts, options and accessories among his rides for the remainder of 2015.

David says, “I am now officially using HIRO SEIKO products and accessories for my car. Screws, nuts, some option parts for the transmitter and other accessories to name a few. The quality have so far been very good and I’m really greatful to be representing HIRO SEIKO from now on!”

HIRO introduces Ti screw kits for Kyosho 1/10 lineup

HIRO SEIKO Kyosho Scres

Taiwanese screw gurus, HIRO SEIKO, have announced their latest screw kits for the Kyosho 1/10 lineup. HIRO now offers Titanium screw kits for the RB6 rear motor, RB6 mid-motor, and Lazer ZX6 platforms. The screw kits range from 88 to 118 pieces (depending on the car), and shave off as much as 29.5 grams of weight over the stock screws.

Hiro Seiko alu parts tray

alum Tray-1

Perhaps not the most exciting and innovative product we’ve featured on NeoBuggy since the site’s inception in 2003, but still we all need a place to keep our screws, and RC Racers can be a meticulous OCD bunch when they find out a priceless titanium M3 countersunk beauty has made a bid for freedom Steve McQueen style

The alu parts tray is available in silver, black or red, each one featuring a matte finish with etched Hiro Seiko logo, size 120 x 100 x 8.5 mm. And that’s about as exciting as we can make a small metal tray!

Keep your screws from disappearing, alternatively get your lady to use it to serve delightful  Hors d’oeuvre at the track. May we suggest the duck pâté Sir .

See: www.hiro-seiko.com

HIRO steering wheel brake discs

HIRO SEIKO Brake Discs

HIRO SEIKO has just released their new Carbon Fiber Brake Disc Sets for use with their aluminum radio steering wheels. The new brake disc sets are available in six different colors (Red, Gold, Ti, T-Blue, Y-Blue, and Purple). While these brake discs may not stop your bad driving, it will put a screeching halt to having just another boring looking radio.

CFRP Disc CFRp Disc List 2 ASM for 4PX DSC08681


HIRO SEIKO’s new 4PX crystal bling

HIRO 4PX Screws

HIRO SEIKO has just released their all-new SWAROVSKI crystal wheel screw and aluminum color screw set for the Futaba 4PX radio. The screw set not only adds a customized look and style to your radio, it also lightens the overall feel of the radio. HIRO’s screw sets are available in your choice of titan, red, t-blue, y-blue, and purple color options.

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