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Agama releases the A215 1/8 buggy


After months of testing and preparation, Agama Racing has officially released the A215 1/8 Nitro Buggy. The A215 takes all the great attributes of the previous A8 platform, and builds upon them to bring a new level of performance. Taking the inherent strength and durability of the A8, the new A215 improves those features and after extensive testing from Agama’s international team of drivers, the A215 represents a marked improvement in terms of handling, stability, traction and jumping.

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Hazlewood sails to HNMC Rd.1 victory

HNMC Round 1

Round 1 of the HNMC Winter Series kicked off this past weekend in the UK. Racers were provided good weather, and great racing to kick off the series. Kyosho’s Elliott Boots secured the TQ spot in the highly competitive Nitro Buggy class, but would fall short of the win in the final.

The final got underway with Mugen’s Jack Embling forcing his way past NEMO Racing’s Jon Hazlewood on the opening lap, but Jon was not deterred and quickly put a pass on him. Jon then set about the leader Elliott Boots, and slowly but surely got closer and closer until Elliott made a mistake allowing Jon into the lead. From there he gradually pulled away. By the time of the second pit stops, Hazlewood had enough in hand to make his stop and still rejoin the track ahead of his competition. He was comfortable over the course of the last 6 minutes and took the win 13 seconds ahead of Embling who benefited from a late mistake by Boots to take 2nd, with Elliott finishing 3rd.

Source: HNMC/NEMO Racing

Hazlewood takes BRCA Truggy title

Hazlewood Truggy

On the back of the UK Buggy success, Jon Hazlewood continued the run of Championships for Agama/NEMO Racing by taking the BRCA National Truggy title.Coming into to the weekend, Jon was in a very strong Championship position needing only a decent result to ensure the Championship went his way.  As it was, Jon drove well within himself to place his Agama A8T 3rd on the day to secure his title.

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Nemo Racing show us Agama’s new ‘A215′ Buggy


Agama’s factory team at the Worlds are here in force through the professional representation of Jon Hazlewood’s well recognised outfit; Nemo Racing. The team are officially debuting their ‘new’ car provisionally called the ‘A215’ – replacing the current A8 Evo model as well. We caught up with Jon and team drivers Jeremy Kortz & Darren Bloomfield who waxed lyrical about the new car’s improved handling, calling it ‘night & day’ compared to the old car. Bloomfield, recently crowned BRCA Champion has driven the new car ‘geometry’ wise since back in April whilst Kortz got the new car 2 weeks ago and is loving it.

EUR_1943 EUR_1944 EUR_1945 EUR_1946

With such a short time with his car Kortz was overjoyed with the much wider and 2mm longer chassis, finding it much more balanced, easier to drive, jump with, less bottoming out and at the end of day 1 confessing to his team mates in true Kortz stlye, “my car makes me feel horny”!

EUR_1947 EUR_1948 EUR_1949 EUR_1922

80% of the car is all new, lower shock towers, brand new shorter shocks (new springs, bladders the whole lot), despite some initial trepidation concerning 17mm diameter shocks Kortz has been won over. New items include the steering rack & geometry, gearboxes, only 4 screws are required to remove the centre diff, the plastics are better, tighter tolerances and of course a 1 piece radio tray – all contributing to a much easier and faster car to work on.

EUR_1923 EUR_1924 EUR_1925 EUR_1927

The wider chassis also features a small kick up towards the rear, however a ‘droopy’ rear toe plate ensures that the hinge pin locations remain constant, the result both drivers saying that the car is much easier to drive. Tuning options will be available such as carbon or even bronze inserts for the wishbones, in order to increase stiffness if required as well as the elegant kingpin weights we’ve previously seen.

EUR_1929 EUR_1932 EUR_1934 EUR_1935

We stopped by the Nemo Racing tent just after Sunday’s first round of practice with Bloomfield having set a time good enough for 2nd overall, just a few tenths behind reigning World Champion Robert Batlle. Expect the new car to be ready in time for a 2015 release given the provisional name.

EUR_1936 EUR_1938 EUR_1940 EUR_1941

Gary Baird wins at RCCAOI Finals

Gary Baird

The last RCCAOI National took place this past weekend at the astro track in Navan, Ireland. With excellent weather all weekend, the grip was mighty. Qualifying was a pretty close affair with little time separating the drivers .  The 45 min final saw Gary Baird take the lead at the 20 min point with Barkley Abernethy 2nd and Alan Scroggie 3rd. 14 seconds separated the 3 drivers after 45 minutes. An impressive weekend for the NEMO Racing team as all three were running the Agama /Bullitt/ Piranha package.

Bloomfield wins 2014 BRCA Championship


The final round of the BRCA 1/8 Offroad National Championship was held this past weekend, where Mugen Seiki’s Lee Martin drove his way to a solid TQ and victory over the hard charging field. With the win, Martin tied in points with championship leader Darren Bloomfield. Drivers anxiously awaited to hear the overall winner of the 2014 championship as officials narrowed it down to tie-breakers. When it was all said and done, NEMO Racing/Agama driver Darren Bloomfield claimed the 2014 BRCA 1/8 Offroad Championship win! Lee Martin finished a respectable second with Kyosho’s Elliott Boots finishing up third.

Summer French Cup win for Sartel

Sartel Wins

This past weekend hosted the annual Summer French Cup in Saint Quentin, France. 130+ of France’s top offroad racers made the trip. Among those racers were factory racers and family members Jerome Sartel, JP Sartel, Yannick Aigoin, and Jerome Aigoin. After some close racing in qualifying, the four prepared for an all-out brawl in the final. Jerome Sartel would take the early lead, capitalizing on a switch malfunction for Yannick. Sartel slowly stretched out his lead to take the overall victory with Jerome Aigoin taking second, and JP Sartel finishing up third. Read more…

Promising win for new Agama buggy


NEMO Racing and HNMC presented the BETA GP this past weekend. The tyre of choice for this event would be BETA Tykytaka soft or super soft for Buggy, E buggy and any BETA tyre for Truggy class. 112 racers from Great Britain, Ireland, and Europe entered the meeting. Driving the all-new Agama 1/8 buggy, Darren Bloomfield managed to take the overall win in the Buggy class by taking TQ in qualifying before the rainy weather cancelled the main events. The Truggy class belonged to Tony Truman, while Callum Niblett would win the E-Buggy and Junior Class.

IMG_1410 IMG_1419 IMG_1426

CLICK HERE for full results.

Bloomfield blazes to BRCA Rd.4 win


The 4th round of the BRCA National Championship was held at Coventry, originally scheduled to be the 2nd round but cancelled for weather reasons earlier in the season. NEMO Racing’s Darren Bloomfield put in an astonishing performance, walking away the winner after a hard fought battle throughout the weekend with the likes of Elliott Boots, Neil Cragg, and Lee Martin.

NEMO Racing has recapped the exciting weekend of racing in an in-depth race report, highlighting Darren’s successful weekend from start to finish!

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Gary Baird steals Irish Nats Rd.4 win

Baird Wins

Round 4 of the Irish Nationals took place this past weekend. It would be Gary Baird who captured the win after a long 45-minute final. Alan Scroggie crossed the line in second, with Bradley Baird finishing up in third. With four rounds and three different winners, the final round in Navan is set to be the ultimate showdown for the championship title!