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Arrowmax Black & Golden 10mm droop gauge

Arrowmax have extended their Black-Golden treatment to their popular 10mm chassis droop gauge. Made from a solid aluminium block, the droop gauge feature golden edges with laser engrave marking in gold color to match. Capable to measure from -3mm to 10mm and are design to use with 10mm chassis block, it is suitable for all 10th scale application.

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Arrowmax silicone anti-slip tool jackets

Arrowmax have introduced three silicone anti-slip tool jackets for their line of hand tools. They come in 14mm, 18mm and 22mm sizes and they are design to fit on the handles to avoid slippy grip due to silicone oil or any other means of chemicals. Each pack contain 4pcs.

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Arrowmax 17pcs Ultra pinion holder

Arrowmax have added a newest product to their Black-Golden line-up in the form of a Ultra pinion holder. Using high quality aluminium with detail CNC machining, the cylindrical design pinion holder are very light in way and can hold up to 28pcs 48p or 64p pinion. It comes with the Arrowmax signature honey-comb design with CNC engraved Arrowmax logo in gold colour. This combo set come with 17pcs 48p aluminium pinions ranging from 15T to 31T, ideal for off-road application.

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Michal Orlowski signs with Arrowmax

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Arrowmax have announced the signing of Schumacher factory driver Michal Orlowski to their team. The Euro Champion will be using Arrowmax tools and accessories for the coming years. Michal had the following to say:

“I am very pleased to join the Arrowmax racing team. It will be a pleasure for me to use their wide range of tools and setup accessories to prepare my cars. I am looking forward to working with them in the future!”

New Arrowmax silicone diff fluids

Arrowmax have added new silicone diff-oils from 1200 cst to 12000 cst to their range. The silicone diff-oils come in 59ml bottles as 1200 cst to 1800 cst in 200cst increment, in 2500 cst and 3500 cst which are rare on the market and also in 8000 cst, 9000 cst and 12000 cst.

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Arrowmax 2800mAh 7.4V LiPo TX/RX hump pack

Arrowmax have introduced their first 2800mAh 2S hump-pack receiver battery for the Nitro Buggy lovers. Measuring 57mm x 31mm x 31mm in size, it fits perfecty at most receiver compartment who use a hump pack configuration. The receiver battery comes with Futaba-style and balance plugs and it is suitable for both on and off-road needs.

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Arrowmax small body & wing reamer

Arrowmax have introduced a small reamer for lexan body and wing. Featuring an eye-catching hollow honeycomb design, the reamer comes in black and golden anodising with light weight handle and end cap. A perfectly sharp cutting blade is made from the highest quality material available, the dimension marking on the blade let user cut a perfect size hole from 0 – 8mm.

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Arrowmax 3.0mm arm reamer tool

Arrowmax have introduced the new 3.0mm arm reamer tool with the latest black and golden honeycomb design.The hollow aluminium light weight handle, combine with titanium-nitride coating reamer with clear size marking make this an essential tools for the serious builders. The arm reamer tool is 120mm in length and available in 3mm , 3.5mm, 4.0mm pin.

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