Career: 2007
Age: 20
Birth date: 9/04/1992
Hometown: Viana do Castelo
Mechanic: Carlos Durães ( my dad)
Nickname: Durães
Hobbies:Running, Cycling,
Chassis: Sworkz
Engine: RB
Tyres: AKA
Fuel: RB

Sponsors: Sworkz, RB, AKA, P-S-R, Avid, Modelcar

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I started my RC life with a simple RTR car, but soon evolved to a Pro kit. During my second year racing I was Portuguese North Regional Champion and I knew I had found something that I really loved doing. It’s great fun for me to be able to help fellow drivers and still compete for the win in every race I attend. I’ve learned a lot from RC racing, as a driver and as a person, and I’m sure I’ll keep doing it for many years to come.
Favourite track:  Sand Am Main, Oleiros
Favourite Event:  Euros
Best RC moment:  Semi-final euros (2011 and 2010)
Goals:  Got a place at the a-main of an European Championship
Best RC buddies:  All the Portuguese front drivers, Matias, Monteiro, Coelho, Luis etc
RC Rivals: Everyone


Career Highlights:

– 14º European Championship 2011 – Germany
– 21º European Championhsip 2010 – Guarda
– Portuguese Champion – 2011

Key Sponsor & Product Changes:

– Switched to Sworkz for 2013

Carlos Duraes

Carlos Duraes