1/10 Offroad News

oOple Invernational 2017 report

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This past weekend was the annual event of the oOple Invernational at the brilliant Robin Hood Raceway venue. A fantastic entry of 191 competitors across the various classes was superb to see. The format for the event was 4 rounds of qualifying by round by round, with the best 2 to count. Then followed by 3 leg finals for everyone. On Saturday morning we had the drivers briefing by Damian Whittle, James Helliwell and Schumachers Mark Musgrove. After this followed the raffle that the oOple team do with loads of prizes being given away, a huge thank you to all of the sponsors for this.

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Dylan McBurney sweeps Irish Nats Rd3

Round 3 of the Irish Championships took place last weekend at the Dublin Model Car Club in Naul, Ireland. In 2wd Defending Champion Dylan McBurney took the TQ and won all 3 legs of the A Final. Dylan’s Dad and mechanic managed to bring home a 2nd in 2wd to make it 1-2 for the McBurney pair. In 4wd, Dylan was equally dominant by taking the TQ and the first place overall. This time Denzell took a win in Leg 3 of the finals to secure a 4wd 1-2 for the Son and Father pair.

Thanks to Denzell McBurney for the report.

RDRP B64 brass suspension mounts


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced four brass suspension mounts for the Team Associated B64 series of buggies. They are direct replacement for the kit’s lightweight parts and add valuable weight especially when running in high-traction conditions or when the track is getting bumpier. Machined from black-coated brass and sporting gold-colour chamfered edges the parts weigh in at 14g for the A LRC mount, 13g for the B LRC mount, 14g for the C mount and 15g for the D mount which shifts the weight bias further to the front or rear of the buggy, depending on the location of the brass hangers. Using the front A and B brass mounts will result in an easier to drive buggy while the rear C and D mounts add traction out of and rotation into corners. All mounts were designed to work with the original #92014 arm mount inserts and they are best used in pairs at the front or the rear.

LRP lost Sanwa distribution

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Sanwa have announced that their distribution contract with LRP expired on June 30, 2017. Based on Sanwa’s list of distributors, LRP would have been replaced by HOECO for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland distribution. Nevertheless, LRP have announced that they were able to stabilize their sales during the preliminary insolvency proceedings and in addition, they have implemented further restructuring measures, in particular personnel adjustments. This information was confirmed by LRP General Manager Jürgen E. Lautenbach who also added:

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Ty Tessmann’s ROAR 1/10 Offroad Electric Nats report

Race report by Ty Tessmann (XRAY)

This past weekend was the ROAR 1/10 Offroad Electric Nationals, held at The Track in Gaithersburg, MD. I ran Mod 2wd, Mod 4wd and Mod truck. There was open practice on Wednesday and we worked hard to find the setups that would work the best for our vehicles. The track started out every morning fairly loose due to being watered every night and then the track grooved up and traction went up throughout the day. We worked at getting a setup that would work for softer tires in the morning and harder in the afternoon to keep our car consistent throughout the day.

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RPM B6 & B6D “Flat” front A-arms

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RPM have introduced new “Flat” front A-arms for the Team Associate B6 & B6D. Thanks to the hinge-pin holes held to extremely strict tolerances, the “Flat” front A-arms are an improvement compared to stock A-arms. Also RPM use in-line screws to retain the outer hinge pins while they ditch the inside retaining screws for shoulders in the hinge pin holes. This results in a weight reduction of 1.75 grams per A-arm (or 3.5 grams per pair) less than stock. Durability is also key to staying on-track. Whether bashing or racing, RPM A-arms are the toughest A-arms on the market so a rough landing or a hit from another competitor won’t take you out of the race.

VP-PRO 6.5″ 1/10 buggy rear wing


VP PRO have introduced new 6.5″ wide 1/10 buggy rear wing. Made from 1mm thickness lightweight polycarbonate providing high performance and high durability, its 6.5″ size design is fully in line with world competition regulations. The wing reduce wind resistance coefficient and the roll center of gravity, improves the stability of driving, and gives more steering speed when you turn. At the same time, unique cutting design reduces the drag of high speed.

Arrowmax 6000mAh 2S HV LiPo shorty battery pack

Arrowmax have introduced a new 7.6V 6000mAh High Voltage Lipo shorty battery pack. The new High-Voltage line up now boost a 7.6V nominal voltage, with a proper charger, the batteries can be safely charge up to 8.7V or 4.35V per cell. They providing more punch and at the same time a more ideal discharge rate. These batteries can still be charge to a normal 8.4V or 4.2V per-cell and still maintain a flatter discharge curve, which means the batteries pack will remain with a better “punch” characteristics at the end of it’s discharge cycle. These 6000mAh Lipo batteries come with a 55C continuos and 110C burst rating, utilizeing a sturdy hard case, with 4mm gold plated plugs to aid lowering internal resistance. Size in 96mm x 47mm x 25.1mm, and it’s IFMAR approved.

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