1/10 Offroad News

HUDY 80-140mm adjustable droop gauge


HUDY have introduced a new 80mm to 140mm adjustable droop gauge for 1/8th Buggies and E-buggies as well as 1/10th Buggies, Short Course trucks. The professional fully-adjustable droop gauge is CNC-machined from premium-quality aluminum and comes black coated and laser engraved with a precision scale. Designed to check the droop of the suspension downtravel in range 80mm to 140mm, the tool is ideal for quick and instant droop check directly on ready-to-race car with no other set-up equipment needed. 

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Kyosho RB7 aluminum battery post set

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Kyosho have introduced a new set of aluminum battery posts for the Ultima RB7. Machined from high-quality aluminium for maximum durability, the parts come gun metal anodized and allow the use of O-ring hold downs for increased chassis flex and improved traction.

ProTek R/C B6.2 & universal chassis protector sheets

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ProTek R/C have introduced new chassis protector sheets for the Team Associated B6.2 as well as an uncut “USA” universal sheet. The die cut sheet for the B6.2 +3mm chassis and the universal uncut “USA” chassis protective sheet are made from 12mil laminate and backed by an aggressive adhesive vinyl. The sheet for the B6.2 is cut to exact dimensions of the model, and provides a professional look while helping to protect your chassis while the universal uncut “USA” chassis protective sheet is 12.5cm wide by 33.5cm long and designed for universal use.

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Jimmy Hamilton teams up with PR Racing

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PR Racing, in collaboration with 6K Racing have officially announced the signing of Jimmy Hamilton to their team for the 2020 season. J. Hamilton has years of experience with the PR Racing platform in UK events.

Delighted to be continuing with the PR Team for 2020. This will be my 6th year driving PR’s fantastic cars and a great, progressive team! See you trackside! – Jimmy Hamilton

XRAY Aerodisk IFMAR-legal 4WD buggy front wheels


XRAY have introduced the new Aerodisk IFMAR-legal front wheels for 4WD buggy. The 12mm hex wheels feature a redesigned center countersunk area to place the wheel nut deeper. Made from flexible, durable material to withstand impacts, the side of the wheel is aerodynamic for maximum performance while the inside features reinforcement ribs to make the wheels as stable as possible and eliminate deformation. The Aerodisk wheels are available as pairs or as 10-piece value packs.

2020 Keilor Invitational race report

The 2020 Keilor Invitational Race by Campbelltown Hobbies was held at the Keilor Electric Off-Road Club , Melbourne, Australia. Australia’s version of the Reedy Race, this event is held on an outdoors dirt track in the Australian summer with the Invite classes running 5 heats of 2wd and 5 heats of 4wd in addition to open classes for both modified and stock, with the winner of these getting a direct invite to the 2021 event.

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Izsay & Götzl win At Czech Masters Series Rd5


The fifth round of Czech Maters Series was held last weekend in a Sport hall in Prague, Czech Republic. In the 2WD Buggy class it was Ádám Izsay (XRAY/Hobbywing) who was able to TQ all three rounds of qualifying in front of Max Götzl (XRAY/Hobbywing/EZpower) in 2nd and Antonia Kovalzski (XRAY/Hobbywing/Sunpadow) in 3rd. In 4WD Buggy M.Götzl was able to TQ two out of three rounds of qualifying to take the overall TQ.Á.Izsay came in 2nd and Jirka Mára (SWORKz) in 3rd. In the Stadium truck class M.Götzl won all three qualies in front of Frank Hempel (Team Associated/JConcepts) in 2nd and Marcel Dostal (XRAY) in 3rd. After some really nice fights in the first two finals between Á.Izsay and M.Götzl in 2WD Buggy it was Á.Izsay who took the overall victory from M.Götzl and A.Kovalzski.

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Schumacher Stadium truck wheels

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Schumacher Racing have added new wheels for 1/10th Stadium truck to their range. The wheel is moulded from a lightweight material yet the design is super strong and features 12mm Hex fitting to fit popular 1/10th Stadium Truck tyres. The wheels are available in white, neon yellow and black color and also pre-glued with the Mini Pin and Stagger Rib tyres only on white wheels.

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