1/10 Offroad News

XRAY XB2 & XB4 composite shock ball joint 21mm

Long Shock Ball Joint_produkt


XRAY introduces new 21mm molded composite shock ball joint for XB2 and XB4. These ball joints are +4mm longer than standard ball joints, allowing greater suspension downtravel. Fits front and rear shock absorbers. Set of 2.

JConcepts B5M aero front scoop

JConcepts B5M aero front scoop
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JConcepts have introduced new aero front scoop for Team associated B5M. Adjustments are key in today’s racing scene and JConcepts has responded to numerous demands with another aero option. With a great deal of success in the early 2000’s, including an IFMAR World Championship to its credit, the front scoop option for a buggy has already shown success. However, this key option part used during the 2005 Worlds has never been made available to the latest generation buggies, until now.

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Team Associated release RC10B6 & RC10B6D Team kits


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Team Associated have launched those who have the task of replacing the famous and B5 and B5M, the B6 and B6D Team kits. Divide and conquer! In today’s racing, traction dictates your setup — period! With both B6 and B6D configurations available, getting to the top of the podium has never been easier. Out of the box, the B6 offers racers a setup developed for high to very-high traction, whereas the B6D excels when traction is low to high. Racing at multiple tracks, or where traction changes throughout the day, has never been easier; setups and tuning parts are interchangeable between the two configurations, making the B6 platform extremely versatile. Both versions come with the speed, durability and lineage expected of a true champion. Choose the configuration that suits your track and conquer the competition! Available in June.

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Losi Baja Rey 1/10 4wd RTR desert truck

Losi Baja Rey 1-10 4wd RTR Desert Truck

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Horizon Hobby introduces the new Losi Baja Rey 1/10 4wd Ready-To-Run Desert Truck. The Losi Baja Rey desert truck is built on one of the most advanced chassis ever conceived for a ready-to-run vehicle. It comes equipped with a Dynamite 3800Kv and a waterproof 130A ESC. This potent combination can handle 2S or 3S LiPo batteries (sold separately). The receiver’s built-in AVC (Active Vehicle Control®) system will work behind the scenes, making hundreds of tiny throttle and steering adjustments per second, so more of the motor’s power is translated into ballistic speed and acceleration instead of just flying dirt. You have easy access to the motor and battery compartment.

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JConcepts Comstock Challenge report

JConcepts Comstock Challenge podium Truck

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Race report by JR Mitch:

As a JConcepts representative, I flew out to Reno for the first Comstock Challenge at the newly reopened with new management, Track Time Hobbies and Raceway located at 1005 Standard Street Suite C in Reno, Nevada. This year’s race saw people traveling from as far as Sacramento and Las Vegas to compete in the 122 entry race. JConcepts was the titled sponsor of the event and provided great promotion and raffle prizes for the racers in attendance.

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Exotek take care of the TLR 22 3.0

reversed plate TLR22 3.0

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Exotek Racing have introduced several optional parts for the TLR 22 3.0. Start with the reversed plate for the new TLR22 3.0 3 gear transmission. In the highly competitive world of indoor off-road racing the secret to finishing strong is keeping your motor temperatures in check. Now with our 100% cnc machined vented motor plates you can keep your motor running cooler and longer for that extra edge. Aggressive cut outs allows the heat that builds up inside the gear cover to vent out thus lowering overall motor temps greatly. The extra machining reduces the weight (and CG) down to 14gr but the critical motor mounting areas are still intact to maintain solid motor mounting and gear mesh. This motor plate is designed for use on indoor clay track or carpet environments.

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AVID release updated B5M aluminum steering bellcranks

AVID B5M aluminum steering bellcranks


AVID have introduced their updated aluminum steering bellcranks for Team Associated B5 and B5M. The update is for the design and material on the left bellcrank (6061-T6 to 7075-T6) after quickly learning that the first production units that incorporated a minimal design were not up to the task of handling the forces placed on them, especially in truck. After refunding all the customers that purchased the first production, AVID more thoroughly tested designs to get something rigid enough without adding unnecessary weight.

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Ryan Cavalieri teams up with Savox

Cav with car and savox

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Savox USA is pleased to announce that Team Associated’s Ryan Cavalieri has chosen their servos to control his race cars. The 4-time IFMAR World Champion and 3-time winner of the prestigious Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions had this to say after driving Savox servos: “The centering torque and control were amazing. I felt much more connected to the car.” Savox customers can expect further innovation and new products as a result of this collaboration. Please join us in welcoming Ryan to the team.

Team Associated B5M ‪3 gear laydown‬: the ‪stealth‬ is back!

Stealth 3 Gear Lay down

If Team Associated has won one more World Champion title in Japan last year, they don’t seem to rest on their laurels! Team Associated just unveiled a low-profile 3-gear gearbox prototype for B5M mid motor. This low-profile gearbox has a long and proven in competition but until then they were proposed as conversion kits. For the moment no information is provided about the specifications or the final appearance of this low-profile 3-gear gearbox.

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Andrew Smolnik signs with Highest


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Highest have announced the new sponsorship with Andrew Smolnik. Andrew will use Highest servos at major races throughout the United States.

“I am very happy to announce that I will be using Highest Digital Servos exclusively distributed by Bellgate Distributors in all of my competition vehicles. Highest Servos are produced with the racer in mind and their full line of competition servos are 2nd to none within the industry. I am looking forward to representing Highest Digital servos at major races throughout the United States. Thanks to Bellgate Distributors and Highest Digital Servos for the opportunity to represent their growing brands.” –  Andrew Smolnik