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Boda, Sartel & Benmohamed win at Coupe des Champions

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The Coupe des Champions 2018 was held on a indoor track in Louvres, France over the weekend. In the 2WD Modified class Mathieu briere took the TQ but in the finals it was young and talented Clément Boda (Team Associated) who grabbed the win from M.Briere (XRAY) in second and Jean-Pierrick Sartel (XRAY) in third. In the 4WD Modified class it was JP.Sartel who set the TQ and brought home the win from M.Briere and C.Boda, in second and third respectively. In the 2WD Stock, 9 years old driver Noha Benmohamed (XRAY) sweeps the class by TQing and winning in front of Philippe Hautecoeur in second while Fabien Coulon rounded out the top 3.

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Pro-Line R/C body airbrush paints

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Pro-Line’s Team of innovators have painted literally thousands of RC car bodies over the years and now offers ready to spray R/C Body paints specially formulated to help you achieve the same jaw dropping results Pro-Line do. Developed by R/C body painters for painters, this water-based airbrush paint is ultra-flexible, extremely durable and easy to use.

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XTR Ogio race bag

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XTR Racing have introduced the Ogio race bag. The bag is a great option to get your equipment to the races in style. Based on the durable Ogio Rig 9800 bag, it features tons of space, large openings with multiple pockets and compartments for all your storage needs, heavy duty oversized wheels and a telescopic pull handle to facilitate its handling. Whether you’re a local, regional, national, or world level racer this bag will work great for all your R/C needs.

Hupo Hönigl doubles at Mibosport Cup Rd2


The second round of Mibosport Cup took was held last weekend at the Sport Hotel Hrotovice, Czech Republic. Adam Izsay (XRAY) was the top seed in both classes, but in 2WD it was Hupo Hönigl (XRAY) who set the fastest run in qualies to take the TQ, followed by Karel Novotny (XRAY) in second and Ales Bidovsky (Team Associated) in third. In 4WD it was K.Novotny on the top of the main final grid, followed by H.Hönigl and A.Izsay. The finals went a bit chaotic in both classes. In the 2WD class H.Hönigl took an easy win. The second place went to A.Bidovsky and A.Izsay finished in third. In 4WD it was again H.Hönigl who took the win after great fights with his team mate K.Novotny. K.Novotny came in second while Marek Schiller (Team Associated) rounded out the top 3.

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HB Racing D418 slipper set

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HB Racing have introduced the new slipper set for the D418. This optional slipper allows racers to tune their buggy for optimal performance. It’s recommended for high traction carpet tracks to help absorb drivetrain impacts when landing jumps, which improves the reliability and life of the drivetrain. It can also be used on low traction surfaces to tune wheel spin when accelerating for better corner exit speeds and on-power steering.

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PowerStar PC-600, PC-900 & PC-1600 HV servos

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PowerStar have introduced three new digital servos, the PC-600, the PC-900 HV and the PC-1600 HV. Specially designed to be use with RTR vehicles, these servos feature a plastic case and a digital cordless motor.

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XRAY XB4 graphite composite lower rear arms


XRAY have introduced new graphite composite lower rear arms for the XB4. Moulded from specially-formulated graphite composite mixture, the arms are a perfect fit for high-traction conditions. The graphite arms make the car more stable and give increased cornering speed. Intelligent arm design allows for variable positioning of the rear shocks. Depending on track conditions, the rear shocks can be installed either in front of or behind the rear shock tower, and the rear shock tower can be placed either in front of or behind the bulkhead.

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VRP ET410 carbon fibre shock towers

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Vision Racing Products have introduced new carbon fibre shock towers for the Tekno RC ET410. Specially designed to be used on Astro Turf and Carpet surfaces, both rear and front towers are machined from 4mm carbon fibre with the shock mounting holes +4mm. This allows the ride height to be lowered and improves performance on high traction surfaces.The rear tower has the camber mounts on the tower and includes a lower hole that will help the camber gain needed for higher bite tracks.

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