The spread of the coronavirus is forcing many sports federations to cancel or postpone many events, and RC is no exception. With a unanimous decision all four blocks and the IFMAR committee have decided to postpone the three IFMAR events from 2020 including the Electric 1/10th ISTC Worlds in Heemstede, Netherlands, the 1/8th IC Off-Road Worlds in CiaNorte, Brasil and the 1/10th IC Track Touring Car Worlds in Brisbane, Australia. All 3 events are postponed to an alternative date, either 2021 or perhaps later. The first plan was to run those events in the beginning of 2021, making it a very busy calendar with the other already planned events. However, some alternative proposals are being studied.

This will be a disappointment for all of you, organizers, drivers and industry. For many of you, RC racing is the highlight of the week. However, this COVID-19 is not so easy to bring down and to avoid last minute cancellations and even more great disappointments we bring you this message now. Apart from the health issue there is also the travel ban that is in place for a big number of countries. We also need to consider this and travel possibilities needs to be back before we can start racing IFMAR WC events again. – IFMAR