This past weekend was held the opening race of the brand new RcMulk track in Viljandimaa, Estonia. Originally the race was planed to be on the 20th of June but because of the rain the race was delayed to the 21st of June where the sun will be shining all day long. The event was held in three Off-road classes and after the rounds of qualifying the top 5 was:

1/8 Nitro Buggy result:

  1. Hendrik Lainemäe
  2. Karl Kasekamp
  3. Robin Ilus
  4. Rainer Ressar
  5. Rihard Lainemäe

1/8 eBuggy result:

  1. Hendrik Lainemäe
  2. Rihard Lainemäe
  3. Robin Ilus
  4. Karl Kasekamp
  5. Karl Martinson

Short Course result:

  1. Kuldar Ilus
  2. Paulius Paknys
  3. Tomas Jatkonis
  4. Lukas Samulionis
  5. Tadas Pranevicius

Finals will bring some exciting action in all classes. In the 45-minute Nitro Buggy final saw Hendrik Lainemäe taking the lead in the first part but technical issue with a servo caused him to give up. Karl Kasekamp took the win followed by Rainer Ressar and Robin Ilus, in second and third respectively, both drivers having fought until the last minute of the race.

In the E-buggy class, H.Lainemäe took the win in all finals to take the overall victory. Rihard Lainemäe came in second in all finals while Randolf Alt rounded out the top 3 result.

Kuldar Ilus brought home the win in the Short Course class in front of Janke Pähn in second and Paulius Paknys in third.

Thanks to Robin Ilus for the report.