RTR’s vs. Race Kits

Race Kits

Right now find great deals on race kits at AMain Performance Hobbies!

“If you plan on racing you’ll spend less on a high-quality kit then trying to upgrade an RTR (ready to run). In general, race kits are manufactured from better quality components and have the necessary components to compete at a high level,” AMain’s Chad Bradley.

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Radios – Protect Your Investment

Protect Your Investment

Utilizing a heavy-duty radio case is must for high-end computer radios—pro drivers wouldn’t travel all over the world without one.

“I love my ProTek RC Radio Case and wouldn’t use anything else. The custom fit radio foams protect the radio while keeping dirt and grime off my radio when I am at the track,” says Chad Bradley, AMain Hobbies.

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It’s a Pro-Line ‘Blockade’ Party!

Blockade Party

All Pro-Line Racing Blockades now on sale at Amain Hobbies!

“The Pro-Line Blockade has been a very reliable and successful tire for years, some tread styles come and go but the Blockade has been proven in many high level competitions to club level races. The Blockade works great on clean and loamy surfaces, it’s a great all around tire and is usually the most reliable choice on many race tracks ,” says Chad Bradley, AMain Hobbies

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Big Bore Shocks – Have Plenty of Oil

Plenty of Oil

Stock up on Team Associated high-quality silicone shock oils for only $2.99 during AMain Hobbies Black Friday Sale!

“Since the introduction of big bore shock bodies, having a wide selection of shock oils is critical to finely tune to track conditions and ambient temperatures,” Chad Bradley, AMain Hobbies.



Smoother is Better – Choose your ESC

AMain ESC Sale

When choosing a high-quality electronic speed control it’s important that the brand receives high marks for quality and smooth power delivery. Generally the smoother an ESC the better control you’ll have and the faster your lap times will be.

“When choosing a high level ESC, consider how smoothly the power, braking can be delivered and running temperatures to insure consistency and reliability.”

See all of the Tekin ESCs and motors on sale at AMain Performance Hobbies!



HOT Products for Nitro Racers!

Amain Hot Products

If you haven’t heard, AMain Performance Hobbies is having a huge site wide sale! The online giant has conveniently placed dozens of popular nitro products in one convenient location. If you’re a nitro racer, click over and grab one of these hot deals while they last!


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Insane Deals PLUS Storewide 10% Off at AMain Performance Hobbies

Insane AMain

If you’re looking to score some parts for your racer, or snatch up a new kit, now is the time to head over to AMain Performance Hobbies! Save 10% on ALL orders in AMain’s sitewide sale! Several popular kits from Team Losi Racing, Kysoho, Mugen Seiki, Yokomo and SWorkz are up to 50% off!



15% OFF Top Brands at AMain Performance Hobbies


AMain Performance Hobbies Black Friday Sale starts now! Save up to 15% off of your favorite brands including: ProTek R/C, Pro-Line Racing, Savox (servos), Castle Creations (ESCs), Kyosho (parts), Sworkz (parts), Bittydesign (pre-painted bodies) Team Associated (parts) and so much more!


Outback Raceway presents 5th Annual JConcepts ‘Fall Brawl’


It is that time of year again; AMain Performance Hobbies’ Outback Raceway presents the 5th Annual 2015 JConcepts’ “Fall Brawl” Nov 7-8th. As in years past, this year’s Brawl will take place on an all-new layout, featuring the best grip west of the Rockies. All AMain Performance Hobbies races are run using an accurate event timetable so you know exactly when your race is up. For 2015, we are keeping the “Buggy Brawl” format, which provided for some great triple A-main racing. We will be using IFMAR/stagger start qualifying to ensure everyone has an opportunity to put in their best runs. Many of you are probably wondering what is “Buggy Brawl”? 40+ Stock, Stock, Pro Stock Buggy and Open 2wd Buggy and Open 4wd Buggy will run triple A-mains this year, with 8 seeded directly from qualifying with two bump-ups coming from the B-main. What’s at stake? We’ll have several divisions including: Buggy Brawl, SeniorWeight (40+ Stock ), LightWeight (Stock), Welterweight (Pro Stock), Heavyweight (Open 2wd Buggy) and Super Heavyweight (Open 4wd Buggy) Championship titles. Yes, five titles, five weight divisions and many of the fastest buggy drivers on the west coast battling for the coveted championships.

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A Main Hobbies announces exclusive partnership with Novarossi America

Amain Novarossi

A Main Hobbies and Novarossi America have announced an exclusive partnership which they expect to bring greater availability, support, and involvement to the American market. Earlier this year, Novarossi chose legendary engine builder, Steve O’donnell, to oversee marketing and distribution of the Novarossi engine line within North America.  Steve has now elected to align with A Main Hobbies in an effort to improve customer experience, fulfillment, support and race programs.  Steve will continue to work closely with Novarossi designers at their Italian headquarters. Steve will also deliver invaluable customer support for current and prospective owners of the renowned Novarossi engines.  A Main Hobbies will provide warehousing, logistics, front line customer support and will work with racers and tracks to promote the Novarossi brand.  This is one of many moves A Main Hobbies will make in the next year to better align with their race heritage.

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