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T-Work’s have introduced a new range of option parts for the Tekno RC EB48 2.0 in the form of a set of titanium turnbuckles, a set of UFO head titanium screws, titanium and aluminum shock standoffs, titanium down stop screws, a set of gold-color steel screws, aluminium anti-roll bar spacers and a set of precision ball bearings. All titanium parts are machined from high quality 64 grade titanium, stronger and lighter than the steel standard parts. The turnbuckles come in a set of 6-piece with a 5mm wrench for easy building and setup. The 130-piece UFO head titanium screw set offers reduced weight while the 138-piece gold-color steel screw set adds some bling to the Tekno RC ride.

The shock standoffs are made of high-quality titanium and come in set of 4-piece while the aluminum +5mm shock standoffs are hard-coated and come in a set of 2-piece with 2 gold-color screws and nuts. The M4 x 10mm down stop screws are made from high-quality titanium and they feature a 2mm hex section for easy adjustment as well as a specially shaped head for improved droop adjustment. The screws are available in sets of four. The anti-roll bar spacers are machined from high-quality aluminium and come black anodized for wear with machined silver edge details. Their design ensure precise mounting in order to improve the swaybar performance. The precision ball bearings come in a set of 28-piece and feature a rubber and metal-shielded in order to reduce the drivetrain drag thanks to the metal inner shielding while rubber seal offers protection against dust and dirt.