Source: Kyle Phillipps (Facebook)

The 2020 Georgia State Championships were held at the Phil Hurd Raceway in Savannah, Georgia this past weekend. The track was killer and the track crew did an amazing job the whole weekend. Julien Oliveras (Team Associated/Reedy/JConcepts) set the overall TQ in both the Nitro Buggy and E-buggy classes by TQing every round of qualifying. In the E-buggy class, Kyle Phillipps (HB Racing/VS Racing Engines/VP Fuels/Pro-Line Racing) brought home the win followed by Patrick Rossiter Jr. (Tekno RC/AMR Engines/Trinity/JConcepts) in second while the TQ holder came in third. In the 25-minute nitro buggy final, J.Oliveras was able to convert his TQ spot into a win despite a flame out over Mark Moon (Team Associated/Reedy/Murnan Modified Motors/JConcepts) and Sebastian Vasan (HB Racing/AMR Engines/Nitro Pro Fuels/Pro-Line Racing) in second and third respectively.