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After over 8 years, Serpent have introduced the all new SRX8-T nitro Truck. Based on the successful SRX8 platform and the experience acquired with the S811T platform, the SRX8-T features key factors such as performance, reliability, durability, ease of assembly as well as maintenance, coupled with all new suspension geometry. Using high-quality metals, plastics and rubber in order to build the best product, the SRX8-T offers improved jumping ability, improved balance, and improved durability.

When embarking on the mission to create an all new Truggy for this popular class, we pressed hard, to create a masterpiece product. With the feedback from our team drivers racing the S811T we had some real big shoes to fill, we often heard, better this, better that, better here and better there. With this mindset, we were aware average execution was not going to be good enough. Spending countless hours on the styling, fit and finish of the components as well performance aspect, we wanted to raise the bar of what is expected from a high quality racing truck. Thankfully, the fundamentals of the SRX8 were a fantastic foundation to begin with; it really helped us to cut down on lost development time as well as excess spending. With the demands of a Truck, being more so than a buggy, we had to innovate in areas not seen on any of our previous SRX8 line of vehicles. As a brand we take pride in moving forward, no matter how big or small those steps are… Just keep moving forward. When it’s all said and done, we are very proud to introduce you, the long awaited SRX8-T. The SRX8-T is super durable and savage in nature on the race track. The more you feed it in skill, the faster lap times it will give as a reward. It is truly a fantastic truck, and we wish you the absolute best results on the race track. – Billy Easton

The SRX8-T has an all new chassis and side pods. In the spirit of creating the best truggy we could, we wanted an all new shape for optimal flex, clearance and sides that reduce dirt and debris inside the body. Sometimes, you simply need new when old carry over parts can’t cut it. The chassis is 7075-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum, the chassis is 3mm thick and has bent edges to increase strength in the center of the chassis to prevent bending. The chassis has a tapered angle shape and increased width to improve stability as well as drivability.

Carrying over greatness is the mantra. The SRX8-T has the tried and true fixed engine/gear mesh found exclusively on the SRX line of vehicles. The solid mounting of the engine and diff, is absolutely fool proof, you can still adjust the gear ratio without the need to fiddle around with engines position. With the choice of 13 and 14 tooth clutch bells, as well as 46, 47, and 48 tooth spur gears gives you the maximum adjustability for every condition.

On the previous S811-T Serpent used an internal ratio of 10/43, and then had to use a clutch bell with 13 teeth and a spur gear that was 50 teeth. In an effort to maximize carry over parts from the entire SRX line of cars, Serpent completely re-configured the internal ratio. They determined a new pinion and diff gear were needed. They chose a 10t pinion with a 46t spur gear. By using this ratio, it allowed us to carry over all clutch bells and spur gear options, while having the perfect final drive ratio. The end result was a faster accelerating truck, while reducing rotating mass. All of these choices then lead to less strain on the clutch and even more acceleration than expected. In addition to a better performing clutch, it also decreased engine temperatures, ultimately resulting in longer run times.

These new differentials were a topic of concern for racers of the SRX-8. The reliability and performance of the original differentials were actually pretty good. The market though has other plans for what a high quality race car must have. One of those must haves are high volume large internal gear diffs. Serpent manned up here, and went back to the drawing board and completely re-tooled their differential approach.

The internal gears are a staggering Mod 1.25 which puts them at the largest in the market place. With a maximum engagement surface on the tooth for earth shattering oil shearing, coupled with larger volume housing, these differentials reduce any fading or loss of performance. The internal ratio is industry 10/20.

Tried and True, for almost 10 years now, the Serpent brand has been using the same 4 shoe clutch, extremely reliable and tune-able. With many choices from Yellow and black carbon shoes, as well as 7075-T6 and 6061 aluminum clutch shoes, the tune-ability is endless. Couple the material of shoes, with a variety of spring choices and there is the perfect clutch setting for every engine.

The 16mm threaded shocks with X ring seals have been refined and perfected. The shock action is almost friction free, seal pack is 2nd to no other and the seals are like that everlasting candy people dream of. They have extremely tough 3.5mm shock shafts and the piston is fixed by a nut for maximum reliability. The threaded bodies and collars make it super easy to get the ride height regardless of spring rate. The shock can be set up in a variety of ways depending on your configuration. The kit includes the “Pro“ cap which gives you maximum versatility and value so you can use them as emulsion or bladder shocks all in one cap. The cap and shock bodies are both hard anodized to extend the life of the shock as well as improve the shock action. Included in the kit are machined Delrin 6 hole pistons for ultra smooth shock action.

The all-new super durable suspension arms are longer, stronger and more adjustable than the S811-T ones. The front and rear suspension arms have been beefed up to the max. The front and rear suspension arms, both feature arm plates that can be added, removed or swapped out for carbon fiber. This feature can be used for a host of reasons, which can include looks and or performance. Depending on your grip level and track surface, you can adjust the stiffness of the SRX8-T’s arms. Generally stiffer arms have a more linear feel but can reduce grip. This happens by forcing the shock to do more work. A softer arm can increase grip by reducing the shocks importance, but can also give the car a less direct feeling. All of these adjustments can have a huge impact on your lap time and results.

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