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RudeBits Agama vented & grooved brake discs

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RudeBits have introduced the new vented and grooved brake discs for the Agama range of nitro Off-road vehicles. Precision-machined from hardened steel for long lasting, the brake discs feature drilled and grooved for cooling. 20% Lighter than standard brakes, the brake discs offer less rotating mass for better acceleration.

T-Work’s 1/8 Off-road carbon fiber 1-piece wing buttons

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T-Work’s have introduced a new carbon fiber one-piece wing button for HB Racing, SWORKz, Team Associated, Tekno RC, Mugen Seiki, Kyosho and Agama 1/8th buggies. Machined from high-quality carbon fiber, the lightweight and strong part will add strength and secure the rear wing in style.

T-Work’s A319 DLC-coated shock shafts

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T-Work’s have introduced the new DLC-coated shock shafts for the Agama A319. Available in 57.9mm long for the front and in 65.9mm long for the rear, the shock shafts come Diamond-like Carbon coated for improved durability and provide smooth operation. The DLC coated shock shafts are available as set of 2-piece including 2 washers and 2 nuts.

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Agama A319 aluminium servo posts

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Nemo Racing have introduced the new aluminium servo posts for the Agama A319. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the posts come black anodized. The use of aluminium increases the strength and durability of the radio tray compared to the stock plastic versions.

T-Work’s A319 4mm carbon fibre shock towers

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced two new carbon fibre shock towers for the Agama A319. Machined from 4mm thick high-quality carbon fibre, both the lightweight front and rear towers match the stock shock geometry. The shock towers are available separately or as set with the front and rear towers.

RC Carbon Cavalieri glossy carbon fibre front scoops

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German company RC Carbon Cavalieri have introduced two new glossy carbon front scoops, one version dedicated for Mugen Seiki, Team Associated, SWORKz, Hobao, and Serpent buggies and another version designed for HB Racing, Team Losi Racing, JQRacing, XRAY and Agama buggies. Also made of high-quality carbon fibre such as the former version, the updated version features a glossy varnish offering a more attractive look as well as greater durability. The scoops include a mounting screw and a drill bit for the mounting hole.

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LMR A319 Stiffy engine mount

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Nemo Racing have added to the LMR range of products the new Stiffy engine mount for the Agama A319. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the part comes black anodised for wear. The Stiffy engine mount increases the chassis rigidity in the clutch bell area, reducing the chance of a clutch bell strike on the chassis, while still maintaining the correct amount of chassis flex.

Agama A319E E-buggy kit coming soon

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After some teaser images and rendering, Nemo Racing have released more images of the forthcoming new Agama A319E 1/8th E-buggy kit. Based on the successful A319 Nitro Buggy, The A319E is characterised by the specific center layout with all the electric product on the left side and the battery, can be moved forwards and backwards, on the right side. More information should become available very soon.

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