1/8 Offroad News

Tessmann’s Tips: D815 Shock build

Ty Tessmann

Pro-Line release the ‘Suppressor’


The ‘Suppressor‘ is Pro-Line’s latest race tire designed specifically for medium packed to loose outdoor tracks – the new tread first popped up in the hands of Pro-Line’s World Champion talisman Ty Tessmann at the Silver State race in Las Vegas.

The tread design takes inspiration from Pro-Line’s incredibly successful line of race tires like the Hole Shot, Lock Down and Tazer but brings a whole new level of performance! The Suppressor features a smooth transition from the sidewall to the tread to prevent catching the sharp edges in the track, which can cause violent roll overs and lost time. The long center bars on the Suppressor provide massive forward bite and have a Hole Shot style relief cut for added side to side tread flex. Below the center tread is reinforcement webbing that mimics the outside pattern for a cohesive Suppressor look.

Part # (Buggy): 9054-003 X3 (Soft), 9054-004 X4 (Super Soft), 9054-02 M3 (Soft), 9054-03 M4 (Super Soft)
Part # (VTR 4.0″ 1/8 Truck): 9055-003 X3 (Soft), 9055-02 M3 (Soft)

Available from 25th April

9054-003-1 9054-003-2 9055-003 9055-003-1

Pro-Line Enforcer for Tekno NT48


This is a Pro-Line Enforcer Clear Body for Tekno NT48. Attention All Tekno Fans! Pro-Line has a brand new aftermarket Truggy body that is way more durable and better looking than stock: The Enforcer! From the mind of Ty Tessmann and inspired from the success of the Type-Rbuggy body, the Enforcer has a meaner and more angular front end look with swooping roof and bed sections for improved airflow and high-speed stability. The hood of the body is steeper to create more down force over the front wheels for more steering and faster lap times. Bring your truck up to speed with Pro-Line’s new Enforcer body! This is a must have item for the new racing season!

Part #: 3451-00 | Available from 21st April

ProCircuit PCX rims & new inserts


Modelix is pleased to present the new Procircuit PCX Wheels for 1:8 Buggies. This new wheel represents a great step forward in terms of performance. Procircuit development team wanted to create a lightweight wheel without compromising strength to give your buggy the lowest rotating mass and the fastest acceleration ever achieved, and this is exactly what the all-new PCX wheel represents. It is 20% lighter, a little wider than previous version and also has a slightly higher level of flex which results in more traction in loose track conditions and better performance when landing from jumps as well as on bumpy tracks.

Additional features include the innovative easy glue system, a grooved bead area to help guide the glue easily into place. The wheels also incorporate radial ribs that lock the wheel and foam insert together eliminating the vague inconsistencies that come from an insert that is free to move around on its wheel. Procircuit wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure durability. Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow.

PCX0103-W-White-wheel-blister grooved PCT wheel PCX0101-C-Close-cell-insert PCX0101-C-Close-cell-insert-blister

Next up are new Procircuit Closed Cell Inserts intended for use with the new PCX wheels. This orange closed cell insert has been designed to boost and maximise Procircuit tire and wheel performance. Inserts have grooved lines on the outside and have the right size to perfectly fit the tire inner carcass providing a better response and feel. The inside has larger grooves to better absorb impacts and bumps without sacrifying stability or forward traction. Testing has shown great results with a more predictable handling and easier to drive car.

The inserts are light-weight, water resistant, made of durable material that can be reused and fits the majority of 1:8 buggy tires you can find on the market.

Jerome Sartel now a TOP man


CML Distribution, CML France and Novarossi are pleased to announce that former French Champion and European Finalist Jérôme Sartel has chosen to use TOP Elite engines as his power for the 2015 1/8th Nitro Off Road Season.

Being free to select any engine for his Losi 8ight chassis, Jerome was in an enviable position to test and research a number of motors before committing to a final manufacturer. After extensive testing Jerome felt that TOP Elite engines were the perfect partner, and the ideal power package to allow him get the best performance from his 8ight chassis platform. Look out for Jérôme’s TOP Elite powered buggies and truggies throughout 2015 at events in France and Europe!

The Dirt’s Texan ‘LoneStar Challenge’


Here is the flyer for the upcoming (fast) USProCup race in Texas at the famous Thornhill racing circuit! Joey Christensen of The Dirt & his ever loyal buddy Aaron will be there putting on this race along with fun other activities like horseshoes and Frisbee contests!  We will be also racing on the NEW Thornhill Jr indoor track! Joey will rebuild the outdoor track and condensing it down a bit for closer racing action!

You can sign up the day of the race and we look forward to having a relaxed fun event.  It is race #2 of the USProCup with races 3 at the St Louis DirtBurners track July 10th -12th and the “Pro-Line USProCup finals” at world Famous Thunder Alley in Southern California Sept 18-20th. We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Lonestar Challenge Flyer full

New York Classic announced

new york

After the success of the 2014 Quebec Classic in Canada, the team are moving south of the border and will be hosting the first ‘New York Classic’ (May 22-24) @ MRRC Barnstormer Raceway in Chester NY.

In collaboration with MRRC and Rohan Grant, we are doing another fantastic race with some of the fastest racer of the world. The New York Classic will combine an awesome track build by TheDirt Racing, run by some top drivers in an awesome atmosphere. AKA are supporting the event which will see Ryan Lutz attend.

We will run IFMAR system in the Buggy Class (semi-quarter…) and classic A-B-C mains in the other classes. Triple A-mains for all electric classes.

Classes: 1-8th Nitro Buggy 1-8th Nitro Truggy 1-8th E-Buggy 1-8th E-Truggy SC 4wd (2s) 

Friday: 9:00-19:00 Open Practice
Saturday: 07:30-10:00 Open Practice for late entries ONLY 10:00: 3 rounds of qualification (best 2/3)
Sunday: 9:00: Mains
Fees: $50/class

Sign-up: http://events.rcsignup.com/events/displayEvent.cfm?ID=4324


Antrade for VP Pro in Norway


VP-PRO is back in the norweigan market with their new distributor www.Antrade.no. Antrade will head up all of VP Pro’s product lines and supply agents in Norway with product.



Intech join with Fabo in Italy


Intech Racing is happy to announce and welcome the new distributor in Italy! FABO offers a wide variety of items for customers and will handle the whole Intech products with passion and specialty.

Please see at www.faboweb.it

NASCAR’s Hal Martin joins REDS


REDS Racing USA signs NASCAR driver Hal Martin. Hal currently races in the NASCAR Xfinity Series in select events and is a top contender. In his off time and in-between scheduled races, he is a highly competitive R/C racer. In fact, Hal debuted the REDS electric motors this past weekend in North Carolina, taking TQ and the win in 2wd Mod Buggy. Hal had this to say post race, “Motors were awesome. Smooth power delivery on the bottom and solid top end speed. I was solidly outpacing the local sponsored fast guys lap after lap. Great opening club race with the REDS motors!”

Source: REDS