See: Muchmore Racing

Muchmore Racing have introduced the new Fleta ZX V2 ER Spec 13.5T Brushless motor fitted with the Fleta ZX V2 Spec rotor. The 12.5×7.25×24.2mm [X] rotor increases the motor torque making the Fleta ZX V2 ER Spec 13.5T Brushless motor perfect for the Blinky 1/10th Buggy class. As te other Fleta motors, the ZX V2 ER Spec 13.5T Brushless motor features the Flow-Max 2 Cooling System allowing cooling efficiency by 15% in comparison to Muchmore’s past motor products, a High Power New Stator Design that doesn’t use separate insulator, and a “Maximum low resistance copper wire” that allows low internal resistance which results in maximum output power increase. The motor uses Heavy-duty silver-plate solder tabs which reduce resistance and uses the double eyelet to prevent fatiguing over time. Improved ease of maintenance and loss of weight is additional features achieved by V2 design.