1/10 Offroad News

Evan Jones trifecta at Bring the Heat 2017


This weekend was held the Bring the Heat 2017 in Flowood, Mississippi. The track layout was really nice and flowing. In nitro Buggy, at the beginning of the main the car starting from pole stalled and XRAY’s Evan Jones, coming from the 2 spot on the grid was forced to brake resulting in a huge pile up. Evan managed to cut out a pit stop thanks to its fuel mileage, that combined with very consistent laps he managed to climb all the way back up to 1st and won for his second year in a row despite having some terrible luck.

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HUDY 14-20mm adjustable ride height gauge

HUDY have introduced the new adjustable ride height gauge for 1/10 buggies. The gauge is CNC machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, black color coated, with a laser-engraved scale. This high-quality, easy to use adjustable ride height gauge measures the ride height, particularly in racing where a lower ride height is used. The gauge twists by 1mm increments to increase or decrease the height in a range of 14-20mm. The gauge is super small and lightweight, allowing easy storage & transport.


Team Associated FT ball cup wrench

Team Associated have added to the Factory team tool range a ball cup wrench. This lightweight and compact wrench is designed for use with the 6-series platform ball cups. A knurled outer diameter makes the tool easy and comfortable to use. Pair with the #1114 FT dual turnbuckle wrench and assembling turnbuckles has never been so quick and easy.

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HMX firmwares for Modified & Blinky

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Team Orion have released new HMX firmwares 1.04 and 2.04 for modified and blinky. The PC app and Android app have been updated to make them compatible with these changes. Theses firmwares feature changes to the power curve internal settings to improve overall performance and feeling. The main changes are:

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Belgian SCT Cup Rd3 report

Source: Belgian SCT Cup

After the missed race in Merchtem in June, everyone was looking forward to this very first race organized by the Bugg’Ittre club on July 2nd, even more as it is the only dirt track of the calendar. The club worked hard in preparing a nice event with a perfectly maintained track, a BBQ tent and even a bouncing castle for the kids. Unfortunately the party’s been a bit ruined by the rain which poured all Saturday and would come back hard at the end of qualifications on Sunday. Race director and driver representatives then agreed to call it a day as the track was becoming dangerous for marshalls.

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Team Associated aluminum servo washers

Team Associated have introduced new aluminium servo washers. Machined from aluminum and anodized in black, they are designed for flat head cap screws. They keys into servo ears for secure servo mounting while preserve the structural integrity of the servo ears.

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Xceed RC spray guns, cyano activator & tapes

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Xceed RC have expanded their product line with some new items. First up are two spray guns. Available in basic or pro version, they will apply layers of spray handy and easy. Next up is the cyano activator. it come in 150ml bottle and it allows to dry the glue even faster. Also new are three masking tapes and a double-sided tape. The masking tapes are available in 18m x 10mm, 18m x 18mm and 18m x 40mm while the double-sided tape comes in 2m x 20mm.

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Team Associated & Reedy Power apparel

Hot off the presses are the new shirts and hats from AE and Reedy. The Team Associated Speed T-shirt, AE 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt and Reedy Heritage T-shirt are available in grey colour, kids, lady’s and men’s. Also Team Associated offer Reedy Power hats in grey and black colors.

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