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TPro in collaboration with the racing specialist MOTOREX have introduced new cleaning products especially made for RC car racing. First up is the TPro RC Power clean, it easily removes stubborn dirt and also degreased the surface. This dielectric top product is filled in a 200ml bottle and comes with two different spray heads.

Next up is the TPro RC car clean. Perfect to clean and remove all dirt from yourRC Car, simply spray the entire vehicle with it and use compressed air to complete the cleaning. The TPro RC car clean uses a new formulation with low pH value, it has a strong creeping ability and it is compatible with rubber, plastic and metal. It is filled in a 500ml bottle with a new spray head.

The TPro RC car protect comes in a 200ml bottle. Designed to care and protect, it is ideal for preserving every RC car in the best possible way. It can be used on painted surfaces as well as on chrome and other metals and offers an excellent protection against corrosion due to a thin oil film. Great to protect against dust and dirt, the TPro RC car protect also works overhead and comes with two different spray heads.