1/10 Offroad News

Highest D1000 Pro HV servo

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Korean brand Highest have introduced the new D1000 Pro HV servo. The High Voltage compatible servo pulls up to 15.1kg-cm (7.4V) of torque at as speed down to 0.08s and features a machined all-aluminium case with a heatsink design. It measures 39.5x20x38.7 and weighs 75.3g.

Tyler Hooks doubles at 2018 Cajun Classic race

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Last weekend was held the 2018 Cajun Classic race in Shreveport, Louisiana. Turnout was pretty light but the racing was solid. The event was held in four rounds of qualifying as well as triple a-main events. In both Mod 2WD and 4WD Buggy, Tyler Hooks (Team Associated) was able to take 8 qualifying round wins and win the first 4 mains to take the overall in both classes. In the Mod 4WD Buggy class it was Christopher Acosta (XRAY) and Hal Martin (Team Associated) who rounded out the top 3 while in the Mod 2WD Buggy class it was H.Martin (Team Associated) and Phi Nguyen who finished in second and third respectively.

2wd podium here

MIP 22 5.0 Pucks 17.5 Drive System

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MIP have introduced the Pucks 17.5 Drive System for the TLR 22 5.0 and 4.0. Made from 7075-T6 hard anodized aluminum, the Pucks Drive System saves 40% of rotating mass compared to the standard differential to provide less motor fatigue and increase acceleration. The Pucks 17.5 Drive System is fully rebuildable and comes with Puck components, 2 piece outdrives for easy maintenance and repair and 1.5 Pucks for increased life.

XTR Racing tyre glue

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XTR Racing have intoduced new tyre glue. This ultra strength tyre glue is thinner than most tire glues so it can wick down between the tyre and the rim for a good solid bond. This is a fast setting tyre glue that will set quickly so your tyres will be ready to use within a short period of time at the track. The glue comes in bottle of 20ml with a applicator tip.

Arrowmax 4000mAh Red Series ultra low profile LiPo battery

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Arrowmax have introduced the new Red Series 4000mAh 2S ultra low profile Si-Graphene LiPo battery pack. The battery pack measures 93x47x18.5mm, weighs 136g and it is built from high-quality 60C/120C cells. The pack is ideal for racers looking for small pack size but strong in power.

LFR D418 A2 Tactic ‘vented’ body

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Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new A2 Tactic ‘vented’ body for the HB Racing D418. The new A2 is influenced by racer request form the previous 1/8 designs, giving it an aggressive and sleek style unlike any other. The windshield has been laid down slightly to remove the steep rake, while at the same time keeping a modern cab forward feel. The combo gives the D418 a super slick and fast look.

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Roapex Trigger & Rhythm 1/10 ST pre-mounted tyres

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HRC Distribution have introduced the new Roapex Trigger and Rhythm pre-mounted tyres for 1/10 Stadium Trucks. These tyres are made of high quality soft compound which provide high grip in many track conditions and come mounted on standard 12mm hex black or chrome-black wheels, with 0″ or 1/2″ offset.

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MIP Bandit X-Duty CVD driveshaft kit

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MIP have introduced the new X-Duty CVD driveshaft kit for the Traxxas Bandit. The X-Duty driveshafts feature heat treated steel components to help increase strength and part life while black oxide coated protects the components from premature rust. The X-Duty CVD driveshafts are fully rebuildable so any damaged or worn part can be replaced.