This past weekend the best drivers from Russia attended the first round of the Russian 1/8th Buggy National Championships at the Corrtez track in Yekaterinburg, Pervouralsk. The event set a record for the number of participants in the 1/8th E-buggy class as well as a record for hot weather for this area with a temperature reaching 36 degrees Celsius. The Nitro Buggy class saw a victory of David Ishkhanyan (Mugen Seiki), followed by Dmitry Gribov in second and Maxim Bersenev in third.

In the 1/8 E-buggy class, after a series of technical problems with electronics, Andrey Trunov (Kyosho) managed to grab the win from Alexander Kosmakov in 2nd, while Dmitry Karpenko rounded out the top 3 result.

Nitro Buggy final results:

  1. David Ishkhanyan
  2. Dmitry Gribov
  3. Maxim Bersenev
  4. Viktor Altushkin
  5. Georgy Plamodyanov
  6. Sergey Zhuikov
  7. Alexander Demyanenko
  8. Vladimir Zvorsky
  9. Alexander Novichkov
  10. Mikhail Larin

E-buggy final results:

  1. Andrey Torunov
  2. Alexander Kosmakov
  3. Dmitry Karpenko
  4. Alexander Mihaylichenko
  5. Aleksandr Borodin
  6. Alexey Zebold
  7. Pavel Karengin
  8. Maxim Zebold
  9. Mikhail Gofshteyn
  10. Georgy Knyazev

Thanks to Viktor Altushkin for the report.