1/8 Offroad News

RC Cars Cavalieri RC8B3.1 carbon fibre battery box & fuel tank splash guard

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RC Cars Cavalieri have introduced new carbon fibre battery box and fuel tank guard for the Team Associated RC8B3.1. First up is the carbon fibre battery box. Made from high quality carbon fiber, it is designed to hold the LiPo receiver packs and incorporates a slot for the receiver battery’s wire and makes use of a removable cover that is being hold by two screws for easy access to the battery. Next up is the carbon fibre fuel tank splash guard. Also made from carbon fibre, the fuel tank splash guard is ideal to keep the nitro fuel away from your electronics, brake system and air filter.

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Highest D1000 Pro HV servo

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Korean brand Highest have introduced the new D1000 Pro HV servo. The High Voltage compatible servo pulls up to 15.1kg-cm (7.4V) of torque at as speed down to 0.08s and features a machined all-aluminium case with a heatsink design. It measures 39.5x20x38.7 and weighs 75.3g.

RCGP announce race dates

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RCGP have announced the dates of the World Series for 2019. The first two rounds will be held in Manila, Philippines from 3 to 5 May, rounds 3 and 4 will be held in Madrid, Spain from 7 to 9 June while the 5 and 6 rounds will took place in Asti, Italy from 2 to 4 August. The last two round will be held in Chico, USA. The date will be announced soon.

XTR Racing tyre glue

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XTR Racing have intoduced new tyre glue. This ultra strength tyre glue is thinner than most tire glues so it can wick down between the tyre and the rim for a good solid bond. This is a fast setting tyre glue that will set quickly so your tyres will be ready to use within a short period of time at the track. The glue comes in bottle of 20ml with a applicator tip.

HRC Racing 2300mAh NiMH receiver battery packs

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HRC Distribution have introduced two new HRC Racing 2300mAh NiMH receiver battery packs. The packs are made with 4000mAh cells and offer 6V output voltage for the 5 cells flat battery and 4.8V output voltage for the square nattery. Both come pre-wired with a JR connector.

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XRAY XB8 2019 nitro buggy coming soon


XRAY have announced the soon release of the XB8 2019 nitro buggy. No details are available yet but we expect photos and information will be available shortly.

Adam Drake wins at 14th annual Toys for Tots race

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The 14th annual Toys for Tots race was held at the Palm Desert Raceway, California, over the weekend. Adam Drake (Mugen) would sweep the Expert Nitro Buggy class. A.Drake took the overall TQ and then win the final by 3 laps from Ronda Drake (Mugen) in second while Travis Cory (Mugen) came in third.

Bullitt B-223 3.5cc nitro engine

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Nemo Racing have released a first rendering of the new Bullitt B-223 3.5cc nitro engine. The engineers in Japan have yet again shown why they are the envy of RC engine companies worldwide, upgrading what was already a high bench mark. Expect to see more bottom and mid power, super smooth linear output curve and finally a large economy increase.

“The gun is loaded and ready to fire the brand new BULLITT B-223 Motor onto the podium .. A great step forward in Economy and Reliability, not to mention the great lifetime that is associated with this motor.”

Pre-order due 28th December. Click for Specifications