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1/8 Offroad News

Worlds: Pre race & build up photos


With drivers starting to slowly filter into Sin City, we thought it was timely to whet your appetites before our real coverage of the 2016 IFMAR Worlds kicks off on Friday 30th September, here are a few pre-race build up photos of the facility that will crown the new 2016 IFMAR World Champion!

Continue below for more shots or head over to our build up gallery.

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RC Concept MC5R ‘Team’ Engine


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With the 2016 IFMAR Worlds kicking off this week in Las Vegas, RC Concept will release a limited run (100) of ‘MC5R ‘Team’ engines – the same exact spec engines that team drivers Lee Martin and Reno Savoya will be running.

Featuring a lighteneed DLC coated crankshaft, factory broken in and the latest rear ceramic ball bearing, an updated cooling head design (may change), 2016 edition carb a special box signed by the new 2016 French Champion Reno Savoya.

The engine will be sold as a set with the 2133 tuned pipe.

More photos here

Fast Race Worlds support


See: Fast Race 

Italian company Fast Race will provide full support to all Fast Race customers and drivers at the 2016 IFMAR World Championship from October 3rd to October 9th in Las Vegas. If you are using Fast Race products or want to know more about them please come and see Piero or the girl? 😉

ARRMA Nero Big Rock 6S BLX 1/8 Monster Truck



Arrma have introduced the Nero Big Rock 6S BLX Monster Truck. Loaded with ARRMA’s 6S BLX brushless power system, the Big Rock 6S delivers four driving modes, the Blast, Wheelie, Drift and Climb. Beneath the matte black extended cab bodyshell, is a engineered TVP chassis. Take control of on-the-fly locking diffs that let you to go straight from awesome 60mph+ speed, to skilful terrain-climbing and rock-hopping, all from ARRMA’s dedicated Tactic 2.4GHz radio transmitter. For for information and features click here.

More photos here

The Drake talks about how to set toe


Mugen‘s Adam Drake is back in another tutorial video to show you how adjust and set toe easily.

Watch the video

JConcepts 0-14mm fin reamer


JConcepts have introduced a new fin reamer to cut body, wing or polycarbonate item. The custom 0-14mm reamer design from JConcepts combines a sharp, durable tip with an aluminum handle which is available in blue and black colors. The handle features an ergonomic shape with finned cuts, tear-drop recessed areas to reduce weight and add an important luster to the design.

Website: JConcepts

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Worlds track nears completion


Chris Tocco, the man behind the 2016 IFMAR Worlds has been a busy man over the last 14 days, building, assembling and crafting a track ready for 230 of the finest drivers in the World to see who’s the fastest amongst them.

The clockwise layout kicks off with a flat 180 right hand hairpin, followed by a small roller jump into what Tocco is calling a ‘stall’ jump/ramp into a 90 left sweeper followed by a 21ft double into a wide 180 left hander. A tight slight off camber right 90 into a short shoot followed by an open 90 right and a double step up with a berm turn right hander then a fun-looking section with a rolling option lane either inside or outside into an open 180 left hander.

neo-19 neo-18 neo-24 neo-14

A 4ft uphill into a 180 right turn before a double coming towards the drivers before a 9o left and a roller which leads into a five-jump section, the line off the roller will determine the combination. That leads into a 90 right slightly off camber into another slightly banked corner which is a paved chicane section before leading into an uphill 90 right before a long table top which leads onto the 90 right and the straight.

See An early lap from day 5 of the build

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Worlds Flashback: 2004, Guillaume Vray


Well over a decade ago now, the 2004 Worlds were held in Furulund, Sweden – a special unique type of track with a signature ‘M’ uphill / downhill section, Yannick Aigoin would go onto TQ in brilliant fashion however the firm favourite to win was DQ’d after the semis for being over the fuel limit, this left the door open for Dani Vega and the new MBX5, leading for much of the final until his servo overheated, up steps the unfancied car #8 Guillaume Vray from France, taking a surprise win and ending years of Kyosho dominance.

World Champion’s Cars:
2014 – Ty Tessmann’s D812
2012 – Robet Batlle’s MBX7
2010 – Cody King’s MP9 TKI2
2008 – Atsushi Hara’s D8
2006 – Mark Pavidis’ MP777

re_EK7C8872_redimensionner-1069572674-O re_EK7C8910_redimensionner-1069572704-O re_EK7C8933_redimensionner-1069572682-O re_EK7C9040_redimensionner-1069572702-O

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