See: Schumacher Racing

Schumacher Racing have introduced two new options from Klinik RC in the form of a ball diff jig/camber gauge and a pinion case. Made in the USA, the ball diff jig will help to build a ball differential by putting the ball diff outdrives between the jig and turn over to check the tension. As an added feature, -1deg and -2deg camber built into each side for quick camber checks before each run. The gauge measures 3″ wide and 4″ tall making it perfect for most 1/10th and 1/8th tires.

Also new is the pinion case. Designed to store and protect your pinions, the case features a small footprint (2″ x 3.25″) and will fit Schumacher’s 14 long boss pinions or 28 standard pinions stacked.