1/8 Offroad News

Mugen MBX8 suspension refresh kit

See: Mugen Seiki

Mugen Seiki have introduced a new suspension refresh kit for the MBX8 and MBX8 Eco. Ideal to rebuild and refresh your MBX8 before the opening of the 2020 outdoor season, the kit allows to refresh the high stress suspension components and upgrade to the optional carbon fiber arm stiffeners with a single part number. The refresh kit includes front upper suspension arms (E2132), front lower suspension arms (E2144), rear suspension arms (E2145), inline front uprights (E2146), carbon fiber front arm stiffeners (E2154) and carbon fiber rear arm stiffeners (E2156).

Hong Nor X3 GT/S gear boxes conversion kit

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Hong Nor have introduced new front and rear gear boxes conversion kit for the X3 GT and X3 GTS. Available for the front and rear, the gear boxes improve the suspension’s performance and make the car more stable in cornering as well as eases the maintenance. The conversion kit comes with the following parts:

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Davide Ongaro stays #1 following 2020 DNC

Source: Top 25 RC

David Ronnefalk wins the 2020 Dirt Nitro Challenge with a dominating performance and an insane track. With D.Ronnefalk way out front the real race was for the podium spots. When the dust settled it was Jared Tebo finishing 2nd and Ryan Maifield finishing 3rd. The world #1 Davide Ongaro finished 5th which was enough to retain the #1 spot partially because he had a poor result fall off his most recent results. With D.Ronnefalk’s win, he is in great position to take the #1 spot away at the next qualifying event he attends because he will also have a poor result fall off, but we will have to wait and see where he finishes. However they both need to watch out for Ryan Maifield in the 6 spot because he has a 29th place at the 2019 ROAR nationals that will drop out of his most recent results. With Ronnefalk and Maifield in the same situation, things could get really interesting at the next couple events. You are going to have to stay tuned!

MIP hex driver ball end tool & speed tip sets

See: Moore’s Ideal Products LLC

MIP have introduced two new sets of hex driver ball end tools and speed tip tools. Now available as set with in 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm, the strong and durable hex driver ball end tools feature precision ground tips for a perfect fit and 20 Degrees of usable angle allowing to reach blind holes with ease, such as wing mounts. Also available are the 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm speed tips for electric rotary tool as set of 3-piece with colored wraps indicating the size of the tool or tip.

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Lee Martin wins at HNMC Winter Series Rd9

The ninth round of the popular HNMC Winter Series was held at the HNMC track near Ware, UK. Despite damp and windy conditions, 55 racers braved a day of showers and would be rewarded with dry finals. Simon Reeves (HB Racing/Shoot Fuel/Hot Race Tyres), Paul Fitzpatrick and Holger Lykkee (XRAY) took the overall TQ in the Nitro Buggy, Truggy and E-buggy respectively. Lee Martin (Agama/Bullitt/Beta) brought home the win in the Nitro Buggy final from Callum Niblett (XRAY) in second and Kevin Brunsden (Agama/Bullitt/Beta) in third.

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Kyosho MP10 steel diff bevel gear sets

Source: Yuichi Kanai (Facebook)

Kyosho’s guru Yuichi Kanai has announced on social media the release of option parts for the Inferno MP10 in the form new steel diff bevel gear sets. Made from high-quality steel, the diff bevel gears come hard coated for wear. The gears use another gear ratio as the IFW403 TCD gear set for MP9 in order to provide a smooth movement making it ideal for low grip and bumpy tracks. Available for the front, rear and center diff, the sets will be available soon.

David Ronnefalk crowned DNC Champion

Source: circusrc.com

The last night of the Dirt is the climax of the event with the long-awaited final of the Nitro Buggy class! Who could win? A lot of drivers to be honest. The winner of the 2019 edition, Ryan Maifield (Mugen Seiki/Maxima Engines/JConcepts) could of course put his name at the top of the list, as well as the winner of the E-buggy, David Ronnefalk (HB Racing/Performa Racing), the World Champion Davide Ongaro (Team Associated/LRP/AKA), who until then was quite far back, could finally reach the highest step of the podium, as well as Dakotah Phend (TLR/O.S.Engines/JConcepts), Jared Tebo (Tekno RC/Maxima Mx/AKA), Ty Tessmann (XRAY/O.S.Engines/Pro-Line Racing), in short the list is long! Seth VanDalen (Tekno RC/O.S.Engines/JConcepts) won’t take advantage of his TQ spot for long and let the XRAY duo of T.Tessmann and Marco Baruffolo (XRAY/FX/Energy Fuel/Hot Race)  in the lead. The Italian rider is really very fast and insistent and manages to take the lead but his hopes for victory will be gone due to an engine flame out. R.Maifield and Adam Drake (Mugen Seiki/O.S.Engines/Pro-Line Racing) will take over and fight for first spot. Gradually R.Maifield is moving away and seems to be heading for a repeat of last year’s win but D.Ronnefalk has overtook A.Drake and will now take on R.Maifield. Once D.Ronnefalk is in the lead no one will be able to keep up with his pace. The race seems frozen but a few minutes before the end of the race a mistake of R.Maifield will allow J.Tebo to snatch the 2nd spot. R.Maifield finishes in 3rd while D.Ronnefalk takes his 2nd victory of the weekend.

Ronnefalk Doubles up at DNC as Maifield takes Truck

The 21st running of the Dirt Nitro Challenge didn’t disappoint as the traditional stateside season-opener delivered it’s usual mix of weather-related interruptions, action, racing until insane O’Clock, watering schedules, JQ banter and a track with ‘character’. After many a year Snowbirding in Arizona at the Nitro Pit along with the retirees in Surprise, the event grew ever more and found a new home at the Fear Farm centrally located only to fall victim to it’s own success and be forced to find a new home. Not many independent events (if any) last the true test of time let alone multiple different locations and 2020 marked the 2nd running of the ‘DNC’ at Perris Fairgrounds, not far from it’s original home, ‘The Dirt’ in Hemet, CA.

In the various classes, Pro Buggy would see a new name take the spotlight – Seth van Dalen, Tekno RC’s exciting talent from Missouri ended up taking overall TQ, the 20-year old would rue his start from pole in the 45min Amain but bright things await. As promised expected at the DNC, weather came through on the Saturday and delayed the program by several hours, ensuring the Pro Truck Amain finished at a time sometime when most nightclubs are calling last orders… But it wouldn’t be the DNC with it 😉 It’s part of the magic, the fairy dust…

Maifield had an epic race in Truck, fighting all the way with poleman Dakotah Phend whilst Davide Ongaro took 3rd with his spray can paintjob-equipped truck, whilst a little earlier, David Ronnefalk completed a successful defense to his E-Buggy title nipping past top qualifier Dakotah Phend, chased home all the way by Maifield.

Last night’s Pro-Buggy final delivered a track which proved a huge test, with cars flying everywhere in one of the most chaotic opening-laps witnessed for sometime. Van Dalen binned it in turn 2, promptly collected by the pack behind and 7th on the end of lap 1, Marco Baruffolo would take up the charge followed by Tessmann, Phend and Maifield. It proved a final of attrition with even 40+ maestro Adam Drake making a cameo appearance at the front showing frenemy JQ ‘how it’s done’. The state of the track and it’s difficulty tested driver and equipment to respective mental and physical limits with multiple dropouts, not to mention the fitness of the marshalls, constantly having to keep on their toes as the deep ruts caught even the best of talents. It was wonderful to watch a variety of lines being taken on sections of the track, not only in jump sections but the banked bowl and corners Joey put in. Ryan Maifield grabbed the race by the throat… 😉 and would be leading 5mins in with sparring-partner Baruffolo stalking him just behind, Ronnefalk having been down in 6th in the opening exchanges. 7 mins in and a small mistake from Maifield allowed Baruffolo to close up, the pair side by side of the jumps Baruffolo coming out better off, his lead however was short-lived as disaster struck as he would crash and flame out, a sad end to his charge at the front. Somehow in that eventful lap, Ronnefalk had climbed to 2nd with Maifieild and Tessmann just behind, only for the Swede to crash 2 turns later and ‘order resumed’ with Maifield in front and Adam Drake up to 2nd, positions chopping and changing constantly.

Adam Drake would run his usual long runtime game, however suffering a little as the final went on on pure pace, Maifield taking over with Ronnefalk there as well 15mins in, 12 secs separating the cars at the top. It wasn’t until lap 24 of 67 where Ronnefalk took over the lead from Maifield, and he would stretch out an unassailable advantage until the end, the last few laps saw plenty of changes as Jared Tebo would complete a famous charge having been down in 12th early on, taking a deserved P2, Dakotah Phend occupying that position late on before also being edged off the podium by truck rival Maifield. Reigning World Champion Davide Ongaro had a quite race by his standards ending up in 5th whilst Adam Drake took 6th infront of Ty Tessmann; so often a Champion at this event enduring a tough podium-less DNC. Sole Kyosho driver Joao Figueiredo taking p7 having bumped from the B Main along with Cole Ogden and Tanner Denney.