1/8 Offroad News

Ronnefalk’s Philippine Masters Vlog 1

David Ronnefalk shares his first impressions on the Philippine Masters track and event this weekend. See YouTube

Kayla Espinel wins Psycho Nitro Blast


For his first ever at the Psycho Nitro Blast, Kayla Espinel was able to take the TQ in Sportsman Truggy and also take the win in front of Kris Pauley in second and David Jeffery in third. Drake Brown and Aaron Hellinger, fourth and fifth rounded out the top 5.

RC Business Insights – Interview with Lorenz Schmid

Hirosaka, Cavalieri and Ronnefalk are big names of RC but have you heard of Schmid? The Swiss marketer signs responsible for many different tasks related to the Neidhart brands (Team Orion, HB Racing, Peak Racing, nVision, HMX). We have met Lorenz and talked with him about their latest developments, digital transformation, his career and his latest hobby where he just launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Probably every RC enthusiast in the world knows at least one of the Neidhart brands (Team Orion, HB Racing, Peak Racing, nVision, HMX). Can you explain what you are responsible for?

First, I would like to say that our boss Philippe Neidhart built up an extremely strong team since the founding of the company in 1987, with many of the members working for the company for more than 20 years. It is thanks to this team that we can work efficiently and react quickly to market changes. All my colleagues are very passionate and talented, and everyone has many different responsibilities; so have I. For Team Orion, Peak Racing, Nvision and HMX I am in charge of the marketing and the graphic design such as logo design, packaging design, the catalog and website or product photography. I am also grateful that I had the chance to develop the touch screen chargers for the brand, including product and software design. For HB Racing marketing I am working with Kent Clausen in the US who has accompanied the brand since its beginning at HPI. For all the brands as well as the Neidhart distribution activities in Switzerland, I oversee the IT and web activities which have become more and more important, as well as legal aspects like trademark and product design protections.

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Arrowmax 3.0mm arm reamer tool

Arrowmax have introduced the new 3.0mm arm reamer tool with the latest black and golden honeycomb design.The hollow aluminium light weight handle, combine with titanium-nitride coating reamer with clear size marking make this an essential tools for the serious builders. The arm reamer tool is 120mm in length and available in 3mm , 3.5mm, 4.0mm pin.

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ProStar 8ight 4.0 titanium hinge pin kit

See: ProStar R/C

ProStar RC have introduced new titanium hinge pin kit for the Losi 8ight 4.0. These hinge pins are machined from precision ground 6AL/4V titanium stock and polished to a fine finish. Racers stand to gain the most performance from weight reduction up to 45%, and these hinge pins are another option to add a racing edge to your favorite car or truck. The titanium hinge pin kit include (2) 4×66.5mm inner rear pin and (2) 4×66.5mm inner front pin.

HB Racing in stock at Absolute Hobbyz

Our friends over at Absolute Hobbyz are very pleased to announce that they are now fully stocked up on all things HB Racing!

With a warehouse overflowing with parts and the new World Championship-winning D817 nitro and E817 E-Buggy kits in stock the support couldn’t be better ahead of the imminent arrival of HB Racing’s 1/8 truck platform – the D817T, which we hear arrives next week.

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World Champions to showdown at Philippine Masters

After disappointing results at the recent prestigious Neo Race in the main nitro class, incumbent World Champion David Ronnefalk and his former team mate and predecessor Ty Tessmann both travel to Asia to attend Scotty Ernst’s popular annual Philippine Masters event.

Adding further spice to the weekend’s race is the chance of revenge for both

With an invitee driver line up that also includes the likes of Adam Drake, Kyle McBride, Atsushi Hara and Aaron Stringer much of the focus will be on Ty & David who enjoy a healthy rivalry between them as lead drivers at the pinnacle of the sport for their respective teams. 

Adding further spice to the weekend’s race is the chance of revenge for both, after poor showings at Neo in the nitro final, David losing his E-Buggy title to Ty and Ty’s heavily-scrutinised choice of tyre selection in the final & subsequent public online bruising. 

With lots of practice expected and the likes of Kyle McBride under pressure to remind Associated team bosses in California of his abilities and Atsushi Hara making a cameo appearance its set to be an interesting weekend in Quezon City, Philippines.

Nicolas Bregante wins at Metropolitan Champs Rd2


The second round of the Metropolitan championship was held at the worldwide known track Speed ​​Paradise in Argentina. In the 30-minute final XRAY’s Nicolas Bregante took the win one lap from Alvaro Colombo in second and Sebastian Recio in third.