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Ruddog tyre glue bands

Ruddog tyre glue bands

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Ruddog have introduced new tyre glue bands, the perfect solution to optimse your tire glueing process. The special selected length will push the tires with a perfect strength towards the wheels and fit 1/10 and 1/8 tires aswell. The 25mm width will distribute the forces not only on the tire carcass, but also on the entire tire and improve so your glueing result. The bands come in packs of 4pcs.

Bali Fun Race report

Bali Fun Race podium


Race report by Jason Nugroho:

The Bali Fun Race was held on 19th of June 2016 at WillSon Track, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Drivers from Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam, Kendari, Medan and Bali attended this event. The race format should be 4 rounds of 10 minutes qualifying times with 3 best rounds to count. Due to rain at qualifying rd 4, race director decided to count 2 best rounds of 3 qualifying. After 3 times qualification, I got TQ and I went to final A.

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RDRP Ultra heat shield tape



Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their all-new Ultra heat shield tape. The special, woven structure makes for ultra-high rigidity that is further supported by the foam-padded support layer. Overall the tape is nearly 1mm thick, making for exceptional protection against both heat and mechanical impacts. The extra-flexible tape is ideal to keep nitro fuel tanks from expanding due to exhaust heat, it keeps bodyshells from melting due to engine and exhaust heat when applied from the inside and it also is usable to reinforce or repair bodyshells. The Ultra heat shield tape is available in convenient 100cm rolls from now on.

Xceed TH-2 1/8 tyre heater set

Xceed TH-2 tyre heater set

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Xceed have introduced new version of the TH-2 tyre heater. Indeed Xceed already have a tyre heater set with alu cups for 1/10 TC racing for many years and now Xceed also offers the belts for 1/8 GT, 1/8 buggy and 1/10 F1 also separate and also as sets with the Xceed TH-2 included. The TH-2 tyre heater case is made out of strong anodised lightweight aluminium, green & black colored. It has an easy to use menu is accessed through the padded buttons on the front and the clear screen. The tyre belts connect easily to the main case with a socket on each side. The TH-2 tyre heater case is equipped with an USB connector who can be used to connect the TH-2 to your pc, for temperature readouts. The TH-2 connects to your power-supply with the included cables with high quality connectors.

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AMS 7.0 support for Serpent drivers

ams serpent

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Serpent have announced that they will be present at the Alabama Manufacturer Shootout 7.0 in Alabama again with a strong team of Serpent drivers including Hanna, Easton and Ciccarello to provide service and support for all Serpent drivers.

Mascara & Ferrara Amsci Sicilian Champions

Amsci Sicilian f1

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The last Amsci Sicilian championship (regional) round took place at Medeo Park track near Messina, Sicily. In F2 class Damiano Cutullo takes the TQ and Daniel Schepis takes the TQ in F1 class. F1 drivers will race on wet track. This will cause some problems to find the right tyre choice for all drivers, since they have done qualify with higher temperature and dry track. Main final starts with Daniel Schepis on 1st place, followed by Dario Iemmulo. They stay very close until Dario Iemmulo runs out of fuel with his Sirio engine, and loose 2 mins to restart. Daniel Schepis wins the race, leading the field for all the remaining time and doing also best lap of the day.

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PPR 2016 report

PPR 2016 report drivers

This event is now in its 8th year ,where does the time go? The demand for entries far exceeded availability which has been great to see. The club decided some time ago that the format would never change thus giving maximum track time to anyone travelling over. Nearly 50% of the field this year where overseas visitors. We opted for a different tyre than we would normally use for 2016, small pin beta hurrican in medium soft compound. This type of tyre isnt normall used at our track and we kept the pattern under raps until the last minute so no local advantaged was gained. The track had been rolled and sugared and it would take a round or two for the line to come clean and allow the small pin tyre to work. Tyre wear this year wouldnt be a problem as these tyres last forever.

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Werks Racing Summer Series Rd4 report

Werks Racing Summer Series Rd4

Race report by Robson White:

Nice sunny start to qualifying on Sunday just gone, at the amazing astro track at Pendle. Five qualifying rounds and 22mins finals sure was in for a good today. Last two qualifies in and it started to rain and the rain still came for the finals making it a interesting race with TQ Man Dave Crompton sitting this one out to run the meeting it was all to play for in the main final, Local Man Gavin Uttley on pole. Race under way and Bay Racers man Wardy out in front, leading all the way until the last couple of laps, Gavin Uttley dropping out with electrical problems early on in the race, with 15 year old JC Racing supported driver Robson White chasing hard on Wardy till he made a mistake in the closing few minutes thus allowing Robbo to pull a comfortable lead… and take the win.

T-Work’s MBX7 series anti-twist inserts

T-Works MBX7 series anti-twist inserts1

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T-Work’s have introduced a set of anti-twist inserts for the front A-Arms of the Mugen MBX7 series of vehicles. The inserts are machined from aluminium, black anodized and laser etched with T-Work’s logos. The inserts help to keep the front suspension pins aligned with the lower front A-arms and this rigidity help to have a more precise steering.

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Team Corally ETOR 5+2t racing engine

Team Corally ETOR 5-2t racing engine

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After unveiling the ETOR .21 3t racing engine Team Corally just introduced the new ETOR 5+2t racing engine. While the 3-port engine is equipped with a red cylinder head, the 5+2-version features a titanium coloured cooling top.

In order to obtain the maximum engine power, TEAM CORALLY offers two different reso tuned pipes fort he ETOR engines: the Standard-Pipe generates a linear power deployment, while the Turbo-Pipe generates a more thrustful power expansion. Both reso tuned pipes are EFRA-homologated.

The engine is available at  slightly higher price to 200 € while both versions of the reso tuned pipes.

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