1/10 Offroad News

TLR’s Nats winning 22 hinge pin brace

TLR Brass Block

TLR has just released the highly anticipated 35g brass hinge pin brace for the 22 mid-motor series vehicles. This option part has been spotted on team drivers vehicles for quite sometime. A variation of this brace has been available through aftermarket companies, but now the official TLR brace has arrived. The added weight over the rear end helps to provide more rear traction without compromising steering and overall handling on less than high traction surfaces.

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Arrowmax’s new LiPo safety bag

Arrowmax LiPo Bag

Arrowmax has just introduced their updated LiPo safety bag for charging and storing LiPo batteries packs. This stylish bag is made from fire-resistant fabric and is designed to minimize the harm to your pit table and surrounding areas in case a LiPo pack goes boom for whatever reason. Large velcro straps keep the lid and the two inner lashes closed securely. The bag is printed with the signature Arrowmax logo on the outside, with white lining on the inside.

Source: Arrowmax

Color coordinate with VP washers


VP-Pro has just released their new lineup of washers, designed for R/C racing. These precision made washers are intended for use on almost any 1/10 or 1/8 vehicle, and are available in light blue, blue, black, silver, orange, titanium, and purple. A variety of sizes and shapes allows you to replace your stock washers, and add a little flash to you ride!

Source: VP-Pro

VRC full ‘STEAM’ ahead – VOTE NOW!

VRC on Steam

VRC PRO has just been submitted for release on ‘STEAM’, which is one of the world’s biggest mainstream computer gaming portals, with more than 40,000,000 users and some 5,000,000 concurrent users online each moment. In order to appear on Steam, VRC PRO needs to be voted in by the STEAM ‘Greenlight’ community of gamers. Everyone can vote, but you have to be a Steam member!

What are the benefits of VRC PRO on STEAM?

  • Connect with the vast potential of 40,000,000 active gamers worldwide
  • Rapidly grow the online VRC PRO racing community (now already at 100,000 members)
  • Increase activity in multiplayer and race events
  • With more financial resources speed up development of new cars, tracks and features
  • Get more people excited about the RC racing hobby in general

R/C racers can vote for VRC Pro at STEAM Greenlight, and help make VRC PRO appear on STEAM as soon as possible. If VRC Pro makes it to STEAM before December 1st 2014, count on some very special member gifts to celebrate this important moment for VRC. With December being the VRC Worlds month we could see a host of new gamers/racers appear in these competitions and take on the challenge: Who is faster, gamers or racers?!

CLICK HERE to vote for VRC Pro at STEAM Greenlight!


Serpent launches RTR Spyder SCT

Serpent has introduced the new Spyder 1/10 rear motor 2wd short course truck in an all-new ‘Ready-to-Race’ version today. The RTR Spyder SCT is based on the high end competition version of the Spyder SCT, and shares most components and geometry. All option parts of the race version also fit the RTR version, allowing owners to upgrade over time!

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New brand decals from X Factory UK

X Factory UK Logo Sheets

After repeated requests and public demand, X Factory UK has released their own lineup of high quality brand logo decal sheets. Produced by RCS Graphic Worx, each sheet is printed and laminated on high quality vinyl. Available in a choice of three color options, and with three sheets to choose from, all sizes and preferences are covered. Each decal is individually die cut for easy peeling and application.

Source: X Factory UK

Haynes goes 1-1-1 at Halloween Havoc

Mike Haynes Sweep

Critter Hobbies in Fairfield, New Jersey hosted their first offroad dirt event of 2014 this past weekend, known as the ‘Halloween Havoc’. The event gathered nearly 80 entries, including strong competition from TLR, Schumacher, Associated, and Durango team drivers. The Modified 2wd and 4wd buggy classes were heated with close racing throughout the event, however, it would be Team Associated’s Mike Haynes who would steal the win in both classes. Haynes also piloted his way to a victory in the 2wd Stock Buggy class for a triple victory on the weekend! More…

Fall Classic double for Ryan Dunford

Ryan Dunford TLR

Exeter Hobbies hosted the annual ‘Fall Classic’ event this past weekend, bringing in 90+ entries to chase the win in a variety of classes. One driver who walked away a winner in multiple classes was none other than TLR/Tekin driver Ryan Dunford. Dunford piloted his TLR22-4 to a solid victory in the Modified 4wd Buggy class, and backed up his buggy win by taking the overall victory in Pro-4 as well. Ryan’s Tekin teammate, Derek Stephenson would take home the gold in the Pro-2 class, and narrowly missing the win Modified 2wd Buggy class after a DNF ended his race early.

exeter-4wsc-1024x683 Exeter-Hobbies-SCT-podium exeter-4w-mod-1024x682

Source: Tekin

The Word of Wheels: The New Kid

WOW Squirrel

When it comes to R/C cars, there is nothing more fun than trying to show off to the neighbor kids by flying up and down the streets, catching some big air, or maybe busting out a donut or two. By now, all of the neighbors (young and old) know that I am an avid R/C enthusiast, and therefore have a tendency to gather outside of my office when I’m out breaking in a new engine, street running a car, or just bashing around. These spectating neighbors make me feel like some sort of super human stunt man as they cheer, applaud, and constantly praise how cool R/C cars are while watching me drive around. Each and every day they make me feel so good about what I do…that is until the new kid moved in next door. Read more…

Hide and seek with JConcepts tires

JC Tires

JConcepts recently released their all-new TLR 22 mid-motor ‘Finnisher’ body, but that may not be the only thing revealed in the recent release. Upon further inspection of the new body photos provided by JConcepts, a good friend of ours may have discovered a little something extra. If you look closely at the tires equipped on the press release TLR 22, you will see that these are in fact a tread like no other currently available from JConcepts.

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