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Viking Design Works D216 adjustable battery brace

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After months of testing, Viking Design Works have introduced an adjustable lateral battery brace for the HB Racing D216. The battery brace assembly has two parts: and upper and lower plate. Both plates interlock using a “backbone” to precisely guide the plates for on the fly battery position adjustment. It moves forwards and backwards utilizing the stock carbon brace with new hardware included in the kit. The new brace is considerably wider which gives a more precise fit on the battery. This also creates more surface area by design, thus siffening the chassis of the car immensely.

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Under the Hood: David Ronnefalk

David Ronnefalk, 20 – Sweden

  • Chassis: HB Racing D817
  • Engine: Team Orion CRF
  • Fuel: Runnertime
  • Tyres: JConcepts
  • Radio & Servos: AMain Hobbies Sanwa M12 Highest DT1100
  • Body & Wing: JConcepts “Silencer” body painted by BM Design | Team Associated wing
  • Event: The Neo Race 2017


HB Racing D817T coming soon

HB Racing have released a teaser image of their forthcoming Truggy, the D817T. Based on the 2016 IFMAR World Champion D817, the D817T made its first appearance at the Silver State where it was used by David Ronnefalk and Cody King. Watch this space, more information coming soon.

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HB Racing D817 & E817 front arm B-mounts

HB Racing have introduced new front arm B mounts for the D817, D817T, E817, D815 and D812. Machined from black anodised aluminium, these B-mounts allow you to fine tune the front kick-up and roll center of recent HB Racing 1/8 buggies and truggies. The B-mount controls the location of the rearmost end of the front suspension hinge pins. A higher B-mount location makes the car smoother and easier to drive when the grip is high. Available in +0.0mm, +1.4mm, and +2.8mm.

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HB Racing D817 universal shafts

HB Racing have introduced new universal shafts for the D817. These universal shafts are precision machined from high strength steel. They’re standard replacement parts for the D817 buggy, and a tuning option for other HB Racing vehicles like the E817, D815, RGT8 and D812. Universals offer improved bumpy track performance and ease of maintenance compared to CVA joints. The universals shafts are vailable as pairs.

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HB Racing D817 screw type shock pin set & Ti turnbuckles

HB Racing have introduced a screw type shock pin set and titanium turnbuckles for the world’s champion D817. First up are the screw type shock pins are machined from lightweight aluminum and anodized for easy identification of the thread direction. These shock pins feature a new design with a hex head for easy installation, threads that go directly into the shock arm, and left hand & right hand threads to prevent the suspension arm movement from loosening the pins. The set comes with 2 left hand threaded pins and 2 right hand threaded pins.

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T-Work’s aluminium side guards screw set

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T-Work’s have introduced an aluminium side guards screw set for the HB Racing D817. made from 7075-T6 aluminium , these screws offer a lighter weight over the standard steel screws and their design allows them to fit perfectly to the mudguards. Available as set of 10 screws.

HB Racing D413 hard suspension arms

HB Racing have introduced new rear and front hard suspension arms for the D413. These suspension arms are made from harder material for increased arm stiffness. The harder material improves handling on high traction surfaces and reduces the sensitivity of the car to variations in traction.

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