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6MIK Weapon 2.0 1/8 tyre

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6MIK have introduced the Weapon 2.0 tyre for 1/8 buggy and E-buggy. The Weapon 2.0 is made to provide comfort, long lasting and consistent performance. To achieve this the 2.0 is based on the Barracuda carcass preventing the tyre from excessive ballooning while making for a comfortable handling at the same time. The tread sports 2016 mini-pins, big in the center and becoming smaller towards the sidewalls. The mini-pins arrangement makes the car more predictable while the pins aren’t close to the sidewalls to do not give too much grip on extreme corners. All these caracteristics make the Weapon 2.0 tyre ideal for all abrasive surfaces and rough tracks where comfort is the driver’s main concern for a whole final duration. The Weapon 2.0 is available in pairs now.

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6MIK Weapon 2.0 tyre teaser

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6MIK have released a teaser image about their forthcoming Weapon 2.0 tyre for 1/8 buggy. The first version of the Weapon tyre provides great traction and long life while his characteristic pin design improves grip and precision. His favorite field is bumpy tracks where it offers leading performances.

6MIK introduce new V2 tyres jig

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6MIK have introduced an updated version of the jig for their 1/8 buggy tyre gluing tool. The optional part allows to put the C.A. glue deeper, and keep the tyre insert in order. The V2 tyres jig is available now and comes including mounting hardware.

6MIK foam air filter oil & pre-oiled foams

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French company 6MIK have introduced the new Optima foam air filter oil and pre-oiled foams. This oil is very thin to allow it to be evenly spread throughout the foam filter. The blue color lets you be sure that the entire filter is saturated, ensuring maximum protection for your engine. Its formulation also prevents water to from getting inside the foam. Before installing on your vehicle, make sure you remove all the excess oil from the filter before you let it sit to avoid over oiling the filter. The 6MIK air filter oil comes in a 100ml bottle that will fit in any pit box. Also news is a range of pre-oiled foams for Kyosho, XRAY, Mugen, HB Racing and TLR using the new air filter oil.

6MIK Ultra closed cell inserts for Rapid-T tyres

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Available now from 6MIK are the new Ultra closed cell inserts for the Rapid-T 1/8 Truggy tyres. The versatile and efficient Rapid-T tyre now enjoys the Ultra closed cell inserts to increasing reliability and precision. The Ultra closed cell inserts come in black color and they are available with the Rapid-T tyres or separately.

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Philipp Guschl teams up with 6MIK

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6MIK have announced the signing of Philipp Guschl to their team. The former German National Champion and Euro B podium finisher will use 6MIK’s tyres and accessories at regional, national and international events including the German Nationals and the European Championships B.

6MIK D817 lexan chassis side guards

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6MIK have introduced new lexan chassis side guards for the HB Racing D817 and D817 V2. The side guards are molded from high-quality lexan and perfectly fit the chassis and seal against dirt. Using the lexan chassis side guards will save some weight and increase flex to generate more traction.

Alberto Peláez Gámez joins 6MIK

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French company 6MIK have announced the signing of Alberto Peláez Gámez to their team. Alberto will be using option parts, tyres and accessories from 6MIK at all races he will attend during the 2018 season.