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T-Work’s have introduced several new optionals for the XRAY XB8’20 and XB8E’20. The turnbuckles come in a set of 5-piece with 4mm and 5mm wrenches for easy building and setup. The 20-piece set of 64-grade aluminium ball ends is precision machined offers reduced weight compared to the kit’s standard steel ball ends and comes hard-coated for wear.The 112-piece UFO head titanium screw set offers reduced weight while the 130-piece gold-color steel screw set for the XB8’20 and the 128-piece gold-color steel screw set for the XB8E’20 add some bling to the XRAY ride. The precision ball bearings come in a set of 24-piece for the XB8’20 and 22-piece for the XB8E’20. They feature a rubber and metal-shielded in order to reduce the drivetrain drag thanks to the metal inner shielding while rubber seal offers protection against dust and dirt.