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There has clearly been a ton of interest and opinions on the Horizon and Pro-Line news earlier this week. Horizon Hobby have pulled together some of the recurring questions and provided answers to set the record straight.

Will Pro-Line continue to be made in the USA?

Answer: Absolutely. Pro-Line’s USA manufacturing is a real advantage in quality control and shortening the development cycle. Horizon plans to expand this capability and make more product in the USA.

Will Pro-Line continue its operations in their California facility?

Answer: Yes, Horizon has signed a lease to continue operations at the Banning, CA facility under the leadership of Todd Mattson.

Will Pro-Line continue to make product for all manufacturers?

Answer: Yes. Pro-Line supports popular products and segments with innovative performance and customization accessories across all the most popular brands in RC. They will continue to do so.

Does this open the door for Pro-Line to manufacture more licensed tires/bodies?

Answer: Yes. As Todd Mattson stated in the press release, “Our partnership with Horizon creates a significant opportunity for us to take Pro-Line to the next level by leveraging Horizon’s resources.”

Does this mean Horizon will raise the prices of Pro-Line products?

Answer: No, Pro-Line will continue to price their product and will strive to deliver value to their customer.

How will this affect TLR team drivers that drive different tires or Pro-Line team drivers that don’t drive TLR?

Answer: Team drivers for both TLR and Pro-Line will continue to have the freedom to choose the gear they feel best gives them the opportunity to win. There will be no pressure from Horizon or Pro-Line to move racers.

How does this impact Pro-Line By The Fire?

Answer: Pro-Line By The Fire is a great customer event that allows Pro-Line to interact with their customers. Horizon is a huge fan of these enthusiast events and hopes to provide resources to expand By the Fire, much like they have Axialfest over the past two years.

What does this mean for the Duratrax brand?

Answer: Duratrax is positioned much differently than Pro-Line and serves a much different customer. We see room for both Duratrax and Pro-Line in the market and will support both brands moving forward.