Career: School for now
Age: 16
Birth date: November 10th 1996
Hometown: Murrieta, CA
Mechanic: Russ Wernimont
Nickname: Don’t have one yet…
Hobbies: Wakeboarding, Motorcross, Mountain biking

Chassis: Team Durango
Engine: OS
Tyres: AKA
Fuel: Byron
Electrics: Futaba
ESC / Batteries: Reedy / LRP

Sponsors: Team Durango, AKA, O.S. Speed, Futaba, Byrons Fuel, Reedy, LRP, RWD, DE-Racing, Icon Sports Performance, Imagine It Graphics

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My Dad was a big part in getting me started in R/C racing. He was the crew chief foe 6 time Pro2 champion Scott Taylor who at the time was partially sponsored by Team Losi. I remember I was around 7 or 8 years old when my dad brought me home my first r/c car. It was a Team Losi XX-T and i beat that thing for years.

A big stepping stone for me was when one of my dads friends Gary Kyes got me started in 1/8th scale by giving me a Team Losi 8ight. I remember Gary took me under his wing and was a great teacher for showing me the basics of r/c and basically got the ball rolling for me. A few years later after Pops Losi and Gil Losi Jr left Team Losi, they moved out to Murrieta where i currently live. Ironically Jr had a son Michael who was the same age as me and ended up going to school with me. Michael and I became friends and my Dad already knew the Losi family from racing back in the day.

Gil Jr took me under his wing and has helped me improve my driving and tuning skills drastically. As soon as AKA started up as a new company, through Gil, I was able to meet Joel Johnson, Mark Pavidis, and Greg Hoddapp who have all had a part in getting me where I am today. I am very thankful for all of these great people that i have meet and helped me get where I am today, but I couldn’t have done it without the Man above, Jesus Christ.

Favourite track: Fear Farm, Phoenix, AZ
Favourite Event: IFMAR Worlds
Best RC moment: When I came into the 2012 Nitro Challenge completely under the radar, and qualify 5th overall in Pro Buggy and open some eyes, but break in the main 🙁
Goals: First start making all the mains at big events, and then you can only go up from there, and then eventually win!
Best RC buddies: Ryan Lutz, Ty Tessmann, Travis Amezcua, Jorn Nuemann, Hupo Honigl, Matt Castellano, Tyler Vik
RC Rivals: The guy who is leading


Career Highlights:

Making the Semi Finals at the 2010 and 2011 Nats in Buggy
Making the Semi Finals at the 2012 Nats in Truck
Finishing 3rd in Pro truck at 2011 Gas Champs
Qualifying 5th in Pro Buggy at 2012 Nitro Challenge, and finishing 12th(broke)
Finishing 8th In Pro Buggy at Silver State, and 2nd in E-Buggy
6th in E-Buggy at the 2012 Nats
3rd in Truck and 5th in Buggy at the 2012 Sidewinder
Going to the 2012 Worlds( Now that i learned a lot, i can do much better next time)

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– 2011 left Kyosho for Team Durango
– 2013 left KoProPo for Futaba and joined OS