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Las Vegas Sidewinder Race cut to single day


Our friends at Rugspin Graphix are in Las Vegas for the Sidewinder Nitro Explosion event – the final event prior to the 2016 Worlds host venue being closed for a couple of months before hosting the Championships. Rugspin report the following:

“BREAKING NEWS……… Sidewinder Race has been cut down to a 1 day event. With the excessive heat and the lower than expected turnout officials and racers decided to make it a 1 day event instead. Mains are estimated to wrap up sometime around 9 or 10 this evening. ”

With only a handful of ‘top’ names present at the event, and temperatures in the 100s-110s (40+ C) it would seem like a sound decision.

See Rugspin Graphix for more Race updates

Pro-Line unveil D815 Predator Body


Website: Pro-Line

Employing the same strategy as the Worlds last time round by releasing a new body a few months prior to the main event & previously seen at the Worlds warm up back in May in the capable hands of Ty Tessmann, and likely being used this weekend once again at the Sidewinder race held in Las Vegas – Pro-Line finally formally unveil their new Predator Clear Body for HB D815.

The Pro-Line Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition.

Perhaps most excitingly, ‘The body also includes a high downforce nose piece for increased front traction along with a standard nose piece.’ See the last thumbnail – it kind of looks like a shovel ?!

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SOAR vs. HPI Case, statements from both, Updated – saga continues

The SOAR vs HPI case hit the headlines a couple of days ago, we received the first initial contact from Didian Ho of SOAR Seiki detailing how the company had support HPI prior to the company going into administration.

Subsequently as many will know within the industry, the company Ripmax bought HPI Racing and trading has continued, however with any company entering administration there are typically signifcant amounts of paperwork that require sifting through…

SOAR put out the following statement two days ago, we reached out to HPI for a reply, continue reading the statements after the jump…


Update: July 29th, SOAR have in turn replied to HPI’s response to their initial statement – see bottom of article

SOAR Announcement:

“The negotiation between SOAR and HPI:

We tried our best to communicate with HPI (Ripmax) in details, but the reply was paying 20% the debt every four months. In the game like that ,HPI never clear any stages. They already had failed to keep their words for many times. HPI went bankrupt for a few times in recent five years and their layaway plan never worked. In addition, there’s something everyone should know.-HPI’s behavior might have resulted in the bankrupt of many manufacturers which worked with them. That cannot be forgiven.

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Maxim Laverychev is Russian National Champion

top3 Russian National


Most of Russian drivers was attended at the 2016 Russian National Championship in Saint-Petersburg, the “Northern capital” of Russia. The RC track “RC ORDA” was built last year by a group of local enthusiasts and hosted already 2 big events, the Cup of Russia 2015 and 2016. This Year there was new layout and new surface so it was tricky for all the drivers. Maxim Laverychev won the race and the Russian National tittle in front of Stanislav Glebov and Dmitry Gribov second and third respectively.

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Karel Hajek wins at Senior race Rd5

Senior race Rd5 podium


The 5th round of Senior race was held in Horni Jeleni, Czech republic. In qualifying rounds Karel Hajek took the TQ ahead Otto Götzl away from the track for racing since one year. In the final Karel Hajek will continue its momentum and win the race in front of Míra Fedeleš in second and Otto Götzl in third.

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ProStar Ferodo brake pads

ProStar Ferodo brake pads

See: ProStar R/C

ProStar have introduced new Ferodo brake pads for Team Associated RC8B3, Mugen MBX7 and SWORKz buggies and truggies. The use of Fedoro allows for a more consistent feel throughout the race as your brakes warm up and practically if not eliminates brake fade found with other stock pads. The design of these pads increases the surface area on your brake disk for better more consistent stopping power with less heat generated. Use with ProStar’s Titanium brake disk make a great combo. The set includes 4 pads and it is available for pre-order now.

WV flood relief race report

Steve Downs Triton RC L3 buggy win

Race report by Steve Downs & Triton RC:

Dry dusty, hotter than Hades! The Race for relief to benefit WV flood victims was a success. We raised over $1200 to give to charities helping. I’m super tired and exhausted so I’ll keep it short.

  • E-Truggy TQ and win.
  • Nitro buggy qual 2nd and win where my L3 and ES2034 combo performed flawlessly!
  • E- buggy qual 2nd and 2nd. Driver failed the cars capabilities.

FX releases K3 DC engine


See: FX

FX presents the all-new K3 engine that was engineered and designed to provide a more linear power delivery, with higher top-end RPM compared to the K5 engine. The best performance is ensured using the new FX 2131 muffler, which was specifically designed for the K3 engine. The K3 is a premium, high-performance 1/8 off-road engine designed for high-competition racing. Features include: 3 ports, silicone-filled diamond-coated crankshaft, premium Japanese front bearing, and ceramic German rear bearing. The K3 is an extremely reliable and powerful engine suitable for any race track and racing conditions.

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JConcepts Finnisher TLR 8ight-T 4.0 body

JConcepts Finnisher TLR 8ight-T 4.0 body1

JConcepts have introduced the ROAR National Champion Finnisher body for the TLR 8ight-T 4.0. The Finnisher body incorporates pre-dimpled locations for one of the hottest truggies on the circuit. The slight cab forward, raked windshield and aggressive stance highlight a performance oriented core. A wide front hood scoop allows plenty of clearance for the unique 8ight-T 4.0 shock geometry. The body incorporates a large center fin which begins on the roof line and finishes just past the half-way point on the bed. Extended front chin spoiler, headlight and grill protect the front-end from unwanted up-drafts during flight while the supplied decals stand-out like an 18 wheeler.

Website: JConcepts

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JQRacing Whip it Wednesday

See: JQRacing

Today is Wednesday, the JQRacing whip day! Here is some whips from JQ at the Bitty Euro Contest.

“Need to make some more of these, it was a lot of fun.” – JQ