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Bittydesign MBX8 Eco Vision body

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Bittydesign have introduced the new Vision body for the Mugen Seiki MBX8 Eco. Tested for several months on different types of surfaces and layouts, the Vision body combine a stunning look together with performance at the top of the class. Thanks to the valuable collaboration with the World Champion Robert Batlle, Bittydesign have been able to realize improvements that have allowed them to optimize the initial project making the model easier to drive and more balanced, the comparison on the track with the stock ‘kit body’ showed superior performances. The advanced cab has been designed to increase cornering but at the same time, thanks to the soft rear slide behind the roof, the body is perfectly balanced in its shape giving the model a particularly sinuous and slender line. Vision is a body with a futuristic look that enhances the performance of the model, several hours of development and research have been dedicated to the sides that show a unique and original design of its kind and that are perfectly connected with the rear side flaps that guarantee the correct load aerodynamically optimized also thanks to the showy central flap that guarantees the correct air flow to the wing. The body is designed to be installed on the Mugen MBX8 Eco chassis (as well the World Edition) but can also be mounted on the previous model MBX7/7R Eco.

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Bittydesign Vertigo 1/10 buggy rear wing

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Bittydesign have introduced the new Vertigo rear wing. The Vertigo wing has been designed to be universal and can fit the 1/10 off-road wing mounts of all the model cars on the market and without claims of outrageous downforce improvements – it comes out as a modern wing with fresh and modern lines. The Vertigo wing is available in 1mm and 1.5mm thickness in set of 2-pice and also pre-cut in both thickness in 1-piece.

EURO Contest X – 10th Anniversary – announcement

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Bittydesign Co. in collaboration with the new host club ‘OSPY Team’ have announced the 10th anniversary of the most successful European 1/8 buggy outdoors race that saw in 2018 more than 300 entries making the event the biggest ever done in history in Europe. The EURO Contest X is back and will be held from 21st to 23rd June in Gussago (BS), North Italy. For the 10th Anniversary Bittydesign changed the venue but the party stay the same. The EURO Contest is a different philosophy race, Bittydesign put at the centre of attention the pure fun and RC nitro maniacs are loving the atmosphere! The X edition will be held in three classes including Pro, Open and Brushless.

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Bittydesign stainless steel polycarbonate scissors

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Bittydesign have introduced new straight and curved stainless steel scissors for polycarbonate. The scissors have been tested and compared with various other models on the market in order to offer a simple accessory that can however have superior cutting performance and greater precision on any polycarbonate thickness. Made with stainless steel, the scissors feature a black treatment that protects the surface, a logo on upper side, softy and ergonomic grip and a dedicated package.

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EURO Contest 2018 reached a record entries!

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This year, the EURO Contest reached an impressive number of registrations, more than 300 entries, confirming its status of biggest outdoor 1/8 buggy race in Europe. Last three years the EURO Contest presented by Bittydesign collected more than 800 entries.

Book your EURO Contest 2018 T-shirt!

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The EURO Contest 2018 is coming soon on June 8-10. To celebrate the biggest 1/8 buggy race in Europe in 2018, Bittydesign give to all the drivers the possibility to book additional t-shirt/s for the mechanic and/or friends who are interested to have one or more of the official wear of the event. To book simply add comment to the image posted on the Bittydesign Contest Facebook page with the size and quantity you want or by email with also the size and quantity you want. Booking close on May 27th.

New Bittydesign table pad

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Bittydesign continuosly take care of the brand with different kind of accessories and this time the italian company have introduced an all new table pad that it displays a modern and minimal graphic with their logo in the corner placed over the company’s theme on the background. Measuring 100x63cm, the table pad is made with high quality materials and features a new generation digital print on the top that is easy to clean and provides an excellent anti-slip surface on the back side thanks to a special rubber base layer.

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Bittydesign 1/10 Car Stand

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Bittydesign Co. have introduced their new car stand for 1/10 off-road vehicles. Designed for those who like to take care not only of the body shell but also of their working area, the Bittydesign car stand features a unique style, different, cool and modern, and of course that can be customizable with the same style as the body shell.

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