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Associated Electrics have introduced new 1/0.5 arm mount inserts for the Team Associated B6 series, T6.1, SC6.1, B74 and B64. Molded in black plastic and come with eight per package, the 1/0.5 arm mount inserts offer new settings not previously available with the current inserts. The 1/0.5 inserts help “fill in the blanks” and give a 0.5 step option where you previously only could adjust things in 1.0 steps, 1.0-up or 1.0-corner, filling out the finer settings on the outer perimeter of our current adjustment grid. The new design holds the hinge pin 1 degree (or 0.7mm) offset UP and 0.5 degree (or 0.35mm) offset in or out. When turned sideways, racers can do 1 degree out and 0.5 degree up or down. There is a Type 1 and Type 2 cavity (hole locations must mirror each other) so you must watch when installing to keep them symmetrical. This visual chart is your master key showing part orientation.