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Triton Duo Venturi

Triton Duo Venturi LG

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Triton  introduces the Triton Duo Venturi. This Venturi has two different size and volume openings to give a wide array of adjustments to suit driver’s needs. The Duo Venturi increases air velocity going into the carburetor increasing throttle response while improving fuel economy.  You can choose to use the smaller or larger side of the venturi facing the idle gap opening. This makes use of that opening of the Venturi until you give it enough throttle then the other side of the Venturi is utilized give you full use of the Venturi.

Unlike other choked down  small Venturi’s that are one size which kill power and compromise tuning, the Triton Duo Venturi allows you increase fuel mileage and throttle response without losing power or sacrificing tunability. You can you set your endpoints to match the opening or you can set your servo to full throttle throw utilizing the whole Venturi and it will go with your throttle position as it transitions from the smaller and larger openings simply by rotating the venturi. You can also position the venturi sideways to act like a standard venturi. Fits Triton L4 & L5 and also fits PICCO, Reds, RC Concept, OS, Bullitt, Novarossi, REX, TOP, Ninja, Protea, Alpha, LRP ZZ .21, Werks, Orion, Sirio, Capricorn for .21 and up on and off road engines (patent pending).

Kyosho Inferno Neo ST Race Spec 2.0


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Kyosho unveiled their new Inferno Neo ST Race Spec 2.0 ReadySet (RTR), a factory-assembled, nitro-powered racing truck that’s got World and National Championship origins. It’s built on a foundation that benefits from more than a decade of development and refinement.

The channeled aluminum chassis is made from stronger, more durable alloy. It’s supported at the front and rear bulkheads by molded chassis braces, which are allowed to flex more than rigid aluminum braces. For years this has been a performance secret of many Kyosho racing vehicles, because a more compliant chassis brace has been the key to superior traction and handing. The bulkheads and suspension arms are taken right from the ST-RR Evo racing kit, and the three-differential drivetrain is so effective that its one of the most copied components in the history of RC racing. Front, center and rear differentials transfer power to the wheels via a strong shaft drive system with ultra-smooth front universal driveshafts. A double disc brake system provides ample stopping power, and it’s adjustable to your liking if you decide to experiment.

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Arrowmax 64 grade titanium screws


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Arrowmax RC introduces a range of highest 64 grade titanium screws. Their titanium screws is fully high strength, the new ranch of Titanium screws are top of with “AM” engraving. Come in variety size (from M3x5 to M3x18 and M4x8 to M4x12) and available in both round head and countersunk version.

AM-640012 AM-640040AM-640005

TLR 8ight-T 4.0 Truggy leaked

8ight-t4 0

TLR hasn’t enjoyed the most watertight of release announcements across their highly-awaited 4.0 ‘line’ of 8ight buggys & trucks with the original TLR 8ight 4.0, leaked across the interweb from a (former?!?!) Kiwi (New Zealand) driver, and now by pure accident, confirmation of the truggy version ‘8ight-T 4.0 kit’.

Spotted by an eagle-eyed source, when clicking on the ‘8IGHT-E 4.0 Race Kit – Exploded View‘ on TLR’s site, the car displayed is none other than one with a nitro engine not an E-Buggy… and scrolling through the parts list confirms it is the 8ight-T 4.0 Truggy with multiple references…

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Riccardo Berton takes Montpellier GP

podium neo 2016 Montpellier GP16

After a rainy Sunday morning, the weather gradually gave way to a day of sunshine. The MBM club performed a wonderful job and dried the track. There were major scalps in the semis with previous winner Robert Batlle out with a broken clutch, Jerome Aigoin, Marco Baruffolo, Ale Stocco..

The start of the final proved clean, cars following in starting order. Riccardo Berton already opening a gap on Elliott Boots on lap 1 who would go onto make a mistake promoting Yannick Aigoin and TLR’s new man Reno Savoya.

finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP11 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP10 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP8 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP7

Savoya once unleashed took the lead and did his best to escape out front. Berton however at only 16, with enough experience to stay cool and shadow Savoya and be in contention, until Savoya would flame out due to a broken glowplug and Boots never quite at ease having chosen the wrong tyre – “Wow !! What a crazy final , started from 3rd but was struggling for grip and traction , after the rain , the track was very tricky , and I think we made the wrong tyre choice , I choose the Blockade in X4 , should of used Proline Fugitive M4.” – Elliott Boots


finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP2 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP5 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP4 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP3

As the hour-long main drew to a close a great fight between Baldo, Boots, Sartel and Medjoubi developed,  the latter succeeding in taking the last podium spot, the former JQ Racing man Medjoubi ensuring some of the spotlight falls on his talents as well.

Riccardo Berton taking a well-earned TQ and victory – further emphasis that he will be a strong candidate in Europe this year… and Vegas ? And Yannick Aigoin proving that despite a 19-year age difference between himself and Berton, he was the ‘best of the rest’ – unfortunately not able to close down Berton early enough in the final to pressure him.


finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP6 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP14 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP13 finalistes 2016 Montpellier GP12

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2016 Montpellier GP: Day 3 Finals

action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP58


action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP54 action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP50 action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP47 action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP43 action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP38 action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP15 action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP11 action sunday 2016 Montpellier GP7

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Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro

UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP1

Davide Ongaro (Italy), 15

Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX7R
Engine: LRP
Fuel: Nitrolux 25%
Tyres: Procircuit
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Futaba servos
Body & Wing: Deltaplastic (ARQ paint), front & rear lexan wing
Event: 2016 Montpellier GP, France

UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP2 UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP3 UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP4UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP5 UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP6 UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP7UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP9 UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP10 UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP11UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP12 UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP13 UtH Ongaro neo 2016 Montpellier GP14

Under the Hood: João Figueiredo

UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP1

João Figueiredo ‘Litos’ (Portugal), 18

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: Team Orion 3 Port
Fuel: Racing Experience Hot Fire 25%
Tyres: Hot Race
Radio & Servos: KO Propo EX-1, KO RSx2 servos
Body & Wing: Stock Kyosho body (cab forward style) & stock Kyosho
Event: 2016 Montpellier GP

UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP2 UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP3 UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP4UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP6 UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP7 UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP8UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP9 UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP10 UtH Joao neo 2016 Montpellier GP11

Under the Hood: Riccardo Berton


Riccardo Berton (Italy)

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: Team Orion RS
Fuel: Byron Fuels 25%
Tyres: Pro-Line
Radio & Servos: Sanwa M12 Radio, KoPropo servos
Event: 2016 Montpellier GP
Body & Wing: Stock & stock

DSC_3611DSC_3613 DSC_3614DSC_3617

2016 Montpellier GP: Day 2 Qualifying

action saturday 2016 Montpellier GP1


stands saturday 2016 Montpellier GP1stands saturday 2016 Montpellier GP5 stands saturday 2016 Montpellier GP20 stands saturday 2016 Montpellier GP12 stands saturday 2016 Montpellier GP7action saturday 2016 Montpellier GP6 action saturday 2016 Montpellier GP10stands saturday 2016 Montpellier GP30

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