The 2020 Psycho Nitro Blast was held in White Pine, Tennessee. The track was massive, the jumps were huge, the straight way was a 1/4 mile long. Biggest sweeper ever, iconic wooden jumps, a Joker Lane and one kick ass rumble strip. The track sorta blew out, but only in spots, track held up well. Mason Worley (XRAY/AMR Engines) was able to secure the overall TQ in both Buggy and Truggy. The Truggy A main was up first and he held the lead for most of the race and took the win from Brayden Billington (Tekno RC/Maclan Racing) in second and Jordan Jennings in third.

Shon Harding (XRAY/Team Trinity/Pro-Line Racing) was the man to beat in the 4WD Stadium Truck class. He was able to snag the overall TQ in the rounds of qualifying and then he was able to take the win tone to tone, snagging his first ever PNB win. Christopher Lloyd in second and Michael Servough (Tekno RC/Team Tekin Racing/AKA) in third rounded out the top 3.