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T-Work’s have added new option parts to their range for the HB Racing D817, D819/RS and RGT8 in the form of a set of POM steering block spacers, a set of POM rear wheel hub spacers, and a shock shaft maintenance kit. Machined from Polyoxymethylene (POM), a thermoplastic material providing high stiffness and low friction, the steering block spacers come in a set of 8-piece while the rear wheel hub spacers come in a set of 4-piece. The POM rear wheel hub spacers are also available for the XRAY XB8’20 in set of 2-piece of 3x9x7mm, 2-piece of 3x9x2mm as well as 4-pice of 3x9x1mm. Also new is the shock shaft guides, to be used as a maintenance kit, it consist of four O-rings, four shock shaft guides and four washers.