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Futaba News

Futaba UV umbrella

See: Futaba

Following the introduction of the new sunglasses, Futaba have introduced a new UV umbrella. Measuring a diameter of 76 cm (30 inches), the umbrella is coated with a layer of high-tech fabric reducing the temperature beneath the umbrella and absorbs any remaining UV rays. Sporting Black and orange colors with the Futaba logo and although primarily intended for protection from the sun, the umbrella can also be used to ward off rain.

Futaba introduce new sunglasses

See: Futaba

Futaba have introduced new sunglasses. Specially designed for Futaba in Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, the center of the Japan eyewear OEM manufacturer scene for decades renowned for Made in Japan eyewear from optical to sunglasses, the Futaba sunglasses sport a lightweight design and features two side shields. The Futaba-branded sunglasses come including a zip semi-hard case for secure protection and a lens cleaning cloth.

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T-Work’s introduce 7PX/R transmitter skins

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced their new range of transmitter skins for the Futaba 7PX and 7PXR. The range consist of graphite, light, metal chrome and shiny skins in yellow, blue, white, red, green colors as well as in gradient.

Joe Bornhorst joins Futaba

See: Futaba USA

Futaba have announced the signing of US racer Joe Bornhorst to their Factory team for 2020. J.Bornhorst will use the new Futaba 7PX radio on his Tekno RC rides in National and international events as well as some major events including the CRCRC where he will make his debut this week.

Futaba HPS-CT700 brushless servo

See: Futaba

Japanese company Futaba have introduced the new HPS-CT700 low profile brushless servo. Housed in a machined aluminium case the Futaba HPS mode supporting servo is capable of speeds of down to 0.07s with a torque of up to 30kg-cm when operated with 7.4V input. The servo is also S.Bus2 and SR (Super Response) mode compatible and can bu use with the Futaba T7XC, T7PX and T4PM radios. Available in January 2020.

First look: Futaba 7PXR radio system

Source: RC magazine (Facebook)

During the All Japan Hobby Show in Japan, Futaba have unveiled the new 7PXR radio system. Based on the 7PX, it features a new redesigned menu area and a new 7-colour LED display. Two various types of receivers would be offered as standard. The 7PXR should become available in November.

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Futaba S-U300 programmable servo

See: Futaba

Futaba have introduced the new S-U300 programmable servo. Featuring a wireless assembly technology, the servo has a high vibration resistance and long lifetime. The servo produces up to 4,1kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0,19s when operated with 6V input. The S-U300 features a 6-way potentiometer with indirect drive while the S.BUS2 technology making it programmable with many adjustable parameter settings.

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Futaba Pro Tips: Ryan Lutz’s Futaba 7PX setup tips

See: Futaba USA

Futaba have released a new video where Ryan Lutz shares a few of his favorite transmitter features and how he has them set up on his 7PX Limited Edition. R.Lutz discusses throttle curve, steering curve, timer start and timer reset, and steering speed turn and return.

Watch the video