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SOAR vs. HPI Case, statements from both, Updated – saga continues

The SOAR vs HPI case hit the headlines a couple of days ago, we received the first initial contact from Didian Ho of SOAR Seiki detailing how the company had support HPI prior to the company going into administration.

Subsequently as many will know within the industry, the company Ripmax bought HPI Racing and trading has continued, however with any company entering administration there are typically signifcant amounts of paperwork that require sifting through…

SOAR put out the following statement two days ago, we reached out to HPI for a reply, continue reading the statements after the jump…


Update: July 29th, SOAR have in turn replied to HPI’s response to their initial statement – see bottom of article

SOAR Announcement:

“The negotiation between SOAR and HPI:

We tried our best to communicate with HPI (Ripmax) in details, but the reply was paying 20% the debt every four months. In the game like that ,HPI never clear any stages. They already had failed to keep their words for many times. HPI went bankrupt for a few times in recent five years and their layaway plan never worked. In addition, there’s something everyone should know.-HPI’s behavior might have resulted in the bankrupt of many manufacturers which worked with them. That cannot be forgiven.

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XRAY XB2 2.5mm graphite chassis


XRAY have introduced a 2.5mm graphite chassis for both XB2 Carpet and Dirt Edition. The graphite chassis is machined from premium grade 2.5mm thick graphite material and it improves the traction and is suggested especially for low to medium traction conditions.

Website: XRAY

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MIP B5/B6 Bi-Metal Drive System

MIP B5-B6 Bi-Metal Drive System

MIP have introduced all new Bi-Metal Drive System for the Team Associated B6 and B5. Featuring a two piece bi-metal outdrive that is comprised of both 7075–T6 aluminum and high grade heat tempered machine steel, this diff alone will shred 30% off of your OEM rotating mass, which equates to quicker acceleration without compromising strength. Being that the diff outputs are steel, it’s fully compatible with the highly successful MIP Roller Pucks which have a 360 degree wear pattern and of course are 100% replaceable.

Website: MIP

Team Redcat unveiled TR-MT10E 1/10 RTR Monster Truck


See: Team Redcat

Team Redcat have introduced his first 1/10 scale monster truck, The TR-MT10E. The TR-MT10E is ready to run out of the box, just add your own LIPO battery and charger. If you think you’ve experienced the ultimate in 1/10 scale monster truck excitement, think again! The TR-MT10E is an all new Team Redcat design with crazy power and awesome handling. Not only is the TR-MT10E super exciting, it’s also durable with its reinforced differentials, hardened steel driveshafts, high quality ball bearings throughout, durable long travel suspension, offroad front bumper with working LEDs, and the TR-MT10E offers multiple levels of  adjustability.

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JConcepts B6 & B6D titanium front axle set


JConcepts have introduced a light-weight titanium front axle set for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. A critical point of this part revolves around the front axle and surrounding geometry, the crew at JConcepts has provided a great alternative. The team has conveniently designed the front axle and hex into a single piece which allows assembly to utilize all the kit hardware.

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Neil Cragg is 2WD European Champion

Euro 2wd podium

This week, the 2WD part of the the 2016 EFRA European Electric Off-road Championships was held in Valladolid, Spain. From the get go Jorn Neumann had his Serpent Spyder SRX2 Mid Hybrid ( low-medium-traction) prototype dialed in and he managed to TQ’ing three qualifying rounds, but only 2 rounds to counted, so he was on par with Neil Cragg. Cragg had one faster heat, 1/10 of a second faster therefore he took the overall TQ in front of Neumann and Michal Orlowski.

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19th Annual HRH Shootout report

19th Annual HRH Shootout 2wd

See: Team Orion

The 2016 HRH Shootout was held this past weekend at Hot Rod Hobbies in Santa Clarita, California. Located just minutes away from World Famous Six Flags Magic Mountain, Hot Rod Hobbies has been hosting the Shootout for now its 19th year! Team Orion would also bring one of our strongest Teams to date consisting of: Ty Tessmann, Ryan Cavalieri, Ryan Maifield, Jared Tebo, Dustin Evans, Matt Chambers, Tanner Denney, & Tanner Day. With temperatures reaching into the mid 90’s, it was going to be a great weekend of racing!

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X Factory Infinity Kyosho 2wd vehicle carbon idler shaft

XF-I501 Idler Shaft, CF, Kyosho Vehicles

See: X Factory

X Factory have introduced the new Infinity 5mm diameter idler shaft for any Kyosho 2wd vehicle. This extremely light tube of carbon fiber is cut to the right length, just ever so slightly bigger than the stock idler shafts, meaning the bearings for the idler gears are an easy press fit. This more perfect fit helps eliminate even the tiniest bit of slop in your transmission, resulting in a car that runs quieter and goes longer between rebuilds.

HB Racing unveil their Junior Team

HB junior team

See: HB Racing

Team HB Racing is proud to announce the crew of our up-and-coming RC drivers. The HB Junior Team gives young racers the chance to develop their skills and learn from our veteran drivers like Ty Tessmann and David Ronnefalk. HB Racing believes support for young drivers is critical to the future of RC racing, so Team Manager Gord Tessmann puts a priority on the Junior Team, offering his vast knowledge and personal support to the young drivers.

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MIP black pit mat

MIP pit map

MIP have introduced their new thermoplastic elastomer “Yoga” pit mat in black colour. The black pit mat is silk screened with MIP’s signature logo in white and comes in a comfortable 2 (height) x 4 (length) foot length to cover any situation you’re pitting on. It keeps the pit area organized and helps to prevent losing small items.

Website: MIP