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Agama News

Under the E-Hood: Darren Bloomfield


Darren Bloomfield (UK), 27

Chassis: Agama A215E
Motor: Tekin Redline T8 GEN2 2050kv
Speedo:  Tekin RX8 GEN2
Tyres: Beta
Batteries: LRP “Big Mama” 7000 mAh
Radio & Servos: KO Propo
Weight: 3784 g
Event: 2016 E-Buggy Euros

16ebuggy-168737 16ebuggy-168739 16ebuggy-168743 16ebuggy-168742 16ebuggy-168745 16ebuggy-168740 16ebuggy-168744 16ebuggy-168741 16ebuggy-168746 16ebuggy-168738

Tony Truman TQ & win at SRS Rd3

SRS rd3 podium buggy

See: Nemo Racing

The third round of the SRS series was held at the relatively unknown ARC venue near Colchester, but this didn’t stop the Agama bandwagon from rolling into town and keeping up the dominant performances we have seen at the 1st two rounds of the series. The Nitro class was once again dominated by the Agama guys, with Tony Truman taking the TQ and win, with Mark Rumble 2nd and Mark Everitt 3rd. The E-buggies saw a great battle between the two ARC Mark’s, Rumble and Everitt….The final saw a few bumps and bashes at the first corner, but it was Mark Everett who would take the win with Mark Rumble climbing back from dead last to take 2nd. The Truggy class saw an excellent win by James Tatlow, James drove an excellent final to take top honours after placing his Agama A8T on pole. Backing up James were fellow Agama racers Allan Bridgeman and Martin Hart to complete an all Agama podium.

SRS rd3 podium e-buggy SRS rd3 podium truggy

Agama signs Borja Hernandez

Agama -Borja

See: Agama Racing

Agama Racing is proud to announce that the world recognised driver and two time podium in the European Championship Borja Hernandez has signed joining with Agama Racing for the next of his RC pro driver career. We and he are very confident about this new joint with Borja & Agama Racing one each other to reach any good target in the next championship events.

Agama release the A21E 1/8 E-Buggy

Agama A21E neo

See: Nemo Racing

Agama announce the release of the A21E 1/8 E-Buggy kit. The A21E is a “real” E-Buggy, not just a conversion of the established Nitro car.

The A215E has been developed throughout the year in conjunction with our drivers to produce the best possible performance and ease of use kit possible. Using the already proven suspension geometry of the A215, the E version has been optimised for the weight distribution of the electric equipment and the torque characteristics of the motors to ensure the best possible performance.

Using the inherent strength and quality already present in the A215, the A215E has has been tweaked in subtle, yet essential ways to maximise the performance of the electric power train and ensure the driver gets the best results. Tested and proven at big races throughout 2015, the A215E is ready….more details very soon.

Agama A21E 1 Agama A21E 3 Agama A21E 2

Gary Baird sweeps Round 3 of the Irish 1/8 Nationals

image2 (1)

Race Report by Barkley Abernethy
Due to weather conditions early on in the year, Round 3 of the Irish 1/8 Nationals had been washed out, so the re-run filled the reserve date. Quite a different story this time with 20c and the sun blazing in the Cork sky’s. CRCCC (Cork Radio Control Car Club) has a very fast flowing European style track where any small mistakes punish big time.


Jonathan Skidmore dominates UK Northern Regional Series Rd.4

NRS Round 4 A Final

This weekend was the scheduled 4th round of the UK’s Northern Regional Series to be hosted by the Wakefield City Rallycross club, however with the Wakefield being locked out of their facility by a construction crew the 4th round was quickly re-homed to the popular North West Nitro club in Blackpool.

Scheduled for 1 round of timed practice, 3 rounds of qualifying with 2 rounds to count. The day got off to a damp start which proved tricky for drivers with a tweaked layout to the track; young Agama driver Jonathan Skidmore displaying his early mastery of the conditions taking the TQ by some margin. With the track drying out for round 2 it was Jonathan’s younger brother William who was starting to shine, taking 3rd in round with S-Workz driver Chris Sharpe Simkiss blending local track knowledge with an uncharacteristically cool and composed drive to take 2nd. Again the TQ being taken by Jonathan Skidmore. The 3rd round kicked off with a fully dry and now somewhat dusty track and William Skidmore again taking 3rd overall. 2nd being taken by Radiosistemi driver Gavin Uttley and again Jonathan Skidmore seemingly unbeatable taking the round TQ and overall TQ.


Gary Baird takes smooth sailing win at Irish Nats


Round 2 of the Irish 1/8 Nationals took place on the astro track of NIMCC. The challenging track is tight, twisty, and fast. Qualifying and the weather was playing its part with sun showers, and although it dried very quickly half the track was bone dry the other half stayed slick . Alan Scroggie set the pace followed by Gary Baird, Barkley Abernethy, and Aaron Vance.

As the Finals rolled around it was the same story with the weather. With interesting track conditions and tire choices, the start was quite a sight to see. Alan had a issue and had to retire by the first round of pit stops which left Gary to take up the lead. Barkley had a flame out at 10 mins, and spent 35 mins clawing his way back up to 2nd . Aaron Vance cut a few times and promoted Colin Whelan to a well deserved 3rd . Hats off to Gary Baird for smooth 45 min drive and a deserving win with difficult conditions.

Mullink strikes again at Dutch Nationals

image1 (16)

This past weekend hosted Round 4 of the Dutch Nationals, held in Germany. Once a year the Dutch National competitors travel to this unique track made up of completely loam with a side of concrete thrown in the mix. Once again Agama’s Bart Mullink was hot on the scene taking the overall TQ by winning all 3 rounds. He then went on to win from start to finish in the final with Mugen’s Jordy Velder second, and Jorg Van Leuken third.