Source: Hampus Berg (Facebook)

The third and final round of the Indoor Buggy Masters was held at the HB Racing/Orion Racetrack in Kallinge, Sweden. The round will be decisive for the title in the 2WD Buggy class between the HB Racing/team Orion duo of the 4WD Buggy Champion Hampus Berg (HB Racing/Performa Racing/Hot Race Tyres) and David Ronnefalk (HB Racing/Performa Racing) both having the same points with one win each. After some close fights between them it was H.Berg who took the win from D.Ronnefalk in second and Joel Rosengren (Team Associated) in third. With this win H.Berg sweeps the Championship taking the title in the 2WD Buggy and 4WD Buggy classes also in the Junior category. D.Ronnefalk came on the runner-up spot while Otto Ausfelt (Team Associated) rounded out the top 3 in the Championship.