TESTED: ProTek Electronic Switch



Continuing with the ProTek testing bonanza, today we have an item that’s easy to overlook but vital to a nitro vehicle’s longevity. Mechanical on/off switches, like anything mechanical, can break…often at the worst time, like when your 1/8 truggy has just hit mach-7 at the end of a long straightaway. 

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New Sitewide Coupons


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TESTED: ProTek Blue Flame Engine Heater



With nitro season quickly approaching, many racers have several months of freezing their rear ends off still to endure. And once it warms up, you’ll need to break-in an engine or two. You have a choice: coddle your nitro engine and pre-heat its internal parts before starting, or cold crank it, start it and rev it to the moon while it’s still frozen. Don’t be that guy. Nitro engine head heaters, essentially tiny versions of F1 tire warmers, came onto the scene several years ago, and they’ve changed the way people start and break-in their engines. 

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TESTED: ProTek R/C Pit Mat


There probably isn’t much I can tell you about the ProTek Pit Mat (#PTK-8151) that will wow you, particularly regarding my “testing.”  I unrolled it and placed lots of stuff on top of it. I cleaned it off several times, and it didn’t disintegrate or burst into flames. It measures 120x60cm (translated to US units, that’s 4ft long by 2ft wide), so it’s big enough to cushion all of your pit gear.  It’s blue, with ProTek’s sleek logo printed onto the lower right corner. And it’s made of textured, padded foam, so screws and locknuts don’t fire off into oblivion when they’re dropped on your wrenching surface. The ProTek mat is very, well…pit matty.

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ProTek’s new TruTemp Thermometer

ProTek Thermometer

ProTek R/C has just released their new “TruTemp” Infrared Thermometer. This nifty gadget will give you an instant, accurate temperature reading of your electric motor, nitro engine, battery pack or any other heat sensitive equipment. The large LCD screen is easily read day or night thanks to its bright backlight display. The TruTemp Thermometer features four modes: Quick, Scan, Max. Value and Min. Value. It can also be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales with a range of -40°–716°F (-40°C–380°C). To conserve the TruTemp’s battery life an auto-off timer is preset from the factory for 1-minute.  When your vehicle’s performance and high-end components are on the line, reach for a ProTek R/C TruTemp Infrared Thermometer every time.

ProTek’s new 160T low profile servo

ProTek LP Servo

ProTek R/C’s has released their all-new 160T Low Profile Digital “High Torque” Servo. This bad boy is ready to meet the demands of the serious 1/10 and 1/12-scale racer. Featuring a robust 274 oz-in of torque at a lighting quick .06 transit speed at 7.4V, the 160T’s small profile belies its power within. The metal drivetrain of the 160T glides on a full set of ball bearings and the entire unit is protected by an all-aluminum case. The gray-anodized case not only looks sharp and speaks to the servo’s quality but it also effectively dissipates heat. With over 17 pounds of torque it was essential to ship the 160T with a blue-anodized aluminum servo horn, and aluminum servo ear guides. The new servo is available now!


160T01 160T02

ProTek un-rolls new foam pit mat

Protek Pit Mat

Own the pits and wrench in comfort with ProTek R/C’s new Pit Mat (PTK-8151). The high-density 4mm thick foam mat is soft and durable, and it rolls up for convenient storage. A zippered mesh pouch is included to protect your Pit Mat while stowed. At 48in. (4ft.) wide by 24in. (2ft.) tall (122cm x 61cm), the ProTek R/C Pit Mat covers eight square-feet of workbench, giving you plenty of room when you’re building a new ride or thrashing during quick repairs.

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Protek R/C’s new Electronic Switch

ProTek Switch has just released their new ProTek R/C Electronic Switch. ProTek R/C’s Electronic Switch might seem like a simple on/off unit, but it’s loaded with features. The switch’s low-profile design is completely sealed, so it can be mounted anywhere without fear of dirt and grime working its way in and causing a failure. With built-in voltage cutoff for LiPo receiver packs, you’re never going to over discharge your batteries—even if you forget to turn off your R/C vehicle. Another ingenious feature of the ProTek R/C Electronic Switch is the LED on/off indicator, which changes color to correspond with the battery’s remaining capacity: In a quick glance, you’ll know whether or not you need to recharge. Don’t be left in the pits with a bad switch; grab a ProTek R/C Electronic Switch.

AMain introduces the ‘Sling Shot’ 17.5

Sling Shot has officially launched their all-new EcoPower ‘Sling Shot’ 17.5 brushless competition motor. The EcoPower’s ‘Sling Shot’ 17.5 has been designed in house by pro racers for racers, to deliver maximum power. Although “outlaw” fast, it’s ROAR Spec approved. Today’s spec class racers need a standout motor to be competitive, and the Sling Shot delivers at a very affordable price of $69.99.

ecp-8000_1PR ecp-8000_3PR ecp-8000PR

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