The nitro stamped race was held over the weekend in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. E-buggy ran extremely well in qualifying. There were some really good battles in qualifying but I was able to TQ 2 of the 3 rounds and take the overall. Mains I started first on the grid and had an army of people trying to hunt me down. A1 was really good. I was able to pull a 10 second lead and take A1 win. A2 was also good but made a couple mistakes and ended up finishing 2nd. A3 was really good. I knew I had to win it to take the overall, i was able to pull a really big lead and all most was able to lap the field to take A3 win and the overall win.

10th scale 4WD buggy ran extremely well. Qualifying was great. I was able to get out in front in the first 2 rounds and take overall TQ for the weekend and the 3rd round I just want out to have some fun. Mains, A1 starting 1st I was able to get a really good start and battle with 2nd Place for about 2 minutes till he made a mistake and was able to pull away from the field and lap the whole field to take A1 win. A2 I also had a very good start but made a couple mistakes but was still able to hold the lead and took A2 win and the overall win. So winning the first 2 main I did not have to run A3.

Nitro Truggy ran out extremely well all weekend. Qualifying was awesome. The top 3 drives were nose to tail all weekend. Qualifying was so good that all 3 of us TQ different rounds and it came down who had the fastest time. I ended up having the fastest qualifier and took the TQ. Mains I started first on the grid. The start was awesome the top 3 pulled away from the pack and by the 3rd or 4th lap we were lapping the field and the battling went on for about 10 minutes 1 of the driver had a flame out. I was battling with second for about 5 minutes till he had a flame out and I was able to pull a 15 second lead and that was what stayed till the last pit stop and I flamed out in pitlane. So second place got around me and pulled a little bit of a lead. For about 5 minutes of the race me and second place were the same gap between use till first place tire came unglued and he lost the foam. So I had about a minute and a half to catch up. And with about 45 seconds to go I made the pass and took the win.

Nitro Buggy ran great. Qualifying was really good. The car was running really well. The first round and I was able to first 2nd right behind Ty but I was able 15 second off his pace. Second round did not go so well. I made way to many mistakes and ended up finishing 7th in that round. Round 3 I had a rough start to the beginning of the race and I just took it calm and drove my own race and I ended up finishing 2 in the round and I was really surprised. Mains I started right behind Ty and the start was really good till the last corner where I made a mistake and the whole field went around me. I fought my way back up to 5th place and was battling with 6th for about 10 minutes. I was finally able to pull away but by that time 2nd and 3rd place had put me a lap Down I just tried to keep calm and drive my race. With about 10 minutes to go I was fighting over 4th place and we were battling very hard and we both ended up making a big mistake and 6th place was able to get around and I finished 5th.

Thanks to Jeremy Litke for the report.