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David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: explaining the 0.8 Mod gears

HB Racing’s David Ronnefalk is back with another #TechTipTuesday video where he talks about the 0.8 Mod gears available as an option for the D817. More videos are available in David’s Youtube channel here.

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Imbue D817 V2 shock towers

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Imbue have introduced their new shock towers for HB Racing D817 V2. Machined from 4mm carbon fiber, these towers were designed to offer superior flex characteristics, providing increased grip and surface handling, as well a providing in-between shock mounting locations for finer adjustment. Great for loose and rough tracks, these towers are sure to keep you planted.

David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: HB V2 vehicles in details

David Ronnefalk released a new video about the V2 edition of the HB Racing vehicles. If you are considering getting any of the V2 cars, and even if you have already one, check the video out to get a good view of what’s updated since the previous versions. More videos are available in David’s Youtube channel here.

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HB Racing D418 detailed photos

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HB Racing has just unveiled some detailed photos of their forthcoming 4WD Buggy called D418. Click here for more information. The D418 will become available soon.


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HB Racing D817T 2.75° arm mount D

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HB Racing have introduced new aluminum 2.75 degree rear arm mount D for the D817T and E817T truggies. The D-mount controls the location of the rearmost end of the rear suspension hinge pins. Less toe-in at the D-Mount location frees up the rear of the truggy for more rotation through the corners. The D-mount is machined from aluminum, hard anodized black, and comes in 2.75 degrees to expand the range of adjustment in addition to the stock 3.00 degree D-mount.

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Under the Hood: HB D817 V2 Lee Martin

Lee Martin – UK

  • Chassis: HB Racing D817 V2
  • Engine: SMJ
  • Fuel: Nitrolux
  • Tyres: Sweep
  • Radio & Servos: Xpert servos
  • Body & Wing: Stock body & stock wing
  • Event: The Neo Race 2018, Spain


Under the Hood: D817 V2 David Ronnefalk

David Ronnefalk, 21 – Sweden


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HB Racing E817 V2 1/8 E-Buggy available now!

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Get ready, the E817 V2 1/8 4WD Electric Buggy is coming soon from HB Racing. The new “Version 2″ of the E817 buggy is topped with a clear JConcepts Silencer body and a new molded nylon rear wing that is lightweight and more durable than polycarbonate wings. A narrow rear shock tower with revised shock length has been added for expanded range of shock adjustment. New machined aluminum 17.5° front caster blocks have been updated for extra strength. New aluminum steering linkage spacers replace the plastic spacers for improved bumpsteer geometry, more precise adjustment, less flex, and HB revised the screw lengths to accommodate the new spacers. Other updates include universal drive shafts, increased clearance ball end links, and updated body mounts. The E817 V2 will be here soon, place your orders early so you receive the stock from the first batch of production.

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