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HB Racing pre-mounted 1/8 buggy tires

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New from HB Racing are these pre-mounted wheels and tires for 1/8 buggies. They’re available in 6 different tread patterns and the famous HB Pink Compound (SuperSoft), Red Compound (Soft) and White Compound (Medium) so racers can choose the right amount of traction for the track surface and ambient temperature. The tires are mounted on HB Racing V2 wheels in white or yellow, and HB Racing black closed cell inserts are standard equipment. Careful attention is focused on the mounting process for a strong and long lasting glue seal. These are the easy way to bolt on a fresh set of tires, just open the package and you’re ready to go racing.

HB Racing ride height gauge

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New from HB Racing is the ride height gauge that has 2 modes to assist in quick and accurate measurement of the ride height of most 1/10 & 1/8 buggies and truggies. The standard mode uses a thumbscrew to lock the height of the tool, then racers adjust the suspension until it matches the tool height. The “Active Measurement Mode” uses the precise weight balance of the measurement arm so that racers can loosen the thumb screw and slide the tool under the car. The measurement arm pivots on dual ball bearings, so it will touch the bottom of the chassis and show the ride height in real time as it is moved under the car. It’s machined from aluminum and hard anodized for durability. Height markings are laser etched on the tool for quick and easy adjustment. The measurement arm can be unscrewed for compact storage.

Under the Hood: David Ronnefalk

David Ronnefalk, 21 – Sweden

  • Chassis: HB Racing D817 V2
  • Engine: Team Orion CRF
  • Fuel: Runnertime
  • Tyres: JConcepts
  • Radio & Servos: Sanwa M12 Highest DT1100
  • Body & Wing: JConcepts “S3” body painted by BM Design | stock wing | Stickit1 stickers
  • Event: 2018 Montpellier GP, France


HB Racing D418 1/10 4WD buggy coming soon

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Coming soon from HB Racing is the D418 1/10 scale 4WD buggy. HB designer Torrance Deguzman updated his innovative D413 design with new high performance features based on feedback from HB’s top team drivers. New for the D418 is an aluminum chassis with raised side guards, similar to the successful 1/8 D817 buggy. HB’s trademark monocoque suspension arms now come in a harder material as standard equipment for precise suspension and handling response. The center bulkhead is now split for easier and quicker access to the center differential. The highly adjustable suspension now has revised suspension travel and shock length for improved performance. And, the D418 kit is now topped with a clear JConcepts 4WD buggy body and JConcepts wing. How does faster, stronger, and more adjustable sound? The D418 checks all of the boxes.

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More HB Racing D817 V2 photos

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HB Racing have released new photos about the D817 V2 nitro buggy. With the D817 V2, HB Racing takes the World Champion D817 nitro 1/8 buggy and adds the latest updates based on feedback from their Team Drivers. The D817 V2 includes a new molded nylon rear wing that is lightweight and durable. HB added their latest narrow rear shock tower that has been a favorite of their Team Drivers for its more useful range of adjustment. Also included is a new machined aluminum center chassis brace that strengthens the center section of the car, and an updated chassis with countersunk mounting holes for the new brace.

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RC Cars Cavalieri D817 V2 carbon fibre radio plate

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RC Cars Cavalieri have introduced the new carbon fibre radio plate for the HB Racing D817 V2. Machined from high quality carbon fiber, the radio plate is based on the D815/D817 radio plate from the German brand with some specific modifications to fit the D817 V2. The carbon fibre radio plate for D817 V2 increases the rigidity, provides less flex and improves steering and throttle response.

Rc Cars Cavalieri D817 V2 carbon fibre rear shock tower

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Italian company Rc Cars Cavalieri have introduced their new carbon fibre rear shock tower for the all-new HB Racing D817 V2. Made from 4mm high quality carbon fibre, this lightweight and durable shock tower offers additional holes compared to the stock narrow rear shock tower.

Interview with Adrien Bertin

We contacted the world team manager of HB Racing, Adrien Bertin to ask him some questions about the new D817 V2, the development of the range of 1/10 buggy, the departure of Cody King, Cole Ogden, the 2018 Worlds and many other things. Hi Adrien and thank you for giving us this interview. HB Racing unveiled at the beginning of the year the V2 of the world champion D817 nitro buggy. Can we say it’s a David Ronnefalk replica?

Hi everybody , the V2 is not named like this but it’s evident that it’s really close from what David is using already with the use of the same body shell. He is our first driver so we try to put him on the best conditions but for the final test, several European and us drivers have been involved in order to offer the most balanced product.

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