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New SRX2 Rear Anti-Roll Bar Kits

New SRX2 Rear Anti-Roll Bar Kits

Serpent have announced the release of their new rear anti-roll bar kits for the SRX-2. Manufactured from high quality spring steel and laser engraved for easy identification one set is available for the Spyder SRX-2 MM with another one produced for the SRX-2 RM. Each set includes the required hardware as well as three key wire types. However that being said each wire type has also been made available separately.

Associated B5 Track Feature


Feature: Associated B5 on Track
By Stephen Bess

After giving Associated’s new B5 a thorough shakedown at SDRC earlier this winter, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of our test B5 rear motor kit for full testing. 

Rather than bore you with a generic “review” which would insult your intelligence, or show you photos of suspension components you’ve undoubtedly seen a thousand times already, I’ve kept this article as a focus on the car’s handling traits.

I’ve raced the B5 buggy weekly for the last several months, often twice per week, here in Southern California with some of the fastest club racers around.  I’ve won a few, I’ve lost plenty, but through it all the B5 has performed like a champ.  Here are some thoughts about the car and my experience with it thus far.


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Kyosho announce Scorpion re-release


Kyosho are feeling a tad on the nostalgic side as they take a leaf out of Team Associated’s book of recent classic kit re-releases, targeting that particular bit of the market that perhaps played with the cars when they were younger and now have a bit of spare change to buy their favourite childhood toy to rekindle memories of yesteryear.

Kyosho’s Scorpion is known for being the first truly scale looking R/C buggy that could deliver race worthy on track performance. Even 30 years after its 1982 release, the Scorpion has left a lasting mark with enthusiasts around the world, being one of the most highly sought after cars by vintage collectors.

Combining the unmistakable look of the original with modern features and upgrades, the Scorpion 2014 delivers strength, performance and durability that cannot be matched by the original model.

The Scorpion is already available for pre-order, click the link below!

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New Dirt-Tech Inserts from JConcepts

New Dirt-Tech Inserts from JConcepts

JConcepts has upped the ante with the release of the new Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts. Gray in color, the new inserts are designed in conjunction with tyre insert guru, Brian “Dirt” Kinwald to bring the ultimate touch and feel while providing utmost durability. The 2wd | 4wd rear and 4wd front insert has alternating shallow and deep cuts on the outside which touch off against the tyre inner carcass providing a cushy response and feel.

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Athens ElectroChamps 2014 – Details

Athens ElectroChamps 2014 - Details

For the 4th consecutive year the two day 1/10 electric off road event will take place at the Fanatix Racing Track facilities on the specially built dirt track which now features an additional 30% of astroturf added. Taking place across the 21st-22nd of June 2014 this large event will again host all three classes (2wd, 4wd and SC) with some of the best racers in Greece competing.

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New Alu Rear Hubs for B5 & B5M

New Alu Rear Hubs for RC10B5 & B5M

Team Associated have announced the release of their new Factory Team aluminum rear hubs for the RC10B5 and B5M. Both hubs feature composite bearing inserts for minimized slop and long bearing life, hinge pin set screw hole for reduced slop and vertical ball studs for finer roll center adjustment.

Silencer Body for Serpent SRX-2 MM

New Silencer Body for Serpent SRX-2 MM

JConcepts introduce their new Silencer body shell which has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the Serpent Spyder SRX-2 MM buggy. A brand-new, ground up design, the Silencer, has new elements created for the highest speed circuits. A profiled, Finnisher stance cockpit and forward raised side-pod gives the Silencer an immediate fighting appearance.

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New B5M Muzzle Shell from Sweep

New B5M Muzzle Shell from Sweep

Sweep Racing have announced the release of their new Muzzle bodyshell for the Associated B5M which has been tailored to provide increased down force and improved stability. The cab forward clear polycarbonate body acts as a direct replacement and includes two 6.5” rear wings!

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Steven Hartson renews with LRP

Steven Hartson renews with LRP

Steven Hartson, the reigning 1/10th 4WD Offroad World Champion has announced that he will continue to run LRP products for the 2014 season. The Team Associated driver commented… “I’ve chosen to re-sign with LRP because of all the success I’ve had with their electronics. I believe that LRP is always improving to make the best products in the world.”

Yardy & Cragg claim BRCA National R1

Yardy & Cragg claim BRCA National Rd1

The 2014 1/10th BRCA National series kicked off this past weekend at the popular Kidderminster venue. The high grip track consisted primarily of astro turf with a small selection of tarmac thrown in for good measure. The purpose built track also features an assortment of jumps and obstacles which have been tailored and perfected to suit 1/10th racing perfectly. Refreshingly we were welcomed into the 2014 summer series with sunshine and warm temperatures making for fantastic racing conditions and a great start to the 2014 national championships.

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