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T-Work’s have released an image showing all the option parts available for the new Team Associated RC8B3.2 such as the titanium parts (turnbuckles, shafts, UFO head screws) 7075-T6 aluminium parts (pillow balls, lower shock mount pins, F/R axle shafts, servo saver shafts, shock standoffs, +5mm shock standoffs, wheel hubs, +1/2mm offset wheel hubs, brake cams, diff cross pins, aeration shock caps, diaphragm shock caps, engine mount washers, brake disks) steel parts (shafts, 15mm rear diff joints, 17mm front & center diff joints, front & rear chassis skid protectors, screws), POM front upright adjust nut spacers, carbon fibre fuel tank guard, brass front upright adjust nuts with POM spacers, front upright adjust nut Teflon spacers, and precision ball bearings.