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Max Götzl doubles at Mibosport Cup Rd2


The second round of Mibosport Cup was held as always at the Sport Hotel Hrotovice in Czech Republic, the event attracting about 110 entries in the 2wd and 4wd Modified classes as well as the 2WD Stock class. The race started with 3 free practice rounds on Friday, followed by 2 timed practices and then 2 more free practice rounds. On Saturday we had as usual 3 qualies and 3 finals. In 2WD, it was Ales Bidovsky (Team Associated/LRP) who top-seeded the practice, followed by Hupo Hönigl (XRAY) in 2nd and Max Götzl (XRAY/Hobbywing/EZpower) in 3rd, so that was the order for Saturday’s qualifying. In 4WD it was M.Götzl on the top at the end of Friday, followed by H.Hönigl in 2nd and A.Bidovsky in 3rd. M.Götzl set the TQ in the first round of qualifying of 2WD followed by H.Hönigl in 2nd and Bartek Zambrzycki (Yokomo/Racing Performer/Muchmore Racing) in 3rd. Round 2 went to A.Bidovsky with M.Götzl in 2nd and H.Hönigl in 3rd. B.Zambrzycki took the TQ, followed by Jessica Pålsson (Schumacher/LRP/AKA) and A.Bidovsky. In the end, M.Götzl took the overall TQ from A.Bidovsky and B.Zambrzycki. M.Götzl took the TQ in Q1 of 4WD from H.Hönigl in 2nd and J.Pålsson in 3rd. In Q2 and Q3, A.Bidovsky was able to top the 5min runs to take the overall TQ. M.Götzl lined up 2nd of the grid and J.Pålsson in 3rd overall. In 2wd, M.Götzl took the advantage of the TQ spot and took the overall win by winning the the first two finals. B.Zambrzycki took the win in A3 and secured the 2nd spot overall while J.Pålsson came in 2nd and finished 3rd overall. H.Hönigl in 4th and Bartek Kramza (XRAY/LRP) in 5th completed the top 5 result.

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Roquet & Wynen win at Warm Up Happy New Year race

See: David Leclercq (Facebook)

This past weekend was held the Warm Up Happy New Year race at the BCI Charleroi indoor track in Belgium. The technical track layout was challenging and it demanded a lot from all drivers to make all clean runs. French racer Malcolm Roquet (SWORKz/WSLine/6MIK) brought home the win in the 4wd class in front of the Belgium duo of Erick Michiels (XRAY) in 2nd and David Leclercq (PR Racing/Team Powers) in 3rd. Wouter Wynen took the win in 2wd. D.Leclercq came in second while Nathanaël Janot (Team Corally) rounded out the top 3 result.

T-Work’s Hyspin ball bearings

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T-Work’s have introduced a new range of new ball bearings called Hyspin. Featuring both rubber and metal shields, the Hyspin ball bearings offer good combination between reduced drag and great durability. The Hyspin 5x13x4mm ball bearings are available in set of 2-piece and 10-piece.

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XRAY XB2 2020 2WD buggy kits


XRAY have introduced the new XB2 2020 2WD buggy kits.


  • All-new chassis with bent sides for improved weight balance and maximum stability
  • All-new side guards to fit the new chassis and the integrated adjustable battery holder
  • All-new graphite side guard braces with redesigned shape for more stability and improved predictability
  • All-new tweak-free battery holder for fast battery position adjustment and no negative effects on chassis flex or traction
  • All-new super-narrow ultra-low CG gearboxes with quick & easy diff access
  • All-new LCG Gear Box available in Front version (Carpet edition) and Rear version (Dirt edition)
  • All-new diff height adjustment in 6 different settings
  • All-new super narrow ball-differential with refined internal parts for smoother operation and increased traction (Dirt edition)
  • All-new super narrow extra-large volume gear differential for improved consistency (Carpet edition)
  • Longer rear drive shafts to accommodate the new suspension geometry
  • Redesigned lightweight motor mount fits either gearbox design and diff cover
  • All-new redesigned motor brace mounted via pivot ball ensures side flex for increased traction
  • All-new roll centre mounts with new roll centre positions
  • Updated aluminium roll centre mount on rear uprights with improved roll centre position
  • All-new 2-pad slipper with increased slippage to generate smoother acceleration at low traction tracks (Dirt edition)
  • All-new 3-pad slipper to generate more consistent breaking at high traction conditions (Carpet edition)
  • All-new shorter top shaft to fit the narrower LCG gear box
  • All-new lightweight gear protector ensures that body can be installed lower to avoid body contact with spur gear
  • All-new front shock tower with lower design for increased stability of the car
  • All-new rear shock tower with new shock positions and three different wing mounting positions
  • All-new narrow rear suspension holders
  • All-new rear suspension arms with different geometry and wheelbase adjustments for Carpet and Dirt Editions
  • All-new front suspension arms with lowered shock mount locations work together with the new shock tower to decrease the CG and create smoother cornering
  • All-new shorter shock springs allow greater ride height adjustment and makes the car more stable
  • All-new eccentric lower shock mounting pivot ball allows to adjust angle of the mounted shocks influencing traction and corner speed

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Hampus Berg doubles at Indoor Buggy Masters Rd1

Source: David Ronnefalk (Facebook)

The opening round of the Indoor Buggy Masters was held this past weekend at the TMK Raceway in Tomelilla, south of Sweden. The event was held in a Reedy style format and after 6 rounds in the 4WD class it was Hampus Berg (HB Racing/Performa Racing/Hot Race Tyres) who took the win from his teammate David Ronnefalk (HB Racing/Performa Racing) in 2nd and Nils Gustafsson (Team Associated) in 3rd.

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Infinity shock oil bag

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Infinity has further expanded its accessories line-up with the addition of a shock oil bag. Made in the distinctive Infinity black and red colour scheme and printed with the Infinity World Champions logo, the cloth bag is a solution for storing silicon shock oil and silicon differential oil. With an inside dimension of 19x15x10cm, the bag can also easily be multi purposed to store and carry other RC related items.

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Willspeed B6.1 RF2 conversion kit

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Following on from the success of their 5 gear super laydown RF2 conversion based upon the XRAY XB2, Willspeed have announced the release of the conversion platform for the Team Associated B6.1. The conversion platform has been designed and manufactured by engineers and racers alike for the true ultimate in performance.

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Yokomo YZ-2 Racing Performer titanium screw set

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Yokomo have added a new set of titanium screws for the YZ-2 DTM3 and CAL3 to their Racing Performer range. These high-precision cutting titanium screws are different from conventional titanium screws. Ultra-precision machined and made of high-quality titanium, the lightweight and durable screw features a precise central axis created by cutting to secure screwing and tightening.