Career: 2009 – Present
Age: 12
Birth date: 07/02/2000
Hometown: Stevenage
Mechanic: Ben Niblett
Nickname: Nibbo
Hobbies: RC, Xbox, Tennis

Chassis: Hong Nor X3, X3e
Engine / Motor: LRP / LRP
Tyres: Beta
Fuel: Piranha
Electrics: LRP / Sanwa
ESC/Batteries: LRP

Sponsors: Hong Nor, LRP, SMD, Beta, Piranha, Durango, Nemo Racing, Nibbo Designs

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I started in RC in 2009, in 2007 I started a Karting career which got cut short when I had a big accident and didn’t want to continue until I was older. We went to the local RC shop in Stevenage (Models in Motion) and was told about the HNMC (Herts) track, I visited it with my Dad and immediately knew I wanted to try it. We Ordered an MBX6 with a Ninja engine the very next day! We spent the rest of 2009 learning the basics of the sport and 2010 learning how to improve my driving and my Dad learning about set-ups. In 2011 I drove a Durango DNX408 and then moved over to Hong Nor with SMD for the 2012 Season which went pretty well! It was busy as we did all the UK nationals, the Euro B’s in Switzerland, The Euro A’s in Austria and the Worlds in Argentina! In 2013 I will be doing the 1/8th Nitro Nationals, 1/8th Electric Nationals, Neo Buggy and whatever Euros I can get into.

Favourite track:
Favourite Event: The worlds in 2012 Argentina
Best RC moment: Coming 39th in a Round at the Worlds in 2012
Goals: Win the Worlds one day
Best RC buddies: Ollie Currie, Jack Embling, Lewis Jones, Taz Craddock, The Skidmores, Leon Goode and many others!
RC Rivals: Everyone is a Rival! It’s all good!


Career Highlights:

– Going to the World Championships and Doing OK!
– Various club Championships at Slough and Herts
– 3rd Junior Nationals 2011
– 2nd Junior Nationals 2012
– 2nd Overall in Herts Truggy Round in 2012
– Direct Qualification to Semis at Proline international 2012

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