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AVID NB48 2.0 carbon fibre shock towers

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AVID RC have introduced the new carbon fibre shock towers for the Tekno RC NB48 2.0. The shock towers are made from 100% carbon fiber, matte finish and 2.5d cutouts for a nice look, and lightly chamfered on the front side to help avoid splitting or chipping on hard wrecks. They feature the same hole location as the standard towers while the set removes 33% of the weight from up high. The carbon fibre shock towers are available separately or as a set.

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AVID XB2C/D 2020 bearing kits

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AVID have introduced new ball bearing kits for the XRAY XB2C and XB2D 2020. The bearings are the same chosen by IFMAR World Champion Ty Tessmann in all his XRAY vehicles. Available now in the Aura Ceramic line (for the fiercest of racers looking for every ounce of performance), the FlexKit software where you can build up a kit to your preferences. If you are looking for more performance at half the cost of the Aura Ceramic line, AVID suggest selecting the Aura Revolutions in the FlexKit software. They are steel ball instead of ceramic but still oiled and you can remove the rubber seal for maximum performance. AVID are also preparing to move the Aura Ceramics into the FlexKit software once they move all of the line to Metal shields. Currently AVID have Metal, Single Metal, and Open and it would just be too many options to have all of those available in the FlexKit software.

AVID introduce clutch bearing line

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AVID have introduced a new line of clutch bearings. These clutch bearings are designed to withstand all of the torture you throw at them. AVID decided to stop trying to find a happy medium of a single bearing to cover both clutches and wheels. Clutch temperatures easily reach three (3) times more than that of a wheel bearing. In order to make this bearing more suitable for high temps and insane loads, we took several measures. First, AVID enlarged the balls 20% from their standard $1 bearing. Second, AVID increased the depth of their race grooves so that there is a massive increase in the surface area for the larger balls. Third, AVID polished those grooves for a smoother surface that ensures the balls have the least amount of friction when experiencing those high loads. Lastly, they removed the metal ribbon cage and put in a nylon cage just like their Aura and engine bearings which are 9-time IFMAR World Champions. This removes the metal to metal drag during high heat expansion.

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AVID B74 -2mm carbon fibre rear shock tower

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AVID have introduced a new -2mm carbon fibre rear shock tower for the Team Associated B74. Made from 4.0mm thick carbon fibre and designed to limit the shock up travel to keep the dogbone from hitting the outdrives at full compression, the shock tower maintains the stock shock angles and it has two small drill holes under the center hole of the wing mount for notification.

AVID B74/B6.1 black shock standoffs & black hexes

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AVID RC have introduced new black shock standoffs for the Team Associated B74 and new black hexes for the Team Associated B74 and B6.1 lineup of vehicles. First up are the popular shock standoffs in a 10mm version for the B74. They include replaceable Delrin bushings and threaded all the way through to keep them from bending as easily. Next up are the black hexes in 5mm. They include the ever popular 2-56” screw that is a larger thread with a 2mm head to prevent stripping. It is suggested to use AVID’s 12mm carbon track width spacers so you only need to own one set of hexes instead of the 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm sets.

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AVID Triad 17mm capped brass wheel nuts

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AVID RC have introduced new 17mm capped brass wheel nuts for 1/8 vehicles. The Triad 17mm brass nuts are designed to help generate a little more traction in slippery and loose conditions. They will also raise your confidence that they will never come off with their aggressive serration.

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AVID 1/8 Buggy 1-piece carbon wing button

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American company AVID have introduced a new 1-piece carbon fibre wing button for 1/8 buggies including the HB Racing D819, Team Associated RC8B3.1, Kyosho MP10, Mugen MBX8, Serpent SRX8, SWORKs S35-3, Tekno RC NB48.4, TLR 8IGHT-X and XRAY XB8 ‘19. Made from high-quality carbon fibre, the carbon 1-piece wing button is a cool alternative to the commonly used wing buttons and helps work as a template to mark your holes in new wings.

AVID piston drill set

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AVID RC have introduced a set of piston drills that include twist drill bits between 1.1 – 2.0mm in increments of 0.1mm. The drills come with a handy drill bit holder so you can easily drill your custom pistons with your hand and they feature a color-coordinated label so you can quickly figure out the drill bit size if they get out of order.

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