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Adam Drake talks Engine Heaters

Drake talks Competition Heat

Comp Heat ‘Deuce’ – Hot Hot Hot

Industry leaders Competition Heat are gearing up for the release of their Comp Heat” Deuce” engine heaters. The new Deuce features a high quality connector from Deutsch. These connectors have flame retardant, high-grade thermoplastics that allow the pins to be removed from the housing, making it easy to change out your cover when needed, keeping your Comp Heater looking new. The re-designed cover fits nitro engines .19-.21-.24-.25 up to the larger.28’s and provides better insulation and a clean, sharp appearance. The new 12V heating element has been increased in size allowing tolerance changes for better efficiency and ease of operation for the ultimate in portable engine pre-heating. The new Deuce will begin to ship to dealers and distributors this week.

Competitive Drake on Heat

Competition Heat, makers of the very popular 12V engine pre-heater have announced that US-based TLR driver Adam Drake has joined them as team driver. “I’ve been using the Competition Heater for just over a year now. It makes engine break-in easier, but it also increases your engines performance and life. The products from Competition Heat are amazing and I’m proud to have them as a sponsor for 2011!

Alsop Joins Competition Heat

GB Modelsport has announced that Graham Alsop has joined their line-up of drivers using the new Competition Heat 12V engine heater. At a bitterly cold start to the Race Central Winter Series at Frankley last weekend, Graham drove his Hot Bodies D8 Hara Edition buggy to an emphatic victory, taking TQ (in every qualifying round) and going on to win the A Final, lapping the entire field in the process. Graham used the Competition Heat 12V heater to get his RB B10 engine race-ready before each run, commenting “Despite the extreme cold, it got the engine up to temperature every time, and starting was always instantaneous. Leaving the heater jacket on the engine right until the car was placed the pit lane also helped to prevent heat loss before I got onto the track.” Graham was also impressed with the noticeable reduction in wear and tear on his starter box and glow starter cells, remarking “My starter box used less than about 250 mAh all day.”
GB Modelsport

Simon Willetts Joins Competition Heat

GB Modelsport has announced that Simon Willetts will be one of its leading drivers using the new Competition Heat 12V engine heater in 2011. Simon used the engine heater for the first time at the CML Winter Series meeting at Frankley Model Car Club, taking TQ by round 2, and then going on to win the A Final with his Orion powered Kyosho. On a bone chilling day, where the ambient temperature struggled to reach 6°C, Simon used the heater to good effect. “The car started first time, every time, all through the day and the engine was pretty much good to go as soon as it fired up” commented Simon. Simon was one of a number of drivers using the Competition Heat engine heater for the first time in the UK, joining the likes of US team drivers Drake, Truhe, Robbers and Kortz. For additional technical and pricing information call 01952-510-804 or visit or contact any GBMS stockist.

New 12V heater from Competition Heat

The company that designed and introduced engine pre-heaters to the RC industry has just released the Competition Heat 12 volt engine heater. Their new 12v heater has many of the same features as the original heater along with many new improvements. “Our new 12v engine heater was developed for the serious racer. The design of the heater is what makes it special” says Eric Wise of Competition Heat. ”Safety and ease of operation is what we focused on. We use no metal parts and our cover is fireproof and heat resistant.”

The Comp heater is lightweight and very compact, making instant storage of the heater in your pit bag simple, without having to worry about hot metal parts causing possible hazards. The access port on top allows you to start your engine or monitor its temperature with the heater in operation, making it ideal for both engine break in, and pre heating before racing. The best part about the new Competition Heat 12v engine heater is its versatility.

You can operate the heater from an 11.1v 3 cell LiPo battery placed inside your starter box, allowing you to pre heat the engine on your starter box right up to race time, and the one design fits all .21 and .28 size engines. No more warm up laps. No more wasted fuel. No more unnecessary wear and tear on critical engine parts trying to build up enough heat to put a proper race tune on your engine.

Competition Heat Inc. is proud to announce their UK and ROI distributor GB Modelsport. ”We are excited to work with Stephen Bass and David Griffiths of GB Modelsport”, says Eric Wise of Competition Heat Inc. “They both have a ton of experience and knowledge of the industry. I look for their new company to be a leader in RC distribution.” GB Modelsport also offers a range of 12v and 11.1v power supply options to complement the new 12V engine heater. For further details, visit their web site at